Danny showed Jackson what he did to Stiles; Jackson fell back onto the sofa after what felt like he been sucked dry, he laid there panting trying to catch our breath, Danny hovered above him with a smiled on his face "What do you think?" he asked, Jackson open his eyes and looked up at his friend? Boy friend? He has no idea what to call him; he looks at Danny's face

"I told you I was your type." He shakily said, Danny laughed as he kissed Jackson's belly button

"Can I do more to you?" he asked

"What was you think?" Danny smirked as he pulled his belt free from his jean's loop, Jackson gave him an odd looked, he was about to open his mouth when Danny flipped him over onto his stomach "Danny?" he called out as he felt the belt slip onto his wrist and tighten tightly, he struggled a little, he was flipped back on to his back.

"What is wrong with you!" he cried out looking up at him, moving his hand lower down Jackson's body Danny spread his legs wide

"I want to do more and I'm going to make you work for it." He said, getting up Danny undressed

"What do you mean?" he asked still trying to wriggle himself free, after getting undressed he pulled Jackson up off the sofa as he sat down his length sticking up making the other teen nervous of the organ, Danny pulled Jackson back and made him saddle him "WHO WHOA wait! Don't you you know… have to ummm…you know?"

"What Jackson what do I know?" he grinned as he rubbed the head of his cock against the teen's entrance

"Don't make me say it!"

"I still want to hear it." He said moving the head into the entrance

"Prepare!" He gasps as he felt the length side in

"Relax and I already did, while I was sucking you off." He said as he watched the brunette's face, his hands rubbed along his hips and then his stomach up to his chest "Its okay to say it hurts."

"Fine it hurts a lot!"

About 10 minutes later Jackson was bouncing up and down along Danny's cock the wolf held onto his hips and helped him move up and down making his whimper, which Danny liked to hear, "Fuck I thing I'm going to cum!" Jackson moaned, Danny looked up at his face and licked is lips as he grabbed the teen's cock and started stroking him until Jackson screamed arching his back cumming over Danny's stomach, twitching Jackson feel onto the other teen's chest, as Danny kept driving his cock in and out of him until he came with a growl as he bite down on Jackson shoulders. After a few minutes Danny was licking the bit

"Mine now."

Two months later...

Stiles stands at his locker rubbing the back of his head, something didn't feel right and it was no super wolf powers telling him that it was his own gut feeling, he's been feeling it for a week now since his dad when way, he frowned at the books in his locker the knot in his stomach got bigger something was really wrong, his phone when off and he jumped as he picked it up, it was the numbers for the deputies "Hello?" he called out, Scott who was nearby looked around at the sudden change of heart beat of Stiles, he watched him as the teen froze and his phone fell to the floor, before Stiles hit the deck, it was his knees to give way first and then it was the rest of him, Scott came running over and caught him before he hit his head "Stiles." He called out trying to wake his friend.

It took the town less than an hour to spread the heart breaking story that the sheriff was missing after his car went off the road, Scott had taken Stiles to the nurse's offices, the dark hair teen knew it had to be more than his dad gone missing it had to be something else, worried for his friend he called Derek (note not Peter) "Derek have you heard? Yeah yeah they told him…he fainted…yes I know…we're in the nurses offices, I'm taking him home when he wakes up." He said "Ummm sure if you think it will help?" Scott say "Okay bye…yeah I will round up everyone." He said putting the phone away.

Stiles wakes up and just looks up at the roof of the nurse's room, he could tell Scott was in the room hovering nearby along with Isaac, Danny and Jackson (who is not a wolves but Danny human bitch, Peter will not turn him until Jackson is less of a git) and Erica who Stiles befriended and got turned a month later "It wasn't a dream was it, he really is missing." He said not looking at them

"Sorry Stiles it's not." He whispers, the teen rubbed his face and closed his eyes, trying not to cry

"Peter has gone out to see if he can track him, with Chris." Isaac whispered, sitting up Stiles rubs his head and looks at them

"The Alpha has gone to find my dad with a hunter?" he asked, the group nods

"I think they are screwing." Danny pips up

"Where's Derek?" Stiles asked rubbing his eyes

"Explaining to the principal that you are sort of related to the Hale family." Scott said with a frown as he watches his best friend

"I see."