Fellowship of the Nine

We used to be the Fellowship of the Nine. Cole and Anne, Sam and Jess, Brenda, Eric, Andrea, Vincent and me, Luis. I think Sam came up with that name. Or Vincent, they were both heavy on that geek stuff. Even had read the books before those movies came out.

Thinking about it, we should have known that our Fellowship was destined to break apart, you know, like the Fellowship in the movie. Bad omen or something. It couldn't last forever.

On Halloween I was out with Sam and Jess celebrating Sam's LSAT and his upcoming interview and everything was fine and dandy. And then it all broke apart.

First we lost Jess to the fire and a week later Sam just drove off with his brother.

Not the kind of guy you'd expect around Stanford that brother of his. You could sense Sam's brother meant trouble from miles away. Didn't talk that much to anyone of us, only glared at us every time we tried to comfort Sam. Or was in the same room as them. Because as soon as the brother arrived there was no longer a Sam, there were the Winchester brothers.

Sam never really explained where he went with his brother the weekend before the fire and every question on that topic was answered with a side glance at said brother and some half-ass lies.

We all could see why Sam had never talk about his family. He barely had admitted there was a brother somewhere but where he was and what he did, not so much.

My guess would be in prison, wouldn't surprise me. What surprised me was the fact that Sam took off with Dean, at least I think that was his name. Going on a road trip.

He stayed in touch for a while but Sam mainly wanted to get updated on us and never really offered information about himself. Where he was, what he did, not a word about that. I'd ask him a couple of times when he was planning on coming back to finish his education but he never answered that one either.

Anyway, we had lost Jess and Sam was God knows where and around Christmas we lost Anne. Broke up with Cole and left to spend the holidays with her family. But she never arrived there. Some say she just took off, some say she had been killed by a homicidal hitchhiker. I don't know. All I know is that that was the shittiest Christmas ever and our Fellowship of the Nine was down to six people.

Vincent joked we'd picked the wrong movie and should better be prepared for something more along the lines of Final Destination.

We made it through the year without another loss, except you want to count Sam who stopped answering any of our calls or emails. And I have to admit I didn't think of him for months. He was back on my mind around November, though. Just like Jess and a little later Anne, but all in all we made it through the year in one piece. Still six people, still good friends, maybe closer than before.

With the new year just a few days old we looked forward. Not forgetting about the three people we'd lost but ready to move on. When Cole suggested an extended weekend at his parent's cabin at the lake we thought it was a good idea. A few days just hanging out and having fun. Maybe some ice-skating and the occasional snowball fight but definitely some beer and hard liquor.

I can't tell why I emailed Sam and asked him to join us. I didn't expect him to answer at all and for sure I didn't expect him to actually come.