Alright, it's been a few years since I've written ANYTHING, but the writing bug has bit me so I had to come back.

This is based off the legend that Zeus brought down the Hounds of God to keep demons and witches from wrecking havoc on earth and keeping the evil spirits in the underworld.

This will contain violence, blood, gore and non-con

But I hope you enjoy it.

Stood hovering over an old torn up map of the small town of Lima, Kurt sighed pushing back the loose strands of hair out of his icy blue eyes so he could better scan the mass expanse of forest which surrounded the small town. Kurt could make out the homes of the townsfolk who lived here in the small scrawling lines on the ever thinning paper; he really needed to find a photocopier. An overhanging light hummed quietly, emitting just enough light for the two men occupying the room to see the small table which held the map and a dim outline of either occupants.

Kurt looked up at the man in front of him as he sniffed the air, grimacing at the sound he made as he picked up on all the scents in the small room, the rest of the house and surrounding grounds. Watching his reaction for a moment, Kurt pushed himself back off the table to straighten his back stepping back into the shadows to pick up a hand lotion slowly rubbing it into his palm and over his burning fingertips.

"It's strange not being able to smell anything." Sebastian slurred while watching Kurt, from his voice it was obvious he hadn't slept for a while only emphasised by the dark circles under his eyes. It was the only reason Kurt wasn't tightening his grip around his katana leaning heavily against his back. If Sebastian was weak at this late hour, moon high in the sky, there was no way he was going to pose a threat for at least a couple of days.

"I run a tight ship in this town." Kurt acknowledged moving back to the table, "You obey my rules, stay out of town during the hunt, and I leave your pack alone." Simple really, but Kurt had proven time and time again to the three packs of wolves that have made the forests around the town their home what would happen if they swayed from the rules in place. Kurt can recall every pack kill he's made and the long trawl to the lairs, dragging the dead weight of a wolf with him before dumping it at the feet of the Alpha only to leave with the howls of despair fading slowly behind him.

Sebastian watched Kurt, looking for telltale signs of a hidden truth, finding none he lowered his eyes back to the map and pointed to the lake to the east of the town, "My pack will settle here." He stated as if his word was law. Kurt huffed, the curl of a smirk on his lips, "Not a chance, Smythe."

Sebastian frowned, a small growl coming from the depths of his throat, "What's to stop me taking it?"

"How about the Anderson pack" Kurt saw the recognition in his eyes and carried on, "That's right, they've lived there for five years, almost peacefully, and I'm not about to move them for the new guys."

The growl deepened and filled the room, Kurt watched Sebastian closely as his claws dug into the table and his canines sharpened, a golden glow seeping into his irises. Having seen enough Kurt slipped his hand to his thigh unsheathing a silver sai and thrusting it into the table, through the map. Sebastian calmed at the sight of the weapon, his heightened scent picking up the quality silver of the blade.

"Anderson has the lake, at least while I'm here, they have a pack of around forty wolves. Puckerman is in the maintain range to the west, small pack of twenty but they're strong and Schuester's pack to the south, deep in the thickest parts of the woods, there's only ten of them there." Kurt explained circling the areas he explains with an elegant finger. Sebastian reaches for his hand and holds it gently, stilling its movement and catching Kurt's attention. Truth be told Kurt saw it coming but decided right now was not the time to cause tension and he wanted to see what sort of wolf Sebastian was.

"Any particular reason you're telling me the numbers of each of these clans, beautiful?" Sebastian cooed, bring Kurt's hand to his lips. Before he could taint his flesh with wolf, Kurt pulled his hand back and tugged his sai out of the table with the same hand, "I'm telling you the numbers so that you know that I know, so if the numbers start to dwindle for some unknown reason I want you to know that you'll be the first one I seek out." Kurt stated his sai pointing out towards Sebastian before dropping back to his side.

"Your numbers are wrong."

"Excuse me?"

"I said, your numbers are wrong" Sebastian stated smugly sitting back in his chair, "The Anderson clan numbers are closer to sixty if what I sensed earlier was correct. Losing your touch." Kurt was already getting fed up with this guy's smug smirk, but if what he's saying was correct, Kurt had some investigating to do, along with some butt kicking. Looking down at the map Kurt let a smile settle on his lips to hide his nerves, "Oh look, my sai found a nice little home for your lot."

Motioning Sebastian to the small tear in the map, he watches as his eyes are drawn to the range of canyons to the north east of the town. "They're diamond mines, what this town was raised on" Kurt explained. "Abandoned years ago, nothing left, there's plenty of warmth in the tunnels and plenty of room for your thirty members. Plus, that lake you liked the look of is only a good hour away and a small stream passes round the back of the tunnels. That'll suit you just fine, right?" Kurt wasn't looking for him to agree, he was just looking for him to obey and then he could get out of here, maybe to a bath, get the wolf's stench off his body, but first he had to deal with the Andersons. Yes, tonight was turning into a long night.

Sebastian stood, towering over Kurt, trying to intimidate him, "I guess, we'll stake it out and see if it's suitable. Maybe go take a bath in that lake, care to join us?"

"Don't go near the lake until tomorrow evening. I need to speak with the Andersons, let them know they might have some company. Last thing I need is you two tearing each other apart over a bit of water." Kurt explained rolling the map up and placing it into a drawer on the far side of the room. He stiffened, feeling a pair of hands slide up and down his thighs, and waited, waited to see what this wolf did, waited to make his move.

"How could I ever thank you for giving me and my clan this chance for a new home? But the days have been hard on us and I could really use a bath. How about we take this back to yours and run a nice hot bath for us to sink deep into and celebrate this union?" The sultry slur in his voice sent a shiver down Kurt's spine, but not in a way he enjoyed. Grasping his gun from his waist he presses the tip of the pistol under Sebastian's jaw. "Silver" Came his response after a sniff of the air before he backed off, but Kurt could already smell it, the scent of basil filling the air, Sebastian was calling for his pack.

"Tell your pack to back off Sebastian. Leave this house and go to the mines. I'll come and see you tomorrow." Kurt stated, gun still held out in front of his, trained on Sebastian.

Sebastian frowned, confused by Kurt's statement before nodding and leaving the room, slamming the door behind him. With a heavy sigh Kurt returned his gun to his waist before slumping deeply against the same wall as the door, head thumping lightly against the wall. It was always the same with new packs; all the Alphas would try to dominate him on their first meeting: to show whose boss. Nathan Anderson was the first he encountered and it terrified him. The strong hands of a looming figure holding him tightly, demanding obedience with a low growl in the back of his throat, but thankfully he had Santana with him that day and she showed him how to put an Alpha in his place.

Kurt smiled at the memory; he didn't know what he'd do without her. She kept him safe after his mother passed away, she taught him how to fight, how to sniff out a wolf, how to recognise a scent and how to push himself past his limits and into a level he dared not think about. Pushing himself off the wall he dragged his feet through the house and out onto the porch, locking up behind him. Fishing his phone out of his pocket he hit a number in his address book and held the phone to his left ear, right listening out for anyone listening in. Never let your guard down, that's how you get caught.

"Kurt! Has he gone yet? Did you tell him where he could take his pack of misshapen-"

"I told him to set up in the mines Finn." Kurt spoke though a heavy sigh, stepping down from the porch.

"The mines! Dude, you can't give them the mines, do you know how many hidey holes that place has? If they kidnap someone we'll never find them." Kurt could hear the nerves in Finn's voice rising.

"Calm down Finn, they're on trial for three months and if they mess up I'll personally hunt down every single one of their hides. Stop worrying, I've got this. You just worry about the town and making sure no strays get in."

"Yeah I know, but it's quiet tonight and my mind's been going crazy thinking about all those wolves. They don't know how we run this place, they could do anything."

Finn had become a hunter three years ago when his mother, Carole, met Kurt's adopted father Burt and he found out about his profession. For months and months Finn pleaded with Kurt to let him help him, saying that he needed someone as strong and big as him to fend off all the wolves who only saw Kurt as a weak , pathetic little boy. Oh how Finn paid for that comment. It was only through courtesy to Carole that Kurt allowed Finn to join him on the hunt and truth be told it was good to know someone was watching the town when Kurt had to visit the packs.

"I know Finn, but they deserve a chance and their Alpha did come to me in his human form and announced who he was straight away. Anyway, Finn, listen, I need to go visit the Andersons, let them know about their new neighbours since they might be sharing the lake at some point. Think you could watch the town while I'm out?"

"Sure dude, how long you gonna be?" And like that Finn's voice had gone from that of a panicking teenager to a strong reliable hunter. Kurt could imagine him straightening his back and tilting his chin up trying to look official. A smile tugged at his lips.

"A couple of hours maybe. I'll call when I get back to the outskirts. Give me a shout if anything happens, and I mean anything Finn, don't try anything like before. It took me weeks to calm Will down after you strolled into their territory." Even though Will Scheuster's pack was the smallest, he still didn't enjoy having ten wolves circling him, snarling, ready to attack as he tried to calm the situation.

"Cool. Later dude."

"Stop calling him dude!" Kurt yelled, how many times had he called him that in the last five minutes?

He could hear Finn laughing as he hung up and shoved the phone back in his pocket. Looking down the lane leading to the forest Kurt listened out for rustling leaves, breaking twigs, anything that would give away someone watching him. He knew they were there, he could smell them, hopefully they were just waiting for him to move on, scared of Kurt attacking him. Tightening his coat around his waist, keeping out the midnight breeze, he started down the path into the woods. Once the town was out of sight through the thick trunks of the ancient tree he broke out in a sprint and then, once his feet got use to the uneven surface, he ran, faster and faster. Faster than a human, he shot through the trees, the path to the Anderson pack memorised, his previous track visible in the ground which hadn't seen rain water in two weeks. The run to the lair would take a normal human an hour, for Kurt, half an hour. Fast but not as fast as a wolf. Another one of the tricks Santana had taught him.

After around twenty five minutes and only moments away from the lair Kurt stopped, a new scent filling his senses. Was this what Sebastian had talked about? New wolves that had joined the pack? It was a warm scent of sandalwood and honey, nothing like the nutty scent that normally came from this pack, but the mixture worked so well, so warm and welcoming. Steeling himself, Kurt walked towards the entrance of the lair, if Nathan had taken on more wolves he was going to have to have a serious word this him about how many rules he was breaking, least of all not telling him about this.

The forest cleared slightly as row upon row of log cabins, beautifully hand crafted, came into view, each one having a small garden where vegetables were growing and hunted animals hung, awaiting the next feast. Children weaved throughout the cabins, their laughter filling the night sky as they chased one another, a few morphing into wolves to gain an advantage when they started to lag behind. Adults watched with content smiles as they carried out their business, seemingly at ease with their nocturnal lifestyles. But what Kurt could also see was the worried expressions of the other men, whispering to one another but with an urgent hurry, almost as if they were scared.

Stopping on the outskirts of the lair... could it be called a lair really? This was a village, a wolf village, but a village nonetheless. Kurt waited for his normal greeting, searching for those blue eyes which mimicked his own, the same ones which greeted him every time.

"Kurt Hummel." Sung a beautifully soft feminine voice from an equally beautiful woman.

"Jane Anderson, I need to speak with Nathan." Kurt greeted, not wasting any time.

Jane was stunning in the moonlight, tanned skin set alight against long fine black hair which reached her waist, only further accentuating her blue eyes. Just like Kurt's, they seemed to glow when the moonlight hit them, except hers would warm with a hint a green, while Kurt's would become like ice and shimmer just as magnificently.

"Do I get a hug first?" Jane smiled, extending out her arms. Accepting her warm embrace Kurt inhaled her scent, relaxing against the sea breeze which was distinctly hers and so similar to his mothers.

Another Hound of God has been killed

Jane's voice echoed in his mind. Five years ago it had frightened him to hear her angelic voice in his head, speaking to him in secret while Nathan rattled on and on about the pack's history. It frightening him even more four years ago when he realised his could speak with her as well. Now it was comforting; welcomed after a long day holding up the walls which were his life.

Which one? He asked silently, pulling slightly apart from her to look into her eyes.

Jeremiah, from the Westerville pack... my son's pack

Kurt chanced a glance behind Jane to a group of men walking towards them, low heavy growls seeping through the joyous bustle of the village. Turning back to Jane he smiled sadly. "I heard you've taken on a few more wolves... without informing me. I need to speak with Nathan, Jane, and I'd rather get it over with so I can leave you all in peace." He spoke aloud as if he hadn't heard their unspoken words.

A rattle emerged as Jane reached behind her to bring forth a pair of silver cuffs, Kurt just rolled his eyes. He always had to wear these when he came here, as if he'd attack a wolf in its lair surrounded by forty other wolves. Yeah, that would be clever. He folded his wrists behind his back as Jane stepped around him

"You know silver doesn't affect me, right?" Kurt smiled smugly, eyeing the male wolves before him, only five metres from where they stood.

Jane fastened the cuffs snugly around his wrist, leaning in to whisper into his ear, "Sure it doesn't."

With that Jane walked ahead of him, leading the way. He could hear the other wolves sniffing him out, trying to read him: he hated it. Not that they'd smell much on him other than... oh crap. A loud growl stopped the pair and rooted them to the ground as a strong male, an Alpha, approached them, curly black hair falling over hazel eyes, white teeth bared against olive skin; this wolf was new.

He watched as this wolf's eyes looked him over disapprovingly, the scent of sandalwood getting stronger as this Alpha tried to assert himself, and it was working. The wolves around all had their eyes on this wolf, ready to obey anything this wolf demanded and Kurt felt himself yearning to do something. He had felt the pull of an Alpha before, from Nathan and Noah, but he had always been able to resist but this wolf felt different, the pull way stronger and Kurt had to clench his jaw to stop from doing something he'd regret.

The wolf turned to Jane with a snarl, "He smells of that wolf." He stated bluntly.

Kurt straightened his back as the wolf started to pace around him, examining him. He held back a shudder, hands fisted around the chain attached to the cuffs which held him in place; he hated eyes on him like that. It unnerved him, unsettled him... brought back memories he'd long repressed. Jane smiled warmly laying a hand on the man's shoulder as he reached her side.

"Honey, this is Kurt Hummel, the hunter your father spoke of. He's here on business... and I smelt it too. It's Kurt's business to know all the wolves who reside here."

"That wolf doesn't belong here." The man bit back.

"That's why I'm here." Kurt spoke up, "But, I'll be speaking with Nathan Anderson, not you."

"What you say to my father you can say to me."

Kurt looked up and into those hazel eyes, "You're Nathan's son?" He chanced a glance at Jane.

I thought Cooper was your only son

Jane smiled at Kurt stepping beside the man and placing a gentle hand on his upper arm, "Kurt, may I introduce my youngest cub, Blaine Anderson."

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