"Freeze! I said freeze! Police" I yelled out to the runner, I chased him throughout the citadel. I ran quickly as he caught the elevator. "Damn!" I say banging against the door.

I found my partner Sam running behind me, I forced open the door to the lift and jumped for the rope pulling myself up and reaching for a platform, and running through the catwalks trying to outrun the killer. I reach the top floor running even faster than before to catch this man. I ran up to him reaching out and grabbing his shoulder pulling him back on top of me.

I roll on top of him and pull his hand behind his back; I pull out my cuffs while still wrestling to keep the kill still.

"Yaio Lin By council act and degree 9978 I place you under arrest for the murder of Laura Worthing, Kelly Chambers, Samantha Traynor, and a third attempt of Sarah Williams, who is now under protection" I say.

Those girls were nearly all killed and two were because of this dumbass! "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used in court to be in your defence or against you," I stand him up and Sam arrives panting behind me, he grabs Yaio Lin and leads him away to the police car. I climb in the front and start doing relaxation exercises.

"Sam," I face him and he sighs, "It wasn't your fault" I say.

"Laura said that, right after Traynor got killed, she was a hero on the Normandy remember? Along with Chambers and your aunt Ash's sister. Then she died and you said the same thing, you could have died in that chase and I wouldn't have been able to do anything! You're my partner I'm supposed to protect you and I didn't have your back!" He cried at me.

"I shouldn't have placed you on the night shift with Worthing" I mumble. "They latch onto you too much"

He got attached to a civilian that died because we hadn't protected her from Yaio Lin; I turn and see a blue light coming from the back of the car near the engine. Fire!

"Sam! Land the damn car!" I yell trying to open the door and escape the flames.

I turn and see Sam trying but failing to steer the car away from a building I pull off the seat belt and pull Sam towards me.

"What about Lin?" He yells.

"Forget him! He started the fire!" I scream.

I pull open the door seeing a platform not far from the area where we were going to crash; I turn and push Sam out as he lands on the platform below in a defensive roll from the car, I didn't have enough time to get out and saw the flames engulf around me and I feel the smashing against my brain as I hit the building.

My head was spinning and I stopped trying to keep my eyes open. It was getting too painful! I see someone in front of me but it's blurry to all hell. I hear muffled voices that bloke my senses.

"Get her a doctor!"

"Her heart rate is elevated, we need to operate!"

"Someone call her family now!"

"Who is she anyway?"

"Commander Shepard's daughter"

I shake my head trying to clear up my vision. I survived the crash?

"Miss, Can you hear me?" I hear. "Miss, Can you hear me?" I hear again. "Do you need medical assistance?"

I mumbled something about Sam, him on the platform I must have because they responded. "No Sam here miss, I'm going to take you to Chakwas"

I felt someone carry me to god knows where and was laid on a medical bed, someone had started removing my armour and I passed out of consciousness.

For those who don't know who I am. My name is Dawn, when I was four years old my father disappeared after saving humanity and the universe from the reapers. My mother however I never met, she either left or never came forward on the family thing. I was raised as an orphan by Admiral Hackett and Kahlee Sanders until I was passed off to Ashley Williams a client's sister/my aunt and James Vega my godfather.

Some strange reason stopped me from having my father's name. Even though I still went by it, I could never live up to it. I guess that's what everyone thought about us and us Shepard's always proved people wrong.

"Dawn, Sam's here right now, we need you to respond squeeze my hand" A voice said

I shot up from the bed and felt someone grab me and stop me from falling off the medical bed. I look around and there is a small group watching me a little bit freaked by my awakening. I reach for the holster attached to my hip where my small pistol usually was kept. It was empty. Gone. What the hell? I always carried it on me it was my fathers after all.

"Can you give us your name?" One of the men in Alliance uniform asked.

"Why should I?" I dared to ask

"Lady you came through a portal and you were covered in blood and you don't trust us?" A woman smirked. I recognised her through her eyes. "Ashley Williams?" I say a little confused. She was younger than any time I had seen her and I had grown up with her.

"You know me?" Ash said a bit freaked.

"Yeah how can you not- wait what year is it? And where am I?" I ask.

"2186 and you're on the Normandy" came one of their responses. I didn't know him from any of the stories her many 'uncles' and 'aunts' told her. Wait 2186 that was four years after I had even been born, this was impossible. This was a really bad dream! Time travel isn't possible!

"Dawn, do you remember the stories of the Normandy? Your father told us when we were kids before we became cops. You always wanted to know more" Sam called.

"Right, well then I am DCI Ramirez and I am from the Hyperion network of Investigations well done you have all passed the extra-terrestrial exam and how to deal with it properly. I guess I'll be going" I said standing up and ready to leave.

"The Hyperion network? That's currently being discussed into the prototype stages to be started next year" Ander…Anderson she recalled said. He looked way much younger than she remembered.

"Oh right…I think I'm from the future" There you go blunt as always just drop a nuke on them while you're at it Dawn. I need to think of something to distract them from it.

"You're what?" Anderson asked in disbelief.

"I'm from the future. The year I come from is 2206 it's around sixteen years after the Reaper war. The Citadel from what I remember of it blew up, and the crew of the pride of the old Alliance crashed on a jungle planet and seriously what is with the old uniforms?" I asked.

"Old?" Ashley asked raising an eyebrow. "These are brand new" she said.

"The Alliance disbanded in 2197, that was eight years ago because of the amount of other species joining. You raised me how can you not know that after the amount of times YOU sent me to history class"

"Who the hell are you?" Ashley asked again.

"My name is Detective Dawn Jane Shepard!"