Chapter One Zazie

To be honest, I didn't quite know what to do. I had never been so hard in my life, and I was finding it hard to restrain the demon side of myself, never mind keep my length sealed away. I clutched myself in my hand, in this form I was…not exactly small but most definitely smaller than my actual size. I imagined it would have taken a huge notch out of Mana's pride if she had seen my entire proportion. I did find it humorous however that both of the Hanyou's so willingly believed me, a full blood, was smaller than them! I ran my thumb along my hot skin idly underneath my desk, sighing a bit as I did so.

"Zazie, you okay, you're actually showing emotion," A cheerful voice broke into my thoughts, my eyes shot wider at the sight of one of the three cheerleaders I very much admired. I found it cool how they so easily showed their emotion. I cocked my head a bit, I suppose I wasn't exactly the most sociable. I scratched the back of my head at her statement, shrugging my shoulders. At that moment her scent hit me like a hammer. I stifled a sound, crushing my thighs together as I bulged against them. Fuuuuck, I grit my teeth together. I stood quickly, shoving her aside as I raced away, right past Negi as he walked into the classroom. I heard his voice call after me, but chose to ignore it.

I opened the door to my Dorm room, practically collapsing inside. My breath was rough and uneven, I squeezed the sheets. I couldn't handle this, I couldn't handle this! My hand snaked under my skirt to grip myself, holding it in my palm and rubbing softly. I shuddered the sensation the gentle friction created, it was an electric kind of heat that only caused myself to grow harder. I was twitching. I squeezed my eyes shut, and for a moment, I could almost pretend it was that incredibly attractive, delicious-scented girl. I held myself tighter, finding my hands clamping down on my cock so hard it hurt. I jerked, each movement of my hand along my dripping flesh making me shudder. Fuck, this felt way to good.

There was a dim glow as I grew to my full length, my cheeks crimson as the flesh in my hand crew longer, thicker. I was far bigger than Mana or Setsuna, in fact, an organ this big just didn't look right on my body which was far too small. Then again, I was small in general for a demoness as was the case with most in my family other than my elder sister Poyo Rainyday. I palmed myself, over the head, before sliding it back down. I pressed myself to the wall, squeezing my eyes shut, and went back to picturing Misa holding me instead. Her hands were soft and delicate, her smile wide, her teeth porcelain.

"Do you like this," Misa murmured in a whispery tone, "come on Zazie, answer me, don't look so embarrassed."

"Y…yes," I shivered, releasing my grip on my cock with one hand to bring it to my breasts. I squeezed softly, rolling my fingers over the hard buds hidden by my shirt. I disliked this, it wasn't the same, Misa's hand was too small, my hand was too small! But it would have to do. I couldn't be too forward like Mana who took what she wanted at that moment or Setsuna who just had this special way of getting what she wanted. It was because they were like princes, unlike Zazie who was more a princess than anything…though she didn't want to be. She wanted to be tan and muscular and toweringly tall like Mana, yet she somehow still had this grasp on her femininity. She wanted to be like Setsuna, calm and soothing, and just as handsomely soothing as Mana. But she acted like a true prince. Unlike Mana who was arrogant and rough, Zazie imagined Setsuna was gentlemanly and preferred to make love to Mana's rough fucking.

But where did that leave Zazie? Completely and totally alone, she doubted she'd get any girls at all before Mana and Setsuna marked their spots. They said they'd share but she highly doubted Mana, who lied often, would keep her word. She sunk into her bed, all these depressing thoughts were leaving her limp. She breathed out through her teeth.

There was a hard, insistent knocking on the door. I shot up, quickly putting myself away which was much harder. I slid into Mana's bed just in time, pulling the covers over me as the door opened. Too my great surprise, it was in fact…my class rep? I flushed deeply, gripping my length and pushing it hard against my stomach to hide the tent in the bed. It didn't hurt all that much but it was …uncomfortable. The platinum blonde had a frown stretched across her face as she crossed her arms, her emerald green eyes locked on me. "Zazie, what's the matter, you have everyone worried?" I stifled a moan. That scent! I shifted under the smoldering hot blankets, resisted the urge to take the girl as my own. I don't know how I'd feel about myself after that. I was a hopeless romantic…unrealistic but she could dream.

"It's nothing, I just…don't feel very well," I murmured low in her throat. I couldn't help but notice how endless class representative's legs were as she strided towards me. Her breasts had a little bounce to them. I wondered what they'd feel like in my small hands, probably soft and warm…my saliva glands seemed to be working overtime because liquid pooled in my mouth. And down below. I was sopping wet, and I was sure precum was starting to seep into the blanket. I almost hissed as Ayaka sat down on the bed next to me.

"Do you need me to bring you to Nurse Shizuna," Ayaka asked in a soft tone, smiling softly. I liked this side to her. The nice kind that myself and few others saw. I avoided her eyes, "or bring her here?"

"I just want to sleep for a while," I whispered, she leaned close and oh no, those breasts were so close to my face, her hand stroked the top of my head.

"Ok, but you know you can talk to me? Wow, holy shit Zazie, you're sweating so much," Her eyes were wide, "You're so hot, it's like you're on fire. Come with me, please, you can't just sleep a fever this bad off."

"No…I said I'm fine," I forced out through almost closed teeth; it was so hard to concentrate right now. Ayaka sighed.

"You're so stubborn like a mule Zazie," She rolled her eyes, "but alright," I sighed in relief, resting my head into one of Mana's pillows. I liked the smell of females. Ayaka was a virgin, I could tell with my sensitive nose. "Promise to get me if you need anything." I smacked her hand away when she tried to pat my head again.

"I said I'm fine, leave me alone," I begged. She eyed me, I squirmed. Then her eyes narrowed, and she smirked wide.

"You're perfectly fine. You're hiding something," She giggled, noticing my arms stuffed under the blankets. Oh no oh no, not good! She could not find out! But it was too late; she grabbed the blanket, and ripped it off. A shriek tore from her throat, nearly falling as she stumbled backwards. "Zazie, what the fuck is that thing between your legs," I sighed, lifting my hands to let it loose. It stood erect and tall at its full nine inches, glistening with sweat and dark skinned.

"Before you say anything…I'm not a man, I'm a hermaphrodite," I explained, she seemed hesitant to believe me. "And you can sit down now."

"You ran from class to masturbate with that thing?!"

"Silence yourself Ayaka," I hissed in a dangerous tone, "Mana, Setsuna, and I have big plans and I can't have you telling people."

"I won't I won't," She shook her head; I crossed my arms, and sat up, crossing my legs. I struggled to not stroke myself.

"And I left class to avoid the smells of all those girls," I admitted, eyeing the floor. "I'm a demon. It's hard to believe but I don't mind if you don't believe me. Mana and Setsuna are Hanyou's, or half-demons. They have the same…equipment. It also happens to be mating season. It's a single time of the months, varying in length, where demons have the irresistible urge to take mates. In other words, I was fighting the urge to fuck every single one of you…I can't get down. I need a girl…" I growled.

Ayaka stared at me long and hard, "I'd like to not believe you…but that male organ between your legs is unnaturally hard and big…and you never lie, never mind talk so much," She thought for a moment, "so do girls release a pheromone?"

"Sort of, well, yeah," I scratched the back of my head.

She eyed me, and man did she look like a predator at that moment, her emerald eyes were like fire. I scooted back a bit, as she began to unbutton her uniform. "Is it like when an animals in heat," She asked with a smile. My cheeks felt hot, I shifted uncomfortably.

"I guess," I said shyly, swallowing hard.

"Hmmm," She grinned, before kneeling on the bed. At that moment she looked like a wildcat, eyes almost slitted as she crawled towards me slowly, I blushed furiously, pressing myself to the bedpost. "Animals tend to start to get better after they're…relieved," She purred, I squeezed my eyes shut, her breath was hot on my face. "I really like you Zazie, I'd be glad to help you out," My eyed widened; her hand cupped my cheek, turned me to her. My eyelids fluttered as her tongue pressed in between my teeth, slowly sliding into my mouth. It was warm, running along my own.

I should take control, I thought, pressing my tongue against hers, and holding her hips in my hands. I groaned when her hand slid cupped my breast, she pressed me down lightly, "Just relax, I'll take care of you," I squeezed my eyes shut. I wanna be a prince. A proper demon. Even as I thought this, I knew it wasn't going to happen. The second her hand fell upon my groin and she kissed me harder, exploring my mouth with her tongue. She pressed it to my cheeks. I was lost, I wanted to be dominant, but at the same time, this feeling…she squeezed my member, making me jolt where I was. "It's so big," She whispered, cheeks crimson. I blushed as well, that was a kind thing to say, and it stroked my pride. Her hand began to move, her porcelain, warm fingers trailing up and down my skin.

"Nnnh," I shifted, pushing my hips towards her hands. She increased her speed, focusing all her attention on my crotch. She slid down my frame, her deft fingers cupping my member and jerking the flesh hard and slow. Her tongue flicked out to lick my hot flesh. I threw my head back. My first mouth! M…my first mouth! It was a delicious feeling; I wouldn't mind it lasting forever. The flat of her hand ran over my head, before she placed her fingers to my dripping entrance. She continued to tug me, even as she lapped at me, and slowly slid two fingers into me. I gasped with pleasure, practically drooling. "A…Ayaka…" I didn't want to share her with Mana and Setsuna, I realized that as she began to slide her fingers into me faster, my inner walls stretching and sucking down on her digits. Her mouth opened a bit, a blush on her face as she attempted to take my cock in her mouth.

My thoughts wandered. I didn't want to share with them at all. I had to find a way around it. My thoughts shattered as she opened her lips wide and took me inside, suckling lightly on my hardened length. She moaned around my member, fingers thrusting harder. "It feels good," I whispered. She smiled with pleasure. My eyes widened with delight as she put in a new effort, taking in the impressive girth with her mouth, I watched it stretch. Her throat seemed to throb; she choked the tiniest bit, before she took me all the way down.

There was something magical in seeing a girl crouched between my thighs that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. She bobbed her head up and down me, saliva dripping free from her mouth and sliding down my length. I was only halfway in her mouth, but that was enough. I tossed my head back, feeling a heat in my loins, her fingers pressed a special spot. "A..Ayaka! I'm going to come!" She grinned around my member, took me deeper, bobber harder, moved her fingers faster and harder in that same spot. Electric streaks of pleasure shot through me. "Fuck! I'm coming Ayaka! I'm coming!" I exploded before I came free, I was met with the sight of widened eyes when I looked down. She attempted to pull free. Down below, I could feel my wet cunt pulsing, and knew that I was dripping all over Mana's sheets.

Thick white moisture splattered across her face, her lips, her neck. She was wide-eyed. "What in the world," She opened her mouth, and my cum and saliva slid down my chin. She was blushing. "You've made quite the mess Zazie," She trailed her fingers up my stomach…before laying down on top of me, spreading her legs and pressing her core to my hardened thickness. "But …I didn't get to come," Her hands cupped my breasts lightly, "and you still are erect." I nodded quickly, blushing wildly. She reached down and lifted her skirt, pushed her panties to the side. "Look at me, you got me wet Zazie. Take responsibility…" I nodded quickly, before grabbing her and pulling her down into a kiss. She beamed and pressed her sex to my hardened one, her hand stroking my hypersensitive female parts.

I almost screamed as I felt her stretch around me. It was heaven. Being inside a girl was heaven! It felt like a hot wet hand, except better. Impossibly tight, dripping, hot. I watched her arch her back, I slid my hands into her hair, pulling her down into a deep kiss. She began to move her hips, crying out with delight as half of my nine inches slid inside. She paused, cheeks crimson and eyes wide. "I can't take anymore, I'll be broken in two!" I growled deeply, what a foolish thing to say! As a squid like demon, I didn't grow fangs like Mana, or talons Setsuna when this deep into intercourse. It took longer to lose control as well. Instead, the only way I could mark my girl was to cum inside her with thick inky semen and deeper into the season, I would change more but for now, just inky semen. But I wanted to mark her, teach her to be silent and just take all of me. I Instead I kissed her and slid deeper inside, inch by inch. As I went deeper, my body got hotter, and my dick got harder, she clamped down tighter. I was displeased to find no resistance…

I tugged at her hair, sucked on her tongue, thrust my hips up. Movement was bliss. Each stroke left me shaking and feeling as if I was about to combust. It was so hot. She shifted, chewing my tongue as she began to ride me. Meeting my thrusts evenly. That was better. Fuck. Fuck. I almost came instantly. She cried out, her skin and mine making slapping noises as we increased out speed. She pulsated around me, I leaned down, and ripped her shirt open, tearing off her annoying bra. Her large, bountiful breasts fell free. She flushed red, moving her hips harder, squeezing around me! I took a single nipple in my mouth, angling my hips for deeper entrance. Fuuuck. Harder! I thrust harder; I wanted to break her in. Apparently it was working because she was shuddering, and drooling. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

"Z…Zazie," She shuddered. I was going to cum soon.

"I'm going to cum." I whispered in her ear, "I'm cumming inside," I growled. She didn't even try to argue, I held her against me. Her legs spread wider as I slid deeper. "I'll get you pregnant, you don't mind having my babies," I whispered with a grin, she shook her head.

"I like you." I was about to say that was a little much, but chose to stay silent. I throbbed. With a scream she came, right before I did, spilling my spunk out into her hot cunt. Fuck, fuck, I could get used to this.


Mana groaned, eyed locked on the girl riding her best friend, next to``` her Setsuna was stroking herself just as she was. "This is fucked," She whispered.

"Least we're not fucking each other," Mana grinned, "didn't expect Zazie to be the first to get some."

"We're standing outside your dorm room, our dicks touching as we peep on our best friend getting ridden by the bitchiest chic in the world but we have to do it to peek through the door crack. Fucking each other is hardly better," Setsuna whispered harshly.

"Ah shut up you love this Setsuna." Mana whispered.

"I wonder what was up with Zazie…what the hell!?"

Mana looked over with wide eyes. Setsuna groaned. "I told you, I fucking told you they'd see us!"

There were three girls staring with wide eyes. "W…Mana, Setsuna, why do you have giant penis'" The blondehaired girl known as Sakurako exclaimed.

Mana was completely silent for a long moment, before she turned around with a lecherous grin, slipping her member away. "Looks like you've seen too much Cheerleaders."

"W…what the heck are you gonna do to us," The brunette of the trio whispered fearfully.

"I'm…we're…going to rape you," Mana growled.

"We are," Setsuna muttered, "Oh god Mana, why are you dragging me into stuff like this…but ok then, mates number one two and three in the bag," her eyes narrowed as well, they grinned like dogs.