We used to be the Fellowship of the Nine. Cole and Anne, Sam and Jess, Brenda, Eric, Andrea, Vincent and me, Luis. I still didn't know if Sam came up with that name or Vincent. It didn't matter anymore because they both weren't part of our little Fellowship any longer. Vincent was dead and Sam? I didn't even know where to start with Sam.

That weekend had been just the continuation of what had started with the fire. First we'd lost Jess to the flames and a week later Sam had driven off with his brother.

Sam never really explained what had happened the night of the fire and I wasn't sure if I wanted to know. After being haunted by the ghost of another member of our fellowship there were suddenly too many scary possibilities out there. Sam was looking for the one who killed Jess and I was satisfied with that.

After Jess and Sam we'd lost Anne. Back than we'd thought … I don't know what we thought but life went on and we didn't go looking for her. All I know is that that was the shittiest Christmas ever and our Fellowship of the Nine was down to six people.

Vincent joked we'd picked the wrong movie and should better be prepared for something more along the lines of Final Destination. Maybe we should have listened to him.

We made it through the year without another loss, except if you want to count Sam who stopped answering any of our calls or emails. And I have to admit I didn't think of him for months. He was back on my mind around November, though. Just like Jess and a little later Anne, but all in all we made it through the year in one piece. Still six people, still good friends, maybe closer than before. Or so we thought.

With Sam joining us for the weekend we were seven again and unknown to us Anne was also there. Had been there since Cole had murdered her and hid her body under the floorboards like in a crappy horror movie. Vincent would have loved it if he had been still alive at the point we'd figured it out.

Anne killed Vincent and Cole and she would have murdered all of us if it hadn't been for Sam and his brother.

Now our fellowship is down to four people, Brenda, Eric, Andrea and me, Luis, but I doubt we'll call ourselves that any longer. Looking back I realize that Sam has never really been a part of our little fellowship. He tried, he tried really hard and for a long time he fooled us by pretending he was just an ordinary guy.

It sounds like the American Dream. A poor guy from a rough childhood goes to one of the best colleges in the US on a full ride and becomes a famous lawyer. I think it was Sam's dream but it was just that, a dream. Because that wasn't Sam. He wanted to be like that, pretended to be like that but that didn't make it true.

I don't know who the real Sam Winchester is. The real Sam Winchester can handle a gun and knows how to deal with ghosts. The real Sam Winchester has seen death often enough to not think twice about it if he has to pick up a body. The real Sam Winchester is in his early twenties and has more battle scars than most veterans. The real Sam Winchester lives in a world I know nothing about.

What I do know is that at least he is not alone. He has his brother at his side. Dean. Who isn't as bad as I've first thought and I wouldn't mind to get to know him better but I doubt I'll ever get the chance.

The police bought our story and we went home. I haven't heard from Sam since and I don't think I ever will but it's good to know that they are out there, doing what they do. Together.


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