Derek growled as he watched Peter licked the column Stiles' neck, the teen winced and tried to pull away, but twist Stiles' arm behind his back made him wince, Peter turned to face Derek who stood there with a pissed off look "Nawww isn't that nice Derek is worried about you." he whispered in Stiles ear as he ran his lengthen finger nails down the teen's neck and down his chest, cutting into the fabric of his and creating thin lines of blood down his front, making him whimper, turning back to Derek and flashed his red eyes at his nephew "What do you think Derek would this rip, young boy be good as a wolf as our wolf." He grinned showing his fangs

"He doesn't want the bite!" he growled

"Oh I know but I'm not taking no for answer, I think he would make a bitch." He grinned at him.

Derek's eyes widen at his uncle's word. He a growl leave his lips as he saw Peter do to bite the teen, Derek growled louder and jumped him knocking Stiles out of his arms, he fell to the floor and hit his head knocking him out, Peter changed into his wolf form and sliced his claws across Derek's chest, Derek tried to push over so they could kill him but Peter grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into wall "Don't fight me Derek!" he growled as he sunk his fangs into the back of his neck making Derek submit, he pulling away once Derek stopped fighting him and stood there, letting Peter dominant him, Peter turned Derek around and looked at him "There's a good boy Derek, isn't this better you working with me to rebuild our family, starting with our new bitch." He smiled brightly as turned Stiles start to wake up.

"What about Scott?" Derek answered; Peter looked over his shoulder as he moved to Stiles

"Scott is a whiny bitch, not our bitch that boy will learn to follow orders or die, I don't have time for heroes and you better remember that."

Moving closer to Stiles, Peter knelt in front of the human that was semi awake he guessed it was better like this, he would hate having to fight him, the shirt was already ripped so he set to work on his jeans "Derek I don't need a shadow." He said, Derek moved over to where Peter started to peel the jean's down his front

"I don't like this Peter." He said, chuckling the alpha wolf took the teen's socks and shoes off and then the boxers

"Derek Derek I know what you want, you have wanted this teen since you first laid eyes on him." He said

"Back in the woods the day after you attack Scott." He said

"Well that is when you wanted to get into his pants, but no that is not when you first met him…you first met him when him and his mother use to visit, this is when you wanted to keep him." He grinned at him, Derek looked at him

"I don't remember that." He said as he now looked at the naked teen

"Of course you don't. Now as I am such a loving uncle and a caring Alpha you can claim him first." Again Derek looked at him as Peter moved away and to the side of Stiles, Derek feeling the pull of his Alpha's orders did as he was told.

He wanted Stiles to enjoy himself, so he gently started stretching him slowly, listening to the whimpers and moans fall from the teen's lips, his other hand started stroking Stile's cock back and forth, until the boy was hard and writhing and more a wake now, Peter was stroking Stiles' hair and smiling at him "There's a boy, do you enjoys Derek's fingers in side of you?" he asked, Stiles whimpered and nodded "Do you want more?" he asked again the teen nodded "Come on Stiles you can do better than that you need to speak up so we can hear you?" he chuckled

"P…Please I need you Derek in…inside of me." He whimpered, Derek growled and pulled his finger's free and started to strip off, he then moved in between Stiles legs more and held his hips before pushing his inter length inside of the teen, Stiles arched his back and screamed as he felt Derek fill him, tears flooded his eyes and burned as they rolled down his cheek, the wolf pulled out almost all the way and then slammed back in hitting his prostate making him scream his name.

Peter watched Derek fuck Stiles, with a big smile on his face; he was a step closer to getting what he wants, with Stiles as his and Derek bitch he will get that, he watched Stiles arch his back almost bending in half as he screamed Derek's name again as he came on himself, Derek growled as he blew his load inside of Stiles, licking his lips Peter moved to the side of Derek and pushed his fingers into Stiles while Derek's cock was still inside of him, Stiles moaned and babbled something about 'Fuck werewolves', Peter pulled his fingers out and looked at his nephew who pulled out of Stiles making the teen groan and tried to roll over "Oooh no Stiles we are not done with you." he said "Not by a long shot are we done with you." he grinned darkly.

Two hours later Scott ran to the Hale house, he cursed himself mentally about being late and hoped Derek and Stiles was okay, Allison was keeping him busy for hours on end, which made him smile as he thought about it. He stopped and stood outside the Hale house something was off, he moved slowly as he walked up the creaky steps to the house and stood on the porch to the door, he could hear three heart beats and the sounds of moans and cries, walking inside he stood into the hallway and looked around, he stopped at the sight in front of him his best friend was sandwich in between Derek and Peter, the two wolves there pressed tightly against the teen, Derek was behind him holding his legs up as his mouthed at Stiles shoulder and jaws as Peter was at Stiles' front and was kissing him on the lips passionately, Scott could see blood running down his friend's chin as Peter teeth sliced Stiles lip, the two large wolves where rocking their hips into the teen, their cocks sliding in and out of him, one was going in as one pulling out and the other way around, Stiles moaned and cried out as his nails gripping Peter's shoulders, growling both men changed into his wolf forms and both bite down on Stiles shoulder "NO!" Scott yelled, the wolves kept his fangs deep in Stiles shoulder as then brown eye teen looked at Scott from the corner of his eyes that held tears, Stiles let out a scream as he came in between him and Peter, both wolves came inside of the teen.

Peter was the first one to pull away from Stiles as he left him with Derek to look after, Derek growled in Scott direction and pulled Stiles away into another room. "Scott how good of you to join us at last." he smiled pulling his boxers back on, the teen growled and snarled at Peter


"I didn't hear Stiles complain; by looks of it he enjoyed it." He smiled as he moved closer to Scott "He could take quite a load." Scott growled his hands baling into fists "He is a bit of a whore, he had Derek's cock in him and mind and saw you saw he has both of ours… do you think he will make a good pack bitch?" Peter smirked watched Scott turn red in anger as he shifted into his wolf form

"NO! YOU ATTACKED HIM YOU AND DEREK!" He yelled and he took a swing at Peter, the alpha wolf took the swing to the jaw, chuckling he turned back at Scott and grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind his back and holding the teen in place as he pulled on the arm, letting the bone crack and the muscle stretch, Scott screamed in pain as his arm popped out of his shoulder before Peter pushed him to the ground

"You need to be taught some manners." Peter growled biting Scott, Derek had put his clothes on by now and holding the unconscious Stiles in his arms and whispering in his ears about how sorry this has all gone, he tried to put Stiles' torn clothes back on him, he sat there rubbing Stiles slightly swollen Stomach as he watched e Peter biting Scott making him resubmit.