Chapter 21

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Prim's POV

My heart pounds. I'm not sure I want to look down. I'm not sure I want to see that face, because what if it's her? What if it's lily? The only person I let my walls down for, the only person I dared to trust since Katniss died. It can't be her.

The body moves.

My hand flinches away. The person isn't dead. Yet.

'Prim.' It mumbles into the earth. My heart tears apart. I know that voice. Her voice. Lily manages to turn to face me. Tears spring to my eyes at the sight of her. Before I had some tiny fleck, tiny shining candle of hope that she might survive. That she might be OK. That she might live another day. Not anymore. Blood flecks her pale face, and she shivers.

'I'm here.' I whisper. Her hand reaches out and grasps mine, and squeezes tight as she looks right at me. Right through me. I can see she's trying to be brave. Trying not to cry. My tears splatter onto her. She weakly lifts her other hand to brush my tears away.

'Don't cry for me Prim.' She whispers.

'Crying makes it final. I'm not gone. Not yet. When I'm gone, tell my sister I love her.' She keeps her eyes on me.

'No. No don't say that. You'll be OK. You have to be OK.' I say, my voice breaking. But something deep inside me knows she's already gone. She carries on.

'Tell my mum I'm sorry. Tell her that I never meant to hurt her. Thank my dad. Thank them all. For everything.'

'You can't go. Don't leave me. Please. Please don't go.' I'm crying.

'You had dreams. You had goals. You deserve a life. You don't deserve to die. You don't deserve this Lily. Lily promise me you'll be OK.'

'Prim.' She says gently.

'NO. PROMISE ME. PLEASE. Please be OK.' My voice is cracking as tears pour down my face.

'Prim. It's too late. I'm already on my way there. I'm almost with him. Jamie. He'll be up there prim. Tell me he'll be up there.' Her face is shining with tears now.

'I don't want to go Prim.' She whispers.

'Please don't leave me. Please.' I hold her hand tight.

'Win for me prim. I never had my chance to leave my mark on the world. Leave it for me. Take them down. The capitol. Take them down. Because I won't be around to do it anymore.'

I can't say anything. There is a lump in my throat. I just nod.

'I love you prim.' She holds me tight.

'Don't forget me.' She whispers. I can see the light fading from her eyes.

'Never. Lily I will never forget you. Never.'

'Goodbye prim.' She whispers.

'Don't go. Not yet. Just a few more moments. PLEASE.' I break down again. She looks up, past me, and grins.

'The fireflies are dancing tonight Prim.' She whispers. Her hand grasps mine tighter. The fireflies flit around us, the stars shine. Tears pour down my face, as I mouth a goodbye. But the light leaves her eyes. Her breath stops, her grip relaxes.

'No. Not yet. Please no. Lily, wake up. Lily, tell me you're fine.' I try to hold her tighter, and her greeny eyes stare at the stars, and glaze over. A canon fires.

'Lily. Lily. Wake up. Don't be gone.' But part of me knows it's too late. Part of me knows that she's gone. But I don't want to believe it. She has to wake up. With that devilish grin, tell me this is all one big joke. And I'd try to be angry with her, but be too relived to see her. I'd hold her tight, tighter then I am now.

A gentle hand is placed on my shoulder. I turn around, tears streaming down my face. I don't care if it's my murderer. I'm already dead inside. Why not just end this quickly?

A boy stares back at me. His eyes a shining blue.

'It's too late. I'm sorry.' He says, gently.

'You're going to die if you stay here. Come with me. It'll be safer if we're together.' He finishes.

'Why should I trust you? Everything I trust crashes or burns or hurts me.' I get out through the lump in my throat. He just stares at me, with eyes filled with sadness and hope and… innocence. I gasp. Remember those eyes.

'You, you saved me.'

He smiles sadly.

'Why?' I breathe. He doesn't reply, just averts his eyes.

'So. Are you staying or going?' He says. I stand and walk towards him. But one step in I turn back. Look behind at her broken body. Her wide glazed eyes. The hint of a smile on her face. I break down again. I kneel next to her, and close those eyes. Because some part of me still hopes that she's just sleeping. Dreaming. But she'll never wake up. Just dream forever. I lean in, sobbing and hold her limp body in my arms.

'Heaven's gained an angel.' I whisper into her hair, my tears making her head damp. I lay her back down. And try to turn away. The sound of a hovercraft buzzes up above. Something breaks inside of me. She shouldn't be taken by the capitol. They don't deserve her. The craft descends. And slowly, roughly grabs her lifeless body.

'DON'T TAKE HER. DON'T TAKE HER. PLEASE. LILY. LILY!' I yell, my voice shaking. I run beneath the hovercraft, trying to make them see. Make them listen. But the wind drowns out my pleas, whips the tears from my face and my hair flies across my vision. My legs collapse and I'm left there, sobbing, broken on the ground. Crying out to a bleak world. The sky cries. Rain pouring over my body. Pouring as I cry. I hear footsteps and turn to see the boy. He puts his hand out, tears shining in his eyes, but not escaping. I take his hand and he helps me up. My damp hair slaps against my face in the wind. We walk away, our steps in sink. We don't say a word. Salty droplets run down my face as our steps thud away.

Away from where I killed a girl. Away from where the capitol sent their vessel. Away from where the body lay. And a thought pops into my head.

I guess we're both just wilting flowers.