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Glad to see another Ben Reilly Fan. They need to bring him back, and more fics should do as well. I never heard of that mini-series, although, as I have said multiple times, England is far behind on the whole comic thing. We just got Ends of The Earth. I can easily make an excuse for that, because I need the animosity for this moment I have later on. Also, that was kinda how I planned on doing Superior, or maybe even have Peter at the back of Ock's mind but still be there and can communicate with him, you know, Deadpool-Like only with blue boxes. That would have been funny, with Deadpool knowing about the blue boxes and Peter joining in with the Deadpool-White Boxes-Yellow Boxes talks/ arguments.

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[Me talking to Deadpool in the middle of a POV]


"JARVIS"(A.N: The armour's computer program.)


Tainted Web

Chapter 4: Web Trouble

(Spidey's POV)

"Why are we trusting, or even believing, Deadpool?" Laura asked

"Simple." I smiled "He's so crazy he always seems to know this kinda stuff."

"Only one way to see if he is telling the truth though." Tony said "JARVIS scan Peter for any abnormal energies."


"Well, there you go, he's telling the truth." Jubilee shrugged

"Yea." Jessica nodded "Is insanity is amazing. It's like he can see the very fabric of reality itself and tell how everything that's going on."

"Or I just know the plot that the author is thinking about." Deadpool smirked

[How do you know that!?]

"I read that orange book in your room that you fill with ideas."

[Hey! That's cheating!]

"So?" Deadpool shrugged "Oh, and get ready for something strange in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0!" suddenly a storm of fire and red energy blazed around the room "Told you so."

"JARVIS, what is this?!" Tony yelled over the noise of the energy


"Wait… see into the future?!" Natasha said in shock and then it clicked. Oh fuck. Not her. Not now!

"Spider-Man, my Champion, there is a great danger." A familiar voice from inside the energy called

"That voice is familiar…" Tony said

"It should." I said glaring at the tempest as it calmed down to reveal "Julia." I greeted as the woman appeared with a man in black and red by her side

(Spiderwoman's POV)

"Hey Peter." The man in black and red said. He sounds similar to Peter, just deeper and darker

"K… Kaine…" Peter muttered before so fast he almost seemed like he had teleported in front of his brother and started squeezing him tightly in a large bear hug. I never knew he could move so fast… and I hope he will in the future

"H… Hey, Peter, let go!" Kaine yelled as he tried to pull my Spider-Husband off him

"Sorry." Peter smiled lightly as he pulled back "I… I just thought you where dead."

"Wait… You're the guy who I used to stab the Queen during Spider-Island!" Carol said in shock

"Sure was Blondie." The guy replied, a smirk evident in his voice

"So, you're our new Brother-In-Law?" I asked as I walked towards him and looked the black and red man up and down

"Looks like it." he said and I could almost see his left lens widen slightly, showing he raised an eyebrow

"Do we have a possible Sister-In-Law through you perhaps?" I asked, smirking cheekily as I saw him recoil and I could feel the heat from his blush, and though his mask, from the six steps away from him. I can tell he wasn't normally an embarrassed person but there was most likely something about this girl he really liked

"W… What…" he stuttered in shock, taking a step back

"What's her name bro?" Peter smirked at his reaction and hit his clone-brother in the ribs

"P… Peter? What the hell man, you should be on my side!" Kaine said in shock as he took another step back

"Awe, but I've never really got a chance to tease my little brother before." Peter replied

"Plus he knows not to go against his girl." I smiled as I leaned against him "Now, what's her name?"

"Jess, Peter, leave the poor guy alone." Carol said to us, shacking her head with an amused grin on her face

"Yes dear." Peter said as he gave Kaine a look that said 'we'll finish this later'. That's my man

"Kay Carol." I added

"Why are we here?" Laura asked Julia with a slight glair. I looked at her to. She also carried the name Spiderwoman once, after I had temporarily stepped down, and she then became Arachne before finally becoming this woman in front of me. She was now Madam Web and I can tell she has been loosing the things that had made her a hero ever so slowly…

(Spidey's POV)

"Why are we here?" Laura asked kinda forcefully

"The battle you are heading towards is like nothing you have ever faced before." Julia said cryptically "You will have to work together and gain more allies to defeat this enemy."

"Who is it?" I asked, hoping she won't give me a cryptic answer for once. She bowed her head apologetically

"I am afraid I do not know." She said and this caused my eyes to widen "He is a dimension traveller and has killed multiple Spiders. And, somehow, he has used their part of the Web of Life to wrap around his own so I can not see it."

"Please tell me it's not that Amazing Spider guy again." I groaned, that world was crazy. A heartless Uncle Ben who was still alive and a me who absorbed the powers of other me's from other universes to get stronger and become the greatest hero in his universe.

"No, it is not either of those." She replied and I sighed in relief

"Thank you." I said as I sat down

"But I do know a few things." Julia replied

"Fuck." I muttered. If Julia knows something nowadays it usually ends in a ginormus headache

"The first is a hope. On close inspection I have noticed two threads of the Web that I have not noticed before." She paused for a second "One is a revived thread and the other is a thread long since thought lost, both tied to you're thread in a way similar to Kaine's is."

"Well, that's vague." Carol mumbled in annoyance, crossing her arms

"Another is a warning. The Darkness you have fought countless times, the darkness you yourself where once almost consumed by, is not only the cause of this but it has also been replaced and improved beyond anything you have seen before." The Madam Web explained

"You understand that?" Wanda asked Jess curiously

"Not a clue." The Spiderwoman replied simply

"And the third is an ultimatum." She said sternly

"This doesn't sound good." Tony muttered

"Death is the only answer." Julia finished

"You're not going to be a mistake like with the Spider-Queen thing, is it? Because I technically beat her but Kaine was the one who killed her."

"No. There is no other way." She said solemnly "You're life has been heading to this. This small war is your destiny. This is the reason you are Spider-Man."

"I got it!" Wade suddenly yelled, causing everyone to look at him in shock

"What?" Jubilee asked nervously

"That bad guy! I worked out who it is!"

"Then tell us." Natasha growled

"The bad guy is..."

"… not to be revealed tell I say so Wade!" a new voice said as in a flash of blue a 17 year old male appeared. He had dark blue hair and eyes that where blood red. He was wearing a red shirt with a Spider-Man style spider symbol in the middle, a black jacket which had blue flames running up the arms as well as the back and a white X on the back, blue track-suit bottoms and a pair of black trainers. "You're coming with me!" he then grabbed Wade by the collar and they both disappeared in a flash of blue

"W… Who was that?" I stuttered in shock

"Someone I hoped you'd never see. Just forget him, you'll never see him again and he promised he won't interfere." Julia said with a sigh

"So what are we gonna do?" Laura asked

"The evil is attacking Symkaria with the heroes and villains he has taken control of." Madam Web explained

"T… Taken control of?!" Jubilee said in shock

"Yes that is why he took Wolverine as well as several heroes and villains, other's he just killed."

"Symkaria… Sable…" I muttered before I looked at the Watcher of the Web "Julia, can you save Silver Sable?"

"No." she replied sharply "You have two missions right now."

"Since when do we work for you?" Wanda sent back to her old team mate

"Because I am the only way you will all win." She shot back

"Fine, what's the mission?" Jess all but growled

"The second mission is less important, you need to rescue a person from a warehouse as well as destroy and old foe."

"What's the first mission?" Carol said, rolling her eyes

"You will go to Symkaria and save Silver Sable while taking down as many of the invaders forces as possible."

"You just said that Sable was to die!" I yelled at her in annoyance

"I said that I could not help her but you can." She replied

"You are so cryptic. You could have just said so!" I snapped at her

She just ignored me and looked at Kaine before putting her hand on his shoulder "They will be safe. I shall now give you your Spider-Sense back; you will need it for the battle ahead."

"If even a single hair on there heads is damaged I will find you and I will kill you." Kaine growled angrily

"Your love and adopted daughter shall be safe. I promise." Julia smiled. Wait, adopted dau…

"I have a niece and you didn't tell me?!" I yelled at my brother who shrugged

"You never asked." Was all he said and my eyes narrowed

"As soon as you find Sable you must take her as far away from the fight as possible and get to the coordinates I will send to Iron Man." Julia said as light began to surround us

"But we don't know which heroes they sent to attack!" Natasha yelled in annoyance "We're at a disadvantage!"

"I am sorry but I must prepare for another guest." Was all she said as she turned away from us

"Julia you bitch! Let us get ready to…" I stopped when the light died down. Looking around I saw something that could be describer in one word.


Pure and utter Chaos.

Heroes, and some villains, where attacking the warriors of Symkaria without mercy.

There where dead bodies everywhere.

Suddenly a voice interrupted my thoughts…

"Spider!" a feminine voice called in shock, happiness, relief and, unless I'm mistaken, a slight hint of love/ desire. I turned around and gasped at the women in front of me…

"Sable!" The women in front of me was a queen and one of the most dangerous women on the planet, as well as one of the most beautiful, Silver Sablinova or, as she prefers, Silver Sable. I looked up and down at her figure, she always had a good one and it looked amazing in those skin-tight white suits but there's something about the rips that are currently there that make her seem even more amazing. And then I saw that her costume was ripped slightly giving a good view of her glorious chest.

My eyes stayed focused on their target as the rest of my body froze.

She looked at me in confusion for a second before she followed my gaze.


Sable isn't tolerable to perverts.

I'm dead.

I'm seriously dead.

She looked up with a tiny blush… wait a second. She's blushing?! A smirk spread across her plump, perfect silver painted lips and I can tell she's about to make a comment. Either sarcastic or cheeky. Maybe even mean if I'm unlucky.

But then a look of fear appeared on her face and she screamed "SPIDER!"

Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense! Spider-Sense!

I moved and grabbed Wanda around the waist and jumped out the way with Kaine as both Jess and Carol, the former using her own for of Spider-Sense and the later using her Seventh Sense to recognize the Danger, while Laura grabbed Jubilee around the waist and jumped out of the way as well. Tony and Natasha quickly followed our example and a large explosive force hit where we had just been standing

Turning around I gasped when I saw the one who attacked us.

We are SO fucked.

If we make it out of here I'm gonna kill Julia, whether she has a kid or not…

(? ? ?'s POV)

I smirked as I stood back, watching my unknowing servants as they cleaned the cage of the remains of the disgusting Symbiotes and their miserable hosts whether it be ash or large chunks of burnt human flesh. "Sir!" a peon said as he saluted me.


"Subject NO has been broken and the suit IG is finished. Project GG/IP is finished." The cannon fodder explained

"Perfect." I smirked "Get him ready, he will be needed for an assault I have planned."

"Understood!" he said, saluting again, before walking off. Fool. Soon everyone on this planet will die, after I have dealt with their Spider-Man.

Their REAL Spider-Man.

That's why that stupid squid is dead, and all his trinkets are destroyed.

I couldn't let him take this world's Spider-Man.

He was a fool, and he would NOT take away my fun.

No one shall stop MY fun…

(? ? ?'s POV) [A.N. It's not the big bad]

We barley managed to escape.

If we weren't leaning against that wall we would have died.

My sister and I seeped through a small crack in the corner of the room which had been caused by that monster's sonic attack.

Although we almost didn't make it.

I had to force her off from her host and drag her through the hole as she struggled.

We wouldn't survive in that heat so there was no way they could.

We stayed there, even after to flames where gone.

Humans entered the room and began to clean the ashes that where once out Aunt and Uncle. Taking away the burnt flesh sacks that where once their hosts.

As well as the doctor and my best friend.

My sister was next to me, her purple and silver form shivering.

She was crying, well crying as much as she could in our current sludge like state, and I was trying to reassure her. Her host was not just her host to her, but also her mother. Father injected her into her host before she was born and as such she saw the doctor as her mother.

I know how she feels but she won't believe me.

I saw him as a brother. We relied on each other, helped each other.

I'm sure gonna miss you Pat.

I look at her and say we have to move.

She says she wants to stay with mommy.

I feel so sorry for her.

She is so similar to a human child it would disgust father, good thing her host had control mostly.

And the fact that he's dead.

Wish I could have seen it, would have made it all the sweeter.

I tell her she's dead but we can avenge her.

She agrees and we move along the lining of the wall.

They will feel our wrath!

Our hosts, Patrick Mulligan and Doctor Tanis Nieves shall have justice!

Toxin and Scorn shall have their revenge!

And there's the end.

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