Stiles woke up and looked at the two sleeping wolves beside him, he blinked for a couple of moments before he rubbed his face with his hands "Fuck sake!" he grumbled as he got out of make shift bed in the living room

"Where are you going?" Peter asked as he props himself up on his elbow, Stiles looked at him as he pulled his clothes back on nicking Derek's boxers

"I'm going home Peter, where I belong not here in a fury Hale sandwich." He said pulling his shirt on over his head, Peter looks at him "I came here to kick yours and sleeping faking beauty there asses, but nooooo you had to go all touchy feel on me, I want to be mad Peter okay I want to be pissed off that you made Derek and Scott submit to you, that you got Derek to help you fuck me and turn me." He said putting his hoody on and walking out the house

"Can't fault him there." Derek mumbled getting up from the bed

"You're siding with him?" Peter asked with a smiled

"When Stiles say fuck he means raped Peter." Derek said collecting his things and realising the ten took his boxers, while Peter laid in bed thinking about what has been said.

Jackson got wind of something was off with Stiles and took it upon himself to find out, while he knows Scott is to busy making out with Allison, Stiles was talking to Danny about a science project they got together, he walked over to them and grabs Stiles by the arm and drags him down the hall and into an empty locker room, Danny stood there shocked for a moment before chasing after them, he got to the door and found it locked, he could see Jackson push Stiles up against the wall.

He let out hiss of pain before he looked back up to see Jackson, the teen walked over to him and pinned him to the wall "Are you the same as McCall?" he asked almost spitting in his face, Stiles looked at him, he really wasn't in the mood for this shit

"Oh no I'm worst." He grinned as he pushed the other teen off him "If it wasn't for the fact I know you can't do shit to me Jackson I would really really be happy to beat the 7 kinds of shit out of you." h e said moving towards the door, Jackson gabbed his shoulder and spun Stiles around and punched him in the jaw, his head swung to the side letting out a blob of blood Stiles turned back to look at him with his amber eyes and let them change back, he didn't bother wiping his chin as the blood tricked down, he just walked to wards the door "Jackson grow up." He said as he unlocked the door

"Stiles are you okay, oh god come on let's get you checked out!" Danny freaked

"No no I'm fine thanks." He smiled

"No come on please." He said as he led Stiles to the school nurse.

Scott walked into the locker and closed the door behind him now; Jackson looked up at him "What?" he hissed at him, Scott just smiled "Why are you smiling?"

"You in trouble, just thought I'll let you know that Jackson."

"If you mean the sheriff or the school my dad…" Scott placed a finger over his lips

"No not them." He said walking away

"What is with you and him today hurr, only the other week he was a all arms and legs and you were freaking out because I knew, what changed!" he yelled, Scott looked back at him his eyes flashed amber as he smiled sadly

"The rouge alpha has taken over; let's just say things are not same anymore and it's not save to be human or wolf, see you Jackson, me and Stiles will be dropping by the hospital to see Lydia." He said walking away, letting himself out the room, Jackson just stands there.

Stiles climbs out of his jeep with bags of shopping with his phone rings, juggling them around he puts his phone to his ear "Hey dad, hows it going?" he asked

"I hear you got into a fight?" he asked, Stiles sighs and balances a bag on his knee while he opens the front food

"It wasn't really a fight if I was the only one who got hit in the face and I am fine thank you for asking." He said walking inside and headed for the kitchen

"Stiles no smart arseing." He said

"Sorry, I wasn't trying to get into a fight with him for some reason he thinks me and Scott are on some super drug and no we're not." He said walking back to his jeep to get the rest of food, only to see Peter and Derek bring it in, he frowned not really listening to his dad

"Stiles did you just hear me?"

"Umm what sorry dad can I call you back there is something fury in my jeep and it has teeth."

"Oh okay, call you later, be safe."

"Will love you."

"Love you to." And the phone went dead as he looked at the two wolves.

"Not in the mood guys." He said walking to the kitchen and started putting the teens away, Peter and Derek moved into the kitchen and watched him put things in their place

"Do we get a thank you?" Peter asked

"Thanks and good bye." Stiles said, Derek elbowed his uncle in the sighed and Peter sighed

"Look I am sorry about the whole forcing you against your will thing." He said

"Now why don't I believe you're sorry?" Stiles said as he pulls out a can of cola and moves around the kitchen still putting things away, Peter let his mouth flicker into a smile but dropped it when he saw Derek looking at him

"Oaky I am not sorry…"

"Peter!" Derek growled, Stiles turned around and looked at him

"…not by any means, but I didn't think you would be this mad, normally once a person is bitten there wolf just complies it's like second nature, I don't like our Bitc…" he stops himself before he say Bitch to him "… Pack mother staying made at me." He said, Stiles tilts his head and looks at him and then to Derek "Really why do you like him more than me?" Peter asks

"He knew I didn't want to be a wolf and I was happy being a human, plus he gives go head." Stiles said picking up his drink and walking away

"Wait what?" Peter asks looking at Derek

"What you think I didn't get in his pants? We just never has sex." He shrugged walking out the kitchen as well

"Yep just blow jobs and lot of fingering." Stiles yelled as he put the tv on and starts his home work.