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Prim's POV

Something feels wrong. Something in the air. Inside me I can feel something's about to happen. I tap lily's arm, and she jumps.

'Don't do that', she hisses

'Sorry. But do you feel it?' I say

'Feel what?' She says, annoyance in her voice.

'Something's about to happen. I know it.'

'You're just being paranoid. Snap out of it.' she says. I keep hold of her arm.

'Please. Let's stop. Let's just camp here'. I plead.

'Here? It's in plain sight. Just a little while and then we'll stop. OK?' She says, reassuringly.

I want to scream out that it's not ok. Do something to show her how I feel. But part of me thinks that maybe I'm just being paranoid. So I just keep quiet, even though I'm screaming out on the inside. I close my eyes and pray to god that my feeling means nothing. For a second I think I hear a hushed voice. But I just shake it off. We're nearing a clearing, and the coldness inside me is spreading through me, turning my blood to ice. My heart beats too loudly. Too fast. My breathing is loud in the cold night. The stars shine above me. And I take a step into the clearing, and pause. Waiting. Dreading.

But nothing happens.

I feel my breath coming out my mouth in a loud exhale. It's just the arena messing with my head. I'm about to take another step, when something unnaturally cold presses against the back of my head. My heart freezes. As I turn a calm voice, edged with something dangerous. Something not right. Something that sounds a lot like insanity, it speaks.

'Don't try to escape.' It says. I turn and see the district two boy. The same boy who pleaded with me for his life, pressing his knife to my neck. Insanity and heartbreak clear in his blue eyes. I feel more people closing in around me, and I see lily being held in the same position as me, by the district six girl. The slight pressure of the knife is drawing a thin line of blood on her neck.

'Don't hurt her.' I hear myself saying. The district two boy snorts with slight laughter. I turn to him. And again I'm struck by the cold emptiness of his eyes.

'Aww, ickle friends.' He mocks. His allies laugh with him. He pushes me roughly to another boy, I think the district 11 boy.

'Tie her up.' He says, without a second glance. He slowly walks over to Lily, who's also being tied up. He stops before her, and tilts her chin up so she looks into his eyes.

'Lily, right?'

'Don't talk to me.' She says.

'Oooh. Feisty.' He taunts.

She glares at him.

'I don't like your attitude. Beg for my approval. Beg for it.' He says, the sadistic glee of the insane clear in his voice.

'How about no?' she spits. He raises a fist and hits her hard across the face. She falls, I hear myself cry out. She is pulled roughly to her feet.

'What about now?' he says. She spits blood onto the floor by his feet. Glaring at him with pure animal rage.

'Bite me.' She says.

'Still so defiant. But what if I told you about poor Jamie?'

She looks up, suddenly. Rage mixed with confusion and sadness is in her glare.

He continues,

'Aw, poor Jamie. So brave, so naïve, so in love. In love with you, wasn't he? Oh he thought he could lie to us. Thought that we wouldn't find out. But Jamie was bad. So he had to,'

He draws a finger across his neck, while the others jeer.

'He died for you. I killed him myself. Drew out his death, made it long, painful, humiliating. You should have been there to watch him beg. Should've seen the look in his eyes. I gave my friend here the joy of watching him dissolve in to a mess. Begging for relief. Crying. It was pitiful. And it was oh so enjoyable.'

I hear lily whisper something, I can't quite make it out. He continues.

'His last wish was something oh so, touching.'

'Don't hurt lily, oh please! I beg of you.' He mocks in a high pitched voice.

'But I've never exactly been sentimental. I have no quarrel with disregarding a dead boy's wish.'

Lily repeats what she said through tears, this time a bit louder.

'I'll kill you.' She hisses.

'I'LL KILL YOU.' She yells, her voice breaking as she struggles out of the grasp of her captor, snapping the rope around her wrists in her rage.

Then everything seems to happen at once. My bonds are severed by someone, Lily rushes at the boy and his allies try to catch her. The district one boy appears out of nowhere and people are rushing at him too,

And then the people around me erupt into a writhing crowd, and begin to fight.