So hey guys! 73 reviews? You are too awesome. Love you all. So y11971alex brought to my attention the fact that I hadn't done a Luke POV chapter in a long time, so here it is, hope you like it :) And I'm SO SORRY for not updating. I'm also writing a collab right now and school work and stuff so, hopefully I'll update more soon :)

Luke's POV

Time passed in a blur after the first murder. Things faded to the background, I passed by life in a muffled blur. Like a ghost. Not quite there. Just alone. The only part of my sanity left intact was taken by the hologram in the sky. Her face. That I would never see again. That I would never get the chance to forgive. To tell her that I'm still in love with her. But life's like that. Fair is the last word that comes to mind. No part of this is fair. Nothing. Other than the sweet coldness that her death has left me with. The only thing that keeps me alive in this game. The only thing that allows me to murder.

I sit under the night sky, surrounded by allies. And I flash back to the murder of the boy who lay here next to me a matter of days ago. Jamie. The flash of rage that consumed me when I killed him. When I realized he lied. That he saved the unworthy girl from his district. Just because he was in love with her. I cannot trust those in an alliance who would lie to me. I cannot trust anybody. Not anymore. Not here. So I put on the show. That this is what I want, that each body lying dead because of me gives me pleasure. I just pretend. Because I hope that if I pretend to myself that this is what I want to do, then maybe it won't hurt so badly. Maybe I'll start to believe myself.

I roughly wipe away the tears in my eyes. Tears are for the weak. I stare at the fire crackling beside me and lose myself in the light and warmth that it gives me as it dances. It doesn't shine half as bright as Lana's eyes. But then again Lana's dead now. So her eyes don't shine any more. Funny that. How one word, something so short, can take a light that shone so bright and just put it out.


One little sound of death blowing out the candle. Then… nothing.

The gentle breathing of the people around me comforts me. Then I remember that I'm going to have to kill them all soon anyway. Oh well. Life's not fair. We all die anyway. I used to live by the quote,

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.'

Now I live by,

'Life's a bitch and then you die.'

Less poetic and meaningful, but ten times more true. I hear a sound in the distance, hushed voices. Two girls. They sound young, defenceless. Easy kills. I wonder how they've lasted so long. They must be fast as hell. And good at hiding. But speed can only get you so far before you're caught. So I wake the others, and tell them. We form a plan.

And we sit and wait.

I'm sorry it's so short, but writers block hit me and I just wanted to upload a chapter so you guys would know what Luke's up to nowadays. ;D