Mating Season

(Contains Futa x Futa, Futa x Girl, and Girl x Girl/Yuri)


Mana Tatsumiya grit her teeth as she felt the piercing ache that radiated from down between her thighs. Her fingers dug into her pillow, her teeth ground together so hard she felt like they would break. Her breath came in slow, shallow pants. Her entire body trembled. What time is it? She reached for her cell phone at the edge of the bed and picked it up, flipping it open. The dim glow of her cell lit up the room and revealed to her just how much she was sweating. The light shined on her skin. She shook her head and peered at the clock.

"2 AM," She whispered, "I have to get to get to sleep. I have to go to school." She whimpered softly, placing her hand onto her stomach "But...I can't possibly fall asleep when I have this." Her tongue snaked across her lips to wet them. She could feel the trembling of her own fingertips against her flesh. She turned on her back. Am I really going to do this? I have to. She slowly crept her hand down her stomach, squeezing her eyes shut. She pushed her hand under her pajama bottoms, then her boxers.

Mana cried out with pleasure when her fingers made contact with her hot flesh, she dug her teeth into her bottom lip to silence herself, she bit down so hard she could taste blood. She winced in pain. The mercenary ran the tips of her fingers over her length, up above her she could hear the slow, even beating of her roommate Zazie Rainyday. Another demon. She shuddered, warmth spreading up through her stomach, pleasure sparked in her cock as she squeezed it softly. She matched Zazie's breathing; with every exhale she jerked her fingers up her shaft, ever inhale ran them back down. In between she squeezed.

She could smell the girl. Like some kind of aphrodisiac, her scent filled Mana up with a strange, hot feeling. She was intoxicating Mana. She could feel it building up in her stomach... slow and steady and incredibly hot. She clenched down on her teeth again to prevent a gasp, her hand moving desperately, stroking her skin. She could just imagine it, Zazie in between her thighs, her tiny fingers wrapped firmly around Mana's dick, jacking her off! Her hips jerked, and she kneeled on her bed, one hand on the mattress, the other still touching her erect penis. "Z...Zazie," She whispered huskily. Zazie squeezed her, jerked her hard, fast. "I'm...I'm going to cum..."

"Mana?" The real Zazie's voice shattered her fantasy, her eyes shot open with alarm. She gaped, and threw her blankets over herself just as the lights turned on. The petite girl was giving her a strange look. Mana avoided her eyes in shame. Dammit Mana, dammit. She caught you with our hands down your pants. There's no way you can justify this. You're busted.

"I'm sorry," Mana said slowly, fists clenched. "I...I'm starting to go into heat. I needed to relieve myself." Her teeth dug together. "I'm sorry," She said again. She had never been so embarrassed, so humiliated in her life. When she turned her eyes on Zazie again the girl was blushing. " were just easy to get off to, I'm sorry." The other girl shook her head.

"It's alright. feeling it too," Mana's eyes crept down the petite form, widening when they dropped to...something not so petite. "Mating Season." Zazie murmured, "Can't be helped." Mana smiled widely.

"Thanks Zazie. For understanding, I mean."

The Demoness gave a slow nod. "Maybe we could...relieve each other?" At the sound of that Mana burned in so many different ways. They were both demons. It'd be strange...she nodded with a smile. Mana slipped an arm around the girl's waist, pulled her close. She was so intoxicating. She nosed the girls neck and inhaled her arousing scent. She felt Zazie tremble. Her tongue snaked out to taste the girl's skin, lap at the tan flesh. She moved the Demoness to her hands and knees before reaching around to gently squeeze the clothed erection between Zazie's thighs.

"Cute," Mana whispered in her ear huskily, said girl actually blushed. "It's so cute and small." Zazie whimpered under her touch, even through the cloth Mana could feel her pulse against her palm. Somehow Mana grew harder. She gripped the top of Zazie's pajama pants, pushed them down her legs. The white-haired girl turned her head. Mana's heart raced at the expression on her face. Zazie was so embarrassed. It was adorable, those blushing cheeks. The tiny noises she was making.

Mana pulled her panties down to her ankles as well; pushing her mouth onto the girls neck, her thumb idly playing with the bass of the girls 4-Inch length, the rest of her fingers explored the wet opening below the cock. She pushed the tips of her fingers inside slowly, swirling them around the smallest bit. Zazie gasped softly, and Mana grinned. She moved her entire hand back to Zazie's cock, before slowly pressing her own member against her fellow Demoness' wet sex.

"Mind if I go inside," She asked slowly.

"I...want it," Zazie whispered, her voice strained. Mana happily surged inside the girl without further hesitation, her hands moved to her hips. The sensation of being inside a girl nearly overwhelmed the Mercenary; her head swam with sudden bliss. Zazie was so nice and tight and snug, sucking her inside. She was only part of the way in. A moan tumbled from Zazie's lips as well. Mana wondered how anything could be so soaking wet. She paused, before pushing her cock further into the demon. Her mouth parted and her breath hitched as she did this, she wished she could see Zazie's face, but settled with the tiny squeaks and moans she was earning.

"Zazie," She growled, "I'm going to take you now, okay?"


Holding nothing back, Mana slammed her cock as deep inside as she could, her eyes shot wide at the electricity like pleasure that show through her veins. She swore she saw stars for a moment. "Fuck," She groaned and gripped Zazie's member, tugging on it hard. As she did this, she could feel Zazie's innerwalls tighten around her swollen dick. She moved her hips back, squeezing Zazie, making Zazie squeeze her. "Z...Zazie!" Their skin collided with loud claps as Mana pushed inside fast, and heavy, making her cock enter as deep as it possibly could. Only then would she pull out and then surge inside again.

There was a wet schlicking sound every time she entered, and that alone was arousing. Combine that with the sensation of fucking a girl for the first time, and the scent of said girl in her nose, and she was on Cloud Nine. "Mana," Zazie whispered, "Nnh, h...harder please." At this Mana's golden eyes flashed. They resembled fire at that moment. Her black hair fell over her eyes as she gripped Zazie's cock hard, and began to pound into the girl faster. Every thrust was powerful, she could feel herself scraping the girls insides every time, feel Zazie clench around her.

Zazie's own cock was twitching and throbbing, Mana chewed her neck lightly, her hips moving hard. Sweat dripped down between her shoulder blades. Zazie gave a cry as she came, erupting at the same time as her wet arousal pulsated and clenched around Mana. Mana let out a growl, surging as deep as possible, one last time and finally hitting her climax as well. The pair was filled with ecstasy; Mana couldn't believe how much she was pouring into the girl, until she began to overflow. Zazie blushed deeply as she collapsed, Mana panted as she did the same, pulling out of the girl.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Let's not speak of this again." Zazie nodded her agreement at the black-haired half-demon's words. "We need real mates," Mana said slowly. Again, she earned herself a nod. "But, I umm, I enjoyed that a lot," She ruffled the petite girls hair. "But we should probably clean this mess up...and go see how Setsuna is doing later. I can only imagine...with Konoka around...uhh," She shook her head. Zazie smile and climbed off the bed, slipping her pajama's fully off. Mana followed suit, and tossed them to the ground. Her beds sheets and blankets followed. She had a feeling this was going to be an overwhelming couple of months.


Setsuna Sakurazaki was in some kind of heavenly like hell; she buried her face into her blankets, diamond hard between the legs and throbbing. She could smell her, like ambrosia, practically taste the girl of her dreams who was separated from her only by a few meters of air and a mattress. She resisted the urge to climb up the latter and mount her beloved, pound her into pieces and also the need to furiously jerk it. She was sweaty and sticky, she hadn't even touched herself and already she could feel precum drip down the side of her throbbing shaft.

She groaned deeply, before standing and creeping slowly to the bathroom. Her wings ached to be free from their containment in her back. She couldn't believe this. Of all the times to be in heat, when Konoka is on her period! Not to mention it's mating season!She splashed her face with cold water, trying as hard as she could not to masturbate right then and there. It was better than raping Konoka. She heard a light knock on the door, her senses strangely better than usual. Her first mating season while fertile wasn't enjoyable so far. She hurried over to the door, scenting one of her fellow demons Mana Tatsumiya.

She opened the door. The girl was standing there, her hand clasped over her mouth. Her pupils were slits. Setsuna knew immediately that she was scenting the extremely fertile Konoka as well. Zazie was burying her face in her hands, forehead pressed to the hallway wall. Setsuna realized she was probably feeling this twice as bad as she was, being a full-blooded demon unlike her and Mana. She quickly shut the door, relieved to have an excuse to leave that pheromone filled room. "Jesus Christ," She muttered as she slumped against the door. Mana exhaled, Setsuna noted the fact that she too was hard as steel and bulging against her boxers, her nipples hard beneath her t-shirt. "This is horrible, I can't stand this! I'm so hard it hurts."

"Same," Mana groaned hungrily, rubbing herself through the cloth of her boxers, "And for whatever the reason, the urge to jack it right now is practically irresistible!" She held her clothed length in her hands, "I want someone to suck it," She whimpered, "I'm claiming mates and staking my territory, was wondering if you wanted to as well." Setsuna literally perked up at the thought, diamond somehow became harder! "Split the class into three, fuck, I'm getting harder."

"Me too," Setsuna grunted.

"Third," Zazie whispered, her forehead still against the wall. "Let's share. Gets rid of turmoil."

Mana hesitated, her golden eyes flashing with lust, "That's alright with me but Kaede is mine. I swear if either of you touch her I'll cut your dicks off," Mana spat through grit teeth. Zazie nodded.

"Same with Konoka," Setsuna responded simply. They gave two short nods.

Mana rested her hands in her pockets, "Can't believe this had to happen now! Right when I got up the guts to ask her out, oh man, she's gonna think I'm some kind of pervert," She frowned deeply. Setsuna fought back a grin, and then glanced over at the little full-blooded demoness who hadn't said much so far.

"How about you Zazie, any dibs on a girl?"

The white-haired girl stared at them blankly, then thought for a moment. "Sayo," She said calmly.

"Dammit, I was actually looking forward to banging her," Mana muttered. Setsuna forced herself not to speak up in agreement. Mana bit her lip, "Come on Zazie, please reconsider?" The little demoness gave them a look before walking away. Setsuna and Mana both frowned in sync and then glanced at each other. "That's not fair."

"That's not fair at all," Setsuna agreed.