Prims POV

It is the last night. Only three remain. My sister is one of them. My name is Primrose Everdeen. And my sister promised to win for me. I sit on the couch and watch, my breath not daring to escape my parted lips. I silently reach for gale's hand. And in his shaking grasp I feel the terror that courses through my veins. It is dark in the living room, the only light cast from a flickering television screen. The hunger games. Every time I hear those words a surge of anger and fear runs through me. And now my nightmare is coming to life. My sister is running through a pool of her own blood, fear etched into her grime-covered face. And I silently will her to keep on running.

She has seen so much. She has watched people just drop dead. She has held them as they died, sent the killing arrow into their bodies. And they are barely older than me. Just children. Dead. And my sister has to live with the sight of their dead body, have her mind stamped with one word. Murderer.

She did the bravest thing I have ever seen when she volunteered for me. And if she dies it will be my fault. I will be a murderer. Not in a direct way. But that makes it worse. I will not get the hatred and the glares that a murderer would get. Only false sympathy masking their inner thoughts. She is my sister, she never did anything. Ever. She is my big sister. I need her to live. She has to live.

Only three of them live. Only two people away from victory. And the mutts. I noticed before most the connection with the dead. The cold dead eyes staring out from the shaking form of a beast. Pure animal rage. Nothing left of anything close to human empathy. Just cold, burning rage.

They clamber up the cornucopia. Katniss almost falls. But Peeta catches her. He looks at her. He says something the camera can't quite pick up. But she looked up at him, and then determination flashes in her eyes. She stands with shaking hands. And takes a deep breath. But she turns, and so does he. And a hand rises behind him, and takes hold of his neck. And hauling himself up is Cato. He is smiling, with the cruel insane rage of a killer made too young. He is crying, with too many bodies made cold because of him. He is broken. But he does not let go. He holds on tighter.

She takes aim. Her hand shaking on the bow. She is crying. And the arrow releases. But it does not hit Cato. It buries itself in Peeta. And he falls back, but as he falls tears stream down his face. And as he lies under the stars I hear him whisper,

'Goodbye katniss everdeen.'

Then the mutts swarm over his lifeless body.

She screams, and breaks down. She falls to her knees. Her sobs are snatched away by the breeze. Cato walks towards her.

'Get up and fight'. He says.

She just stares into space, the tears flowing silently down her face.

'He never even knew. I didn't even tell him,' she looks up at Cato. 'He never even knew I loved him.'

'Get up and fight.'

She looks at him and shakes her tear stained head.



'No more.'

She throws down her bow.

'No more fighting.' She looks up and whispers, 'never again.'

Then Cato laughs. And throws her to the mutts. And the camera flicks to her dying face.

'No more death.'

Then her silver eyes glaze over.

And katniss everdeen, my big sister. The only person who ever understood me,

Lies unmoving on the ground.

And then the canon fires.