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In quick succession, Tamaki was down and out cold on the floor due to a combined attack of Akito's furious slam down and Kyouya's equally as livid punch. Kyouya would be lying to say that the sound produced by the ring leader hitting the floor was not satisfactory.

"Kyouya," Muttered a dark voice and in front of them, the remaining Cirque de Sourire still standing squeaked out in fear as Akito towered in a substance of sin black, dark ooze pouring out of his evil, pissed off expression. "We're leaving."

Watching the tremor of anger in Akito's face, Kyouya learned to control his own from the moment, perfecting the flawless Chiaroscuro facade and nodded calmly, following after his fellow member out the door, sauntering out of the shocked, silent room. When the door was slammed shut, Tamaki, still on the floor began to stir, practical ripples of ducklings spinning around in a circular motion above his head. "Uwah..." His mouth slightly agape, he attempted to sit up slowly but didn't say anything in coherence.

Honey had paused from eating his cake, his raised arm and offending spoon in hand frozen in mid-air. Hikaru and Kaoru were numbed from action, standing shoulder to shoulder, their eyes slightly widened. Mori was, well...just Mori.

Hikaru and Kaoru were the first ones to recover from the initial shock. "Aah," They slurred disappointedly. "Look what you did, Tono." Kaoru accused, shaking his head while his brother beside him crossed his arms pointedly, an equal stern expression. It was complicated to tell whether they were actually serious or mocking from time to time. Though if their target was Tamaki Suou, then it would most likely be mocking. "We just met the star performers of our new brotherhood, and they already dislike you."

Kaoru rose up, hands spread out in identical action to Hikaru's. "Well, didn't expect less,"

"Shut your mouths you incompetent twins!" Tamaki hollered, snapping back as quick as a spider's natural reaction to offending stimuli. There was a sudden air that was getting released near the blond man, and Hikaru and Kaoru shivered in exasperation as the crew acknowledged it. A strike of determination hit the young Suou's face and inwardly, Honey, Kaoru and Hikaru sighed. "I will not allow this! To instantly snub me from my affectionate actions, Akito's behaviour is unacceptable! The forces of morality agree with me on this one! As for-"

"Tono," Kaoru interrupted dryly. "Your previous plans were always so stupid,"
"—But trying to improve Kyouya's behaviour—" Hikaru finished for him.
"Is like talking with a brick wall," The twins stood with both sets of arms crossed, a look of uncaring shadowed on their handsome, youthful faces. The two twins were ones to always look up an oncoming encounter to see if they were possibly antagonists to their gang. They briefly had the knowledge of Kyouya's and Akito's traits described by ex-performers who were retired or too simple-minded.

"—I will make him learn to warm up to me," Tamaki finished in a scene of cunning show ability, his slim finger pressed against his soft, dusted pink lips. He didn't miss the bewildered looks his crew mates were giving him, leaning backwards onto the wall and thinking back to that unnamed, young boy, his glasses portraying him to be somewhat interesting in Tamaki's mind. It was terribly short for when he finally had the chance to label the colour of the young boy's steel grey hues, but they were unmistakably beautiful. Captivating, even. The blond's mind was already in the works, calculating simple plans to capture the breath-taking beauty.

"Tono..." Hikaru started, his eyes wide and disbelieving. The eldest twin thought he knew the limit to the king's stupidity but after the recent huddle of events, he proved himself wrong. Surely Tamaki couldn't be serious.

"Tama-chan," Honey said slowly, giving Hikaru a concerned look as he followed the path after him. "Don't you think that's a bit...,"

"Out of the question?"
"Should we be wondering about Tono's mental health?"
"Oh, we've been wondering long before this."
"I'm afraid he's already lost it, Kaoru."
"It's completely hopeless." The twins supplied in sync, not wasting a single second between each break through.

Honey shook his head before a slight smile came onto his lips as he accepted the scoop of cake on a spoon that his cousin, Takashi offered him. His delicate, dainty fingers closed over the bony wrist and squeezed affectionately; giving Mori one of the most loving looks he can manage, providing a brief satisfaction for Mori.

"Che, che, che," Tamaki waggled his finger in front of his grinning, displayed whitened teeth. His shoulders shook with amiable memory, his mind full of the discreet work of the young, raven haired boy that he came breath's close with. "Hikaru, Kaoru," He added in a sweet, patronizing tone that never ceased to make said twins groan. "A man that is pure knows when he is truly needed, and whatever limit to take it to if there is one." He says pointedly.

A shadow crossed his face and the twins shivered when their sempai towered over them, addressing them separately. Their ring-leader was always outspoken, a fleshy container that consisted of enigmatic material. His actions were never predictable, and for that, the twins silently admired him for it. Not that they would ever tell him.

"Now..." Tamaki smirks. "...Kyouya is his name, is it not?"

"Akito," Kyouya had a hard time catching up to his brother who was storming down the main hallway of the hotel block they were staying up. He helplessly addressed his brother the fourth time. "Akito, that was Suou, was it not?"

"Yes." The elder gritted his teeth as he managed to stay calm for the sake of his sibling. "Yes, that was definitely him."

Suddenly, he turned around and faced Kyouya, who perked up in small surprise. Large hands pressed on both of the shadow king's thin shoulders, and they were staring at each other face to face. They didn't have the same eyes – sure, in a sense, they do, the colour was almost uncanny, but Kyouya's still had life in them, as opposed to Akito's eyes which very rarely displayed affection. If it were to, though, it would have been directed at Kyouya or Kasanoda, or the little children who always came up to the front, asking him to juggle. It was the middle of the night, or very early day, about one 1AM to be precise. They had thoughtfully wondered why their new brother circus were still up and about, but now it tired their thoughts.

"Listen, Kyouya." Akito whispered in a hatefully near-condescending but sincere tone. It made Kyouya stop gazing at the floor to look at him. "Do you see how much he's affected me? He hasn't done anything at all. Deep down, I know that this type of interaction is valuable, but I can't help it. You see, the rough years of our circus training have moulded the way we think. We're not...

"...we're not normal." The elder pressed their foreheads together in a saddened state.

Processing the genuine words, Kyouya subconsciously comforted his brother in the best way he could, rubbing his back in a fond manner as he felt the chest in front of him expand to signify slow breathing.

Kyouya wasn't a Chiaroscuro habitant for a drastically long period of time, like his fellow first-tier members, but he had been for a 'long' time. Enough to understand what his brother was talking about; the minimal interaction they received everyday was concerning. The managers hadn't bothered to look into psychiatrist help to support their members. In the night, Kyouya was always in deep paranoia. The youngest person to ever join the circus was a girl named Kirimi, and she was seven. She had a deep infatuation with Nekozawa. Though she had been weak. And of course, Kyouya didn't blame her, she was, after all, but a child. After the first week of training, the girl had gone missing. The first half of the tent bet on a suicide, the other claimed that Nekozawa murdered her. Ridiculous, of course; Nekozawa undoubtedly loved her like a little sister. Either way, it passed on within the first few months.

They had a plentiful of managers, all maintaining them only for the hours of showbiz. But the big boss was Alan R. He was a last resort. He was described as chunky and as ugly as a rat. Kyouya couldn't judge as he had never once seen him in his life. It was normally Akito or Rex who visited him, and sometimes Kasanoda, if the circus was ever in a financial crisis. The younger brother had once eavesdropped on a conversation. Akito was arguing with Rex, and he can vaguely remember it.

It was a very delicate subject. He let himself be caught, and Akito was blunt. Alan was asking about his new, youngest star of the first tier group of the circus. He had even requested for Kyouya to visit. No, Akito didn't allow that to happen. He had the mistake of delivering Kasanoda to him once, and stated that he regretted it. It won't happen again, and definitely not to Kyouya. By this, Kyouya could conclude that Alan R was something of the devil and the like. It pained him to say this, but at that time, he was scared shitless.

Whenever Kyouya asked about it, all Akito would say, was that Alan had said something to really upset Kasanoda. Yeah, no bullcrap, Kyouya rebutted. Yet after the first day, when Kasanoda was still slouching in submission, and his eyes were downcast, kids had screamed as he stared at them. He could see the fear in their eyes, and worse, the reflection of his own, that had driven his parents to send him away as a baby. This caused him to run into his trailer, and stay there for the whole day, Kyouya watching as other members kicked the caravan in retrospect, laughing and calling him a sissy. Yes. Yes, Kyouya did know what was happening. He was not stupid. Instead his deductive reasoning and IQ points stumped the average of his age level.

"I understand," Kyouya said quietly, as his 'brother' gripped his shoulders protectively.

Akito nodded in satisfaction. "We'll bug Kasanoda into sharing the bed with us. And then tomorrow, we start training with...with them." Instant dislike very clearly was shown in his eyes and Kyouya nodded back, his lips forming a forced smile.

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