Derek got off the phone with Peter and went to find Stiles, who was curled on his bed at home, the wolf walks into Stiles room to find that the pack have tucked themselves onto the bed…thank god for a bigger bed… he thought as he walked over to Stiles, he moved himself and onto the bed and pulled Stiles close to him, the teen turned around and nuzzled into Derek's chest and closed his eyes breathing in his scent, the pack huddle closer to them "You told Peter?" Stiles asked looking up into Derek's eyes

"I have, he's not happy."

"I can imagine." He said

"They found your dad." Derek whispered, Stiles sat up and looked at him

"Is he okay?"

"Yes they are keeping him there for a little while in the hospital and then move him back here, he's alive." He smiled, Stiles smiled and hugged Derek.

...Peter and Chris…

Chris was in his motel room rubbing his eyes as he was woken up from his sleep, someone was knocking on the door and he was not to thrilled to be woken up, he had taken some sleeping tables after he leant what happen, and now he is feeling groggy and having to leave his nice warm bed didn't make his night. He pushes his bed covers off and staggered over the door, in boxers he opens the door "Good you're awake." Peter said as pushes his way in and let Chris close the door

"What do you want?" The hunter asked as he turned to see Peter removing his clothes "Peter!" Chris warned "I already said no."

"And I said you have no choice." Peter said wiggling out of his underwear,

"Peter we been through this, I am not letting you fuck me just so you can get back at what my wife did!"

"Your wife drugged your daughter and she attacked my nephews mate and my bitch." Chris frowned, he was to tried and to hurt in side to be dealing with a cocky wolf, the brown hair hunter looked at the wolf in all his glory his man hood already still ready for action and it made him groan

"Peter go back to your room and sleep, I'm too tired and I want as much sleep as I can before I call up the police tomorrow to speak about what will happen to my wife and child!" he yelled

"And I WANT SEX!" Peter yelled, Chris just looked at him with a frown,

"You're a whore Peter a really whore."

"Yeah and in another life time you would have been by bitch or even my mate, but Gerard got in the way didn't he." Chris shut down and looked at the naked man "And you sister."

"Peter go back to bed."

Peter shook his head and moved closer to him and trapped him against the wall, the hunter moved his hand under the pillow and pointed at an angel to his chest "I don't want to shoot you." He breathed out, Peter grinned and ripped the gun and out his hands and placed it on the chest of draws

"Just enjoy yourself." The wolf said as he kissed the hunter.

…Back at the pack house…

Stiles sit in at the kitchen table as he watches Derek cook "You should cook naked." The teen smiled at him, Derek looks at him as he loads his plate with bacon and scramble egg,

"Maybe one day we can have a naked day." Derek said kissing his neck

"Oh yes that I look forward to that." Stiles said with a smile as he tucked in to his food, filling his cheeks making him look like a hamster "Do you think Peter would mind if I stop screwing around... well a part from when we're all in heat."

"If Peter had cornered Chris I am sure they have fully bonded." Stiles coughed and chocked on his food,

"Peter and Chris are mates!" Derek nods at Stiles, "Wow." He said as he started to eat the rest of his food.

When he was done he walked up to Derek and kissed him, the wolf warms his arms around Stiles and held him close as he gave a sniff "Ummmm I like your smell so much." He whispered "It comforts me, I feel safe and loved in your arms." Stiles whispered, Derek smiles as he warps his arms around him and holds him close,

"I like your smell to."