Thank you everyone who has read, reviewed and has stayed with this story for the past few years. We are almost near the half point of the second movie and I cant wait to start revealing some awesome parts that have been bottled up for years since I first started this story.

"Do not think I won't kill you, dwarf. It would be my pleasure," threatened the blonde hair elf, his blue eyes studying the dwarves before coming to rest on Kelsey, almost hidden amongst the protective company. Her eyes peaked his interest for a second before a shout of help was heard from his right.

"Kili" screamed the woman, trying to rush to the helpless dwarf. A golden haired dwarf held her back as she struggled to free herself; crying out.

A lone spider had grabbed Kili by the foot and dragged him through the trees, away from the elves. For a moment, a single thought came to him in his panic. That he would never be able to tell Kelsey how he felt. Clawing at the ground, he fought the spider with his bare hands as he had no weapons on him. He had somehow accidently dropped them in the previous struggle with the monstrous creatures.

Suddenly a black knife flew past him, hitting the spider right in one of its eyes. Pushing himself off the ground, he watched as Adrianna stepped out of the shadows, twirling another black knife in her hand. Her once blue eyes were now a dark grey, as if her very soul was gone and black, smoke-like tendrils danced up and down her body; moving every time she moved.

"Âdhn, gazatizub," she growled at an advancing spider behind Kili. It screeched at her in angst then raced off deeper into the dying forest. As she stepped forward, Kili backed off. He was officially wary of her as she just spoke in Black Speech and that the spider understood her.

"How did you...?" began Kili before being cut off by a small hand wrapping around his throat. Adrianna had somehow appeared in front of him despite the large distance he put between them and started to squeeze; slowly cutting off his air supply.

"Kili, Kili," she said, shaking her head. Black smoke slithered up her arm and entered Kili's gasping mouth, causing him to start clawing at her constricting hand. "It will all be over soon and you will never think about your brother, your uncle or your precious Kelsey again."

Adrianna brought her lips to his and with a final kiss, the ordeal was over. His eyes turned black for a split second before returning back to his normal chocolate brown. His face no longer showed emotion and his erratic breathing returned to normal and steady. Suddenly a elleth with fiery red hair glided through the trees, bow in hand. Adrianna put on her innocent act on and gripped onto Kili's arm in desperation and fright. The elf simply directed them back to the group.

As Kili and Adrianna waltzed back, Kelsey was so overwhelmed with power of the Darkness emanating from the two, she stumbled into Fili who was having all of his knives removed and squeezed his upper arm. He placed his arm around her shoulders in a way to comfort her after seeing how distraught she was and how Kili once again looked at Adrianna.

"We will get him back, I promise," was all he said until their defence was back up again. The blonde elf whom Kelsey had guessed was the leader, had just been handed Orcist.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, his blue eyes narrowing at Thorin.

"It was given to me."

"Not just a thief, but a liar as well," snarled the elf, pointing the sword at Thorin's throat. He then proceeded to shout at the others in elvish and the Company were lead away, further in the forest.

Arriving in the Woodland Realm, Thorin and Kelsey was separated from the Company and brought before the King Thranduil. Receiving a nod of assurance by Fili, Kelsey held her head high and marched alongside Thorin, who clenching his fist at the sight of the Elven King. He waltzed down the wooden steps of his throne and began to circle the two prisoners.

"Some may imagine that a noble quest is at hand. A quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon. I myself suspect a more prosaic motive: attempted burglary, or something of that ilk," addressed Thranduil, walking down the steps of his throne. He peered curiously at Kelsey, flash of recognition in his eyes before continuing speaking to Thorin.

"You have found a way in. You seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule: the King's Jewel, the Arkenstone." Quickly glancing over at Thorin, Kelsey could see that Thranduil's words had struck a nerve. She slowly moved closer to Thorin and grabbed his clenching fist, giving it a tight squeeze. Thorin released his holding breath and squeezed back in unison. He was glad she was there with support. Despite the poor start of their friendship, Kelsey had grown to care for the old dwarf like a father, a protector. This movement did not go unnoticed by the Elven King.

"Who might this be? A lover or a lowly whore," smirked Thranduil as he watched the young girl holding the dwarf king back.

"Your business is between me and you, Thranduil," growled Thorin, gritting his teeth in rage. "She is a part of my Company, therefore under my protection."

"Very well," Thranduil accepted, his smirk never leaving his face. "The Arkenstone, it is precious to you beyond measure. I understand that. There are gems in the mountain that I too desire. White gems of pure starlight. I offer you my help."

At the mention of starlight, Thranduil's eyes drifted over to Kelsey, acknowledging her aura glowed like the stars. Kelsey realised that he knew who she was.

"I am listening," smirked Thorin, knowing what gems the Elven King was after.

"I will let you go, if you but return what is mine," claimed Thranduil, anger beginning to come through in his voice. Thorin lets go of Kelsey's hand and turns away, slowly walking towards the giant steps leading to the Realm.

"A favour for a favour."

Kelsey could hear the annoyed humour in his tone and could only sigh as she knew what the stubborn dwarf was going to do next.

"You have my word. One king to another."

Still facing away, Thorin's voice got louder and louder as he spoke ill of the Elven King.

"I would not trust Thranduil, the great king, to honour his word should the end of all days be upon us," shouted Thorin as he spun around to face the now shocked King and an amused Guardian. "You lack all honour! I've seen how you treat your friends. We came to you once, starving homeless, seeking our help, but you turned your back. You turned away from the suffering of my people and the inferno that destroyed us!"

"Imrid amrud ursul!" he shouted at Thranduil who leaps toward the dwarf in anger. Before he could get any closer, Kelsey placed herself between the two, her hand outstretched towards Thranduil's chest; humming with power. Thranduil didn't even flinch at her action.

"Do not talk to me of dragon fire. I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great serpents of the north," he stated before his face contorts to reveal burns and scars from his past encounters with dragon, his left eye milky and unseeing. Drawing back from the glaring girl, his face returned to normal.

"I warned your grandfather of what his greed would summon, but he would not listen," Thranduil said, walking back up to his throne. "You are just like him."

Thranduil motioned for the guards to take Thorin away. Kelsey was violently ripped from Thorin's arms before she could react.

"THORIN!" she screeched, struggling in her captors arms.

"KELSEY" he shouted in anger before disappearing from view. Leaving Kelsey alone with the Elven King.

"Now tell me, how did the daughter of Illmarè and Tillon find herself in the Company of dwarves."