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By the time the Impala swung onto Misha Close, Sam had given in under pressure, agreeing to tell the lady of the house that Dean was ill with the flu and didn't want to pass it on, so they were going to book into a motel. He'd drawn a line at Dean's suggestion that he tell the woman Dean had Bneubonic Plague, and Dean had "politely" refused Sam's offer to tell her that Dean had pubic lice and didn't want to mess up her bedding.

They drove up the short driveway and came to a halt outside a typical, large, upper middleclass residence. Sam looked around, taking in the well maintained lawns, the borders planted efficiently with tall, structural plants. A Wisteria had been carefully trained to grow against the front wall of the white painted house. Large terracotta planters filled with a cheerful mix of deep orange nasturtium, scarlet begonia and brilliant blue cornflowers were stationed either side of the colonial style pillars which stood proud of the front door.
"It looks nice, doesn't it?"
Dean gazed up at the three story house,
"Guess so, if you like that kinda thing."
He tried to picture himself and Sam living in somewhere like this. He figured a place this size, it had to have a den, maybe with a pool table in it. He had begun to vaguely consider whether he and Sam ought to accept the owner's hospitality when his train of thought was interrupted.
"So. You ready to pull the flu victim act?"
"Er...Yeah, sure."
As soon as Sam rang the doorbell, a dog's deep, loud bark started up from inside. Dean raised his eyebrows.
"Jeeze! I hope that's friendly, or muzzled."

Noticing the door begin to open, Dean started fake coughing and sneezing. Miraculously though, his supposed bronchial cough stopped instantly once the door opened fully and he saw the woman who stood looking at them. His attention was first drawn to her figure and one thought crossed his mind Cougar. The woman went in and out exactly where she should. Barefoot, she was simply dressed in a tight white vest and faded blue jeans. Dean noted that she was braless and had little, if any, sign of the normal effects of gravitational pull. Her age meant that she was no longer pretty, oh no, not by a long shot! Here was a mature woman, Dean guessed maybe roughly in her mid-forties although it was hard to be certain, and she was beautiful. Laugh lines crinkled the corners of her thick lashed, true blue eyes. Her dark auburn hair was cut boyishly short at the sides and back, a heavy fringe swept just below her perfectly shaped eyebrows, glossed lips parted in a smile revealing Hollywood white teeth as her eyes swept over...Sam!

Sam smiled politely at the woman and held out his hand.
"Hello. I believe you're expecting us? Sam and Dean Winchester. Bobby Singer sent us, er, Barbara?"
The woman's own smile widened and she took Sam's hand in both of hers.
"Yes...Yes. Good God! Bobby never mentioned how tall and, frankly, how goddamn gorgeous you are ...er..?"
Dean rolled his eyes as Sam blushed.
"Oh, sorry, Sam...I'm Sam, and this here is Dean...My brother."
Taking his cue, Dean stepped slightly to the front of Sam and unleashed his absolute, top of the range, best killer smile.
"Hi Barbara. It's a real pleasure to meet you."

Reluctantly tearing her eyes from Sam, Barbara turned to greet Dean, and did a very obvious double take, her eyes opening wide.
"Oh man! You come in twos! Two beautiful young men on my doorstep! I hope my neighbours are looking. Damn, I'm tempted to keep you both standing here till I'm certain that nosey bitch Charlotte has seen you!"
Both brothers grinned, immediately warming to this stunning, but apparently down to earth, woman.

"Come in, please. It's great that you're here. I've got your rooms all ready, do you need to get your stuff out of the car? I hope you're both ok with dogs? If you're not, don't worry. I've shut Bryn in the breakfast room."
Sam glanced at Dean before replying.
"Actually...Barbara, we, er, we won't be staying. Dean here's not at all well and..."
Dean cuffed Sam on the shoulder then nudged him, hard, in his midriff, causing Sam to cough slightly whilst trying to maintain his smile at Barbara who, in turn, was looking at the brothers questioningly. Dean gave a short laugh.
"Ignore him Barbara. Truth is, Sam was worrying that we might be too much of an intrusion if we stayed...here...with you.
Barbara took the bait, grabbing hold of one of Sam's hands and one of Deans, she firmly pulled them over the doorstep and into the house.
"Don't be silly Sam. I'll feel much safer with you two staying here. Don't even think about arguing, I can be very persuasive."
Dean turned to look back over his shoulder at Sam, grinning smugly as Sam glared at him.

Sam had just finished unpacking and was arranging his toiletries in his room's ensuite when there was a knock and the bedroom door opened.
"Sammy? You still in here?"
Sam strolled out of the shower room.
"Yeah. You settled in?"
Dean threw himself full length onto Sam's double bed and bounced a couple of times before sitting up and looking around.
"Just finished unpacking. Nice rooms. Mine's got it's own shower as well. How many bedrooms do you think there are? Do you think they've all got their own shower? Just how many toilets do you think one person needs? Hey...Maybe there's one for each day of the week?"
Sam grinned at his brother's enthusiasm.
"Which question do you want me to answer first? And stop bouncing will you? You about ready to go back downstairs?"
Dean bounced himself off the bed and upright.
"Lead the way baby brother."

The two hunters headed for the kitchen, guided by the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of Barbara singing along to Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Dean grinned up at Sam.
"I think there's a chance I might end up fallin' in love."
Sam rolled his eyes.
"Just don't forget why we're here. This' a hunt, not a vacation."

Dean pushed open the door to the kitchen, and was immediately knocked backward into Sam by a large blur of brown and gold which launched itself at him.
"Bryn! Down! Dean! I'm so sorry! Bryn, leave him alone. Come on through, just shove him out the way, he'll settle once he's said hello. Coffee?"
Suddenly realising that there were two visitors to greet, the dog turned his attention to Sam, tail wagging furiously. Sam immediately knelt down to the dog and began petting it, laughing as the delighted dog tried to lick his face.
"He's beautiful! What kind of dog is he?"
Handing Dean a mug of coffee, Barbara looked fondly at the bear of a dog currently rolling on it's back having it's tummy tickled.
"You mean apart from the idiotic kind? Best guess? A mixture of Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler. My husband brought him home as a pup three years ago, he'd been dumped. Obviously, we'd no idea he'd get to be so damn big, or so daft! You can probably tell he means the world to me. He's my big beautiful sunshine boy, aren't you my Brynnie?"
At the sound of Barbara's voice and his name, the dog immediately righted itself and trotted over to her, sitting down and pawing her leg until she bent down and gave him a hug. Sam watched, the strength of the bond and the mutual adoration between the woman and her dog clear for all to see. For a brief moment, he felt that familiar pang of desire he often felt when he saw the tie between a happy dog and it's owner. Dean noticed the look in Sam's eyes, and called him over softly.
"Sammy? Come and get your coffee."

It turned out that Sam had been right about the possible bonus of staying at their client's home. Once he and Dean were settled at the table in the large, yet homely, kitchen diner; Barbara produced something which made the moment absolutely perfect in Dean's eyes...home made cherry pie! Barbara laughed out loud at the look on Dean's face.
"Guess Bobby wasn't kidding then!"
Dean dragged his gaze away from the pie and looked at Barbara, a puzzled expression on his face.
"He told me that if I wanted to make a friend forever, all I had to do was make pie. Mind if Sam and I have a share of it too?"
Sam chuckled.
"Bobby knows Dean, and me, all too well."

Barbara won another little piece of Dean's heart when she simply cut the pie into three huge slabs, proceeding to tuck into her own share with as much pleasure as Dean himself. There was comfortable silence between the three as they ate, broken only by the occasional pounding of Bryn's tail as he waited patiently, and hopefully, at Barbara's side, never taking his soft brown eyes off her, or her pie.
Dean's sigh broke the silence as he looked at his empty plate in satisfaction.
"That, lady, was delicious! You've made me a very happy man. Thank you."
"You're welcome. It's nice to have a couple of guys to feed for a change."
Sam smiled."Well. I can promise, we make very appreciative diners, and I agree with Dean. That was the best. Erm...You know, I hate to be the one to spoil the mood but, I guess we should talk about why we're here?"
Barbara's expression clouded over, her face becoming serious and she absently fondled Bryn's ears.
"Yeah...I guess so."


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