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Clouded cerulean irises faded in and out of focus, pupils dilating and constricting in a bid to find something to focus on and deal with the blinding light surrounding the numb body laid out across the dewy grass. From this position, laid stomach down, all that could be seen was an endless field of fresh green grass and a blue sky stretching over the horizon. If there was sound to go with what he could see, he didn't hear it, a shrill siren flooding his ears and making it impossible to concentrate.

However something was amiss, the grass wasn't all green and the there wasn't a Hound in sight, instead a black fog was trickling across from somewhere, turning the once green grass yellow, wilting under the touch of the dark energy. Eyes tilted up, forcing a light and dizzy head to rock back, following the black fog to the partially open pearly gates and behind those ancient bars, the fog became dense and eerie, terrifying sounds emitting from the darkness as it tried to escape its prison.

Slowly, as the cloud lifted from his mind, Kurt groaned, shaking out his white fluffy head and body, his tail flicking out behind him. He gradually walked across with a stumble towards the gates, but stopped when he realised he was moving... in the Elysium fields. Looking down to lift up his paws one at a time, realisation hit him, diamond blue eyes piercing through the black fog and allowing a flicker of blue flame against each paw to guide him through the black fog, which shrunk away from the fire. He raced to the gates, not daring to look into the black pit behind those bars, the ringing in his ears joined by the terrorizing wails of what lay within. Leaping up on his back paws, Kurt pushed against the heavy metal with all he had, his blue flame firing up around him as the black fog tried to wrap around the Hound to pull him into the darkness.

He remembered everything, the battle by the lake, Hunter's possession, opening the gates and then his soul slipping from his body. He remembered the look on Blaine's face just before his eyes closed, the joy, the love... then the despair. He put everything he had into closing the gates, wanting to get back to Blaine, wanting to wipe that look off his features and return to his arms. Eventually the gates closed with a heavy clang, rocking against the force.

The black fog lifted from the fields, allowing the Hounds to return and the grass to grow green again under their paws. They gathered to watch Kurt's Hound whine at the gate and pace back and forth, as he tried to figure out how to get the key out of his body and into the lock. He didn't know what to do or where to start, instead, sitting down in front of the gate and closing his eyes. He knew the key was inside his soul somewhere but he had no clue about how to get it out. This is what he dreaded, being stuck here, not knowing what to do or where to go. He tried toconcentrate on... something... anything which might help, but nothing came to him.

He felt a nudge against his back leg, diamond blue eyes opening the gaze down into the identical eyes of the tiny new cub, her tiny little white tail wagging behind her and pink tongue poking out as she panted happily. Kurt's eyes widened as he stared into the eyes he knew so well and took a deep breath of the scent which used to rock him to sleep at night. It was his mother, Elizabeth, her eyes, her scent was right there, in front of him after all these years of wishing she'd turn up. She was right there, and Kurt wanted to cry.

He watched the little cub scurry around him before sitting in front of Kurt then jumping up on her back legs to claw at his chest. He frowned wondering what the cub was doing until she looked up at the lock then back up at Kurt. Kurt gazed down at his chest and felt a tingle spread before a blue glow seeped through his white fur. Concentrating on the glow and tingle, he felt something pulling from his chest with a dull ache and worked on increasing that pull, fighting passed the pain it was causing.

Eventually a small blue orb settled before him and he watched as it hovered over to the lock and sunk into it, causing a bright light to engulf the entire gate, followed by a loud clunk as the gates locked shut. As the light faded, the black fog which was forever present just behind the pearly metal was gone, just a pure brightness now swirling around, forming clouds of light.

A strange weight had been lifted from his soul, leaving him feeling light, at peace... and free. But as he gazed over the endless fields, Elizabeth's cub falling asleep between his front paws, he wondered how he'd ever get out of here.

Sue had decided to leave Lima in Finn's hands for a year, with an agreement that if Kurt didn't wake by the end of that year, she would bring in a replacement. Nathan had been to and from the council to get Kurt's Hound welcomed back into society and to send out a warning to the demons; still work in progress as various clans were still sceptical, but Nathan had faith that the future would be bright.

Will and Emma had been allowed to remain in the town since they'd lost the remainder of their clan and weren't ready yet to start gathering a new family. Blaine and his clan of sixteen remaining wolves, including Jeff and Nick's young cub, Riker, had also been allowed to live in the town limits because of their connection with Kurt, building homes on the outskirts around Santana's house.

It had been a good distraction for Blaine, Wes and Jeff doing all they could to stop him from spending every day and night at Kurt's side, watching his Hound's light fade away, his body becoming colder with each passing day, despite the constant fire burning in the bedroom and layers of blankets tucked around him. Blaine had built their house at the highest point on the land they had been given so that the morning sun and midnight moon could ghost over the house and through the windows, bringing light and colour to each of the rooms.

He hadn't decorated yet, wanting to do that with Kurt once he woke, but right now, he lay, in what would be their bedroom, unmoved in six months while white drapes fluttered around the four posts of the king sized bed. Burt would visit weekly and just sit with Kurt, telling him tales from the week and how grateful the residents were for what he'd done for them. Santana would be over every day to check on Kurt's condition, and Blaine would stand over her, hoping for good news... but it never came.

Blaine would sit next to their bed, watching his mate, hoping to catch an eyelid flutter or for his chest to rise but it never came and it was killing him. He knew Kurt had been hesitant to mate with him because of this and even though he didn't regret mating with this beautiful soul, it was tearing him apart to watch Kurt fade away before him. He'd let his hair grow, hadn't shaved in months, he was a mess but he didn't care, the only person he wanted to look good for hadn't opened his eyes in six months.

His clan was struggling without their Alpha to the point where a week ago, Wes and Nick had stormed into the house and dragged Blaine away, forcing him to cut his hair, shave his beard off and drag him away to Louisville, promising that Santana and Finn would watch Kurt.

The trip was so good for Blaine, allowing him to reconnect with his clan, to relax and enjoy their days and evenings out, to sing away the nights and enjoy the drunken nature of his wolves. Kurt never left his mind, he wouldn't let him, eyes always glancing down to the leather cuff on his left wrist, but he didn't let it stop him from enjoying one week away. It helped, it made him feel like he could pick himself up and carry on, not move on, he would never be able to do that, but he could keep his head high and do everything he could to make sure his clan grew and they were happy. He would be strong for them.

It was with lighter feet that Blaine and his men returned to Lima, stopping by the lake to pay their respects to all the men who had lost their lives on that fateful day. Blaine's eyes gazed over the centre of the lake, revisiting that moment in time where Kurt had turned to him with those eyes and whispered an apology before his soul had disappeared and had yet to return.

He wondered what Kurt was doing up there, if time stood still in the Elysium fields or if his soul had gotten lost to the point that he had now been reborn in a new body. His mother would spend as much time as she could in those fields, talking with other Hounds, trying to sniff out Kurt. At first they'd had hope, other Hounds talking about Kurt wandering the fields, hours after he'd locked the key away in the gates, but after that, no one saw him, the spot next to the gates left empty.

A tap on the shoulder drew hazel eyes to his Beta, returning his sad smile.

"Your father wanted us to see him once we got back, you coming?" Wes asked, rubbing Blaine's back comfortingly.

"Give me a few minutes; I just want to have a walk around." Blaine swallowed a large lump in his throat.

A nod was Wes' response, followed by a tap on the shoulder before morphing back into his wolf and heading into the forest.

With slow, steady steps Blaine circled the lake, replaying everything that happened that day. He did this at least six times a week, thinking about how everything played out, if he could've done anything different, but the results were always the same. There were just too many of them, too many demons and black witches forcing Blaine away from Kurt's side, purposely keeping them apart and nothing Blaine could've done about it.

He found his feet taking him to the hidden cave behind the lake, his mind playing tricks on him when he thought he smelt that sweet lavender he hadn't be allowed to breath in so long. His mind went back to the first time they came here, when Blaine made his claim on Kurt. He'd been so nervous, but so sure of himself and of what he wanted and when Kurt accepted his claim, he'd never been so happy. He remembered the flush on Kurt's cheeks and the stunning smile he'd graced Blaine with, and then he thought back to the blue lips and dry, green tinted skin of the man he'd left in their bed a week ago... his heart aching for the loss of his mate and he almost didn't want to go back and see how much worse Kurt looked now, wanting to instead remember the Kurt from that night and the many other they spent together.

Stepping into the tunnel, retracing his steps, he frowned, the scent returning but stronger this time, as strong as it had been on that night.

"You're going crazy, Blaine." He muttered to himself, turning from the tunnel to gather his thoughts and take a deep breath of fresh air.

A short, high pitched bark sounded through the tunnel, startling the Alpha, eyes turning back and trying to focus through the darkness to see who had discovered his and Kurt's hidden retreat. He spotted a shadow racing down the tunnel and stepped back out to watch the tiniest white wolf tumble out of the tunnel on unsteady paws and wag her little white fluffy tail at Blaine, pink tongue sticking out in her excitement.

The scent of lavender hit Blaine's senses, his hand thrown over his mouth as the sobs he hadn't allowed himself to cry in four months released, tears spilling down his cheeks. That scent, that was his scent, Kurt's scent... He dropped to his knees, unable to support himself any longer, scooping the small bundle into his arms, staring into those blue eyes he'd missed so much.

"Kurt...Oh no... Kurt... I'm so sorry... I... I tried, I tried to... b... but I couldn't... I... I just wanted you to be happy... and... and free." Blaine's sobs took his words away from him, his chest unbearably tight.

The tiny white ball of fluff stretch her paw up over his chest reaching up to lick his cheek, causing Blaine to cry harder, holding the small cub as close and as tightly as he dared. He couldn't breathe through his sobs, he couldn't see through his tears while his body just crumbled around the tiny cub whose lavender scent was drowning him.


The high pitched voice had Blaine's head shooting up, eyes wide and mouth hanging open in disbelief. The small bundle in his arms barked back at the tunnel, her tiny tail wagging fiercely.

"Elizabeth, where'd you..."

There, stood at the entrance to their hidden retreat, was the most beautiful sight Blaine had ever seen. Dressed simply in a pair of grey jeans and a white shirt with a lighter grey vest, hair styled as perfectly as it always was, stood the man of his dreams, wearing an equally shocked expression on his face while tears pricked his eyes.

Slowly, Blaine stood on wobbly legs, taking one shaky step at a time over to Kurt, until he stood before his Hound, his eyes taking in those beautiful blue eyes he could drown in, open to the world once more, just like he'd wished. That slightly tilted nose above plump pinks lips, tipped ears framing his chestnut hair. His skin was no longer dry and tinted with the sickness of death, but soft and fresh with a slight blush on his cheeks. The lavender of his mate spiralled around him and he couldn't help but close his eyes and take a deep breath, moaning, happy to finally have that scent sinking through his pores again. He opened his eyes again, smiling at the teeth biting down on that plush bottom lip, not realising how much he'd missed that nervous habit.

"Hi." Came Kurt's gorgeous voice in a whisper.

"Hey." Blaine choked out, his free hand reach out to stroke the silky soft skin of his mate, "Are you real?"

His heart leapt out of his chest at the little giggle Kurt let out, followed by a slightly sad smile, "Yeah, I'm real..." A pale hand rested over his chest and Blaine couldn't describe what that simple touch did to his tortured soul, "And so are you." He watched Kurt blink back his own set of tears.

Hazel eyes pierced cerulean blue, just taking the other in, familiarising themselves with the other in a silence which had them both sharing a shy little smile. A slight tilt of Kurt's head had Blaine leaning in to press his forehead against his, noses brushing and for a moment, Blaine just revelled in the rush of air billowing from between those perfect lips. A skim of his Hounds lips on his was all he need to surge forward into a heated kiss, moaning as they reconnecting with every sensation that kiss could give them and Blaine didn't think he could cry any more but he did, letting Kurt wipe them away then drag his hands through his curls.

Peppered kisses were exchanged as neither of them were quite ready to pull away, Kurt's fingers still wrapped in his hair then slowly dragging down his neck and onto his chest, either side of the small ball of fluff still in his arms, whining in disapproval of having just been crushed between the pair.

"When did you wake up?" Blaine asked, his eyes still not able to take in the sight of his mate, awake, breathing and looking so healthy. He had a sudden urge to bite into Kurt's neck to feel the pulse flutter under his teeth.

Kurt took the small cub from Blaine rocking her gently, scratching behind her ear, "Six days ago." Kurt was biting his lip again and Blaine didn't have the heart to tell him to stop, "I felt something... I felt something all the while I was up there, something warm and gentle... but then it started pulling away and it was so painful and as I reach out to try and find it, I found myself waking up... in our house." The blush on Kurt's cheeks was too adorable.

"What happened up there?" Blaine asked, his hands stroking Kurt's hair, skin and body, not wanting to pull away from the Hound he was beginning to think he'd lost.

"I managed to close the gates and I put the key in the lock but then I didn't know how to get back. I searched and searched but the fields just went on and on... there was nothing, only this little one... Time is different up there, Blaine, you don't feel it passing, I had no idea how long I was up there... and then I started to feel that pain... like I was losing something... then when I woke up, I found out you had gone away and I figured it was you I was reaching out for... because you weren't by my side anymore."

"The guys dragged me away, telling me I needed a break. I didn't want to leave you." Blaine panicked, silenced by a porcelain finger on his lips.

"It's okay, if anything, it was a good thing... I needed to feel that pull, needed to feel like I was losing something because it brought me back to you, and I'm not going anywhere."

Blaine smiled wrapping his arms around Kurt, laughing when the small cub whined again.

"Where'd she come from? And why does she have your scent?" Blaine asked, using a finger to rub her forehead.

"This is Elizabeth... and she's my mother's soul. I don't know how I did it, but when I woke up, this little snowball was cuddled on my chest... she hardly had any fur then." Kurt's smile was so warm as he pulled the cub close to kiss her forehead.

"I wish I could've been there." Blaine whispered, watching his Hound.

"You're here now." Kurt leant over to kiss Blaine tenderly, "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too... so, so much. I was worried I was losing you, your body was getting so cold and.."

"Yeah it was quite hard to move for a day or two." Kurt smiled, enjoying the huff of laughter he gets from Blaine.

"I'm still worried I'm dreaming right now... I have dreamt of this a few times."

Kurt's smile drew him in once more, "I hope this isn't a dream, I'm tired of dreams. I'm ready to live and be free... with my mate... and our little girl."

The kiss was chaste, but no less prevalent, "I will show you the world, my wolf, and I will not let you... or our sweet little girl, out of my sight. I love you."

"I love you too." He sealed it with a kiss, "She has your blood, Blaine. She has your skin tone and your hair." He chuckled as Blaine mumbled, 'poor kid' under his breath, "My Hound must've used that pull from the blood I had of yours in my body and used it to bring this one to us."

The proud smile on Blaine's lips and the loving tears in his eyes would stay with Kurt forever as Blaine took Elizabeth in between his hands and held her up high, a gentle laugh escaping as the little cub barked at him, "You used my blood?"

"Yeah, she's your daughter."

"Our daughter." Blaine corrected, cuddling the cub to his chest, scratching behind her ear.

Blaine breath caught in his throat as Kurt stepped up against him, hand on his chest, looking at him with those loving yet sultry eyes.

"How about you give us the tour of our new home?" Kurt urged.

With a smile on his lips that had almost felt foreign after so long, he took Kurt's hand in his and lead the way to where they would start their lives together in a freedom his Hound had never had before... and he couldn't wait to begin.

Epilogue – Sixteen Years Later

Kurt followed the scent of lavender and honey through the forest from the Anderson village, having sat down with Nathan about his last Council meeting concerning the reintroduction of his Hound. Things were finally starting to settle down after a lot of hardships and most clans accepted him now, but even though there was still a long way to go, Kurt was just happy that from here on out, whoever inherited his soul would be safe from the horrors he and his soul's ancestors had faced.

He'd also informed Nathan on his weekend in New York where he'd visited the academy to make sure everything was in order. He'd been running the academy as Master Hunter for the last ten years once Sue decided to step down from the post. They had moved to New York with Blaine's clan once Kurt got the position, but when Burt passed away five years ago Kurt didn't have the heart to leave Lima, travelling up once a month to the academy instead.

The town itself still remained filled with humans but the clans around had expanded beyond imagination. Sebastian had moved away a year ago, which he'd given to a new clan. Puck's clan had doubled in size, Will and Emma had returned to their village to the south with a clan of twenty wolves and Nathan had kept his clan around the same number, not wanting to upset the balance he'd enjoyed for so many years.

Blaine's clan was bursting at ninety wolves; all of which lived in the log built cabins around the outskirts of Lima. Even after all these years, Blaine still managed to pull in at least one more wolf with each trip he took every four months, his freedom and kind hearted Alpha nature still holding him in the highest esteem among wolves.

Giggles caught his highly tuned hearing as he stomped through the tunnel behind the lake, grumbling to himself as he leant against the entrance to the cave, hand on his hip, glaring at the two Hounds seated in the cave.

Clearing his throat, Kurt watched Elizabeth, curly dark brown hair tumbling over her shoulders, framing her olive skin and eyes which had become more teal in her years, jumped to her feet, her silk sash falling from her head and around her shoulders. The other Hound stood too, grinning sheepishly at Kurt, running a tanned hand through dusty blonde hair, while mismatched eyes looked for a way out.

Kurt pointed to the ring on his daughter's left hand, "If that's what I think it is, you, young man, are in trouble."

"Dad, it's okay, we're not going to mate until we've both graduated from college but we wanted to do this now so everyone knew. You know what that Alpha at school's like around me, this way he'll know he can't have me... I want this daddy, look I gave Liam my claim too."

Elizabeth reached for Liam's left hand, showing him the ring. Kurt frowned, crossing his arms over his chest, "And what do you think your father's going to say?"

"Actually, Mr. A, I asked Lizzy's father for her hand before he went away." Liam spoke up rubbing the back of his neck.

"And you didn't think to ask me?" Kurt's voice rose higher than he'd hoped.

"Usually you only have to ask one parent, sorry Mr. A, I meant no disrespect." Liam bowed his head to the elder Hound.

Kurt sighed, pushing himself off the wall and pulling Elizabeth into a hug, "It's okay. I am happy for you two. If I'm honest, I saw this happening since you two were both pups. Just promise me you'll get your education before you mate. Please!" Kurt begged his daughter, cupping her cheeks.

"I promise dad." Elizabeth kissed his cheek.

"Good." Kurt sniffed the air, smiling fondly, "Your father's back, go and say hi."

He watched Elizabeth and Liam rush out of the cave, hands clasped together, "Liam! Keep your head down around Blaine!"

"Yes, Mr. A!" Liam called back, both he and Elizabeth morphing into their white wolves and racing to the lake, Kurt morphing and following behind them.

As the lake came into view, a gang of wolves trod through the pebble beach, lead by a black wolf with hazel eyes. Elizabeth's wolf raced over to Blaine, rubbing up against her father, tail wagging excitedly, while Liam lowered his head to the ground, waiting for Blaine to nudge his side before walking with Elizabeth.

Kurt morphed back, watching the wolves nudge each other before going their separate ways. As Blaine morphed back with Elizabeth, he pulled his daughter into a tight hug, breathing in the scent he loved so much and could never imagine himself without.

"How was your trip, father?"

"Good, we had a lot of fun." Blaine nodded, eyes flickering gold when he catches sight of the ring.

"Did you give Alex my gift?" Elizabeth was bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Blaine smiled at the mention of Jeremiah. He had found him on one of his tours around Westerville thirteen years ago, and from then on had made it his mission to keep in touch with the Hound, going to visit him whenever he could, "Yes I did, he loved it. Now, why don't you go tell your grandfather I'm back. We can talk more there."


Elizabeth kissed his cheek then morphed back into her wolf, disappearing with Liam. Hazel eyes met diamond blue across the lake as they walked towards one another, greeting the other with a passionate kiss, while hands wrapped around their bodies. Kurt moaned into the kiss, taking in all of his Alpha, nuzzling his cheek and neck.

"I missed you." He whispered, kissing over Blaine's neck.

"I missed you too." Blaine pecked him on the cheek.

"Did everything go well?" Kurt asked, keeping his arms wrapped around Blaine's neck.

"Excellent, just what we needed to keep the juices flowing. We were thinking of Washington next time. Some good clubs down that end that I'd like to revisit." Blaine smiled, hands moving to rest of Kurt's butt.

"You taking me this time?" Kurt asked.

"Of course, you know I didn't take you because you had one of those stupid hunter meetings." Blaine growled, nipping at Kurt's jaw.

"Yeah well, I'm free for the next few months, so next time, I'm coming with you." Kurt tugged at Blaine's ear, enjoying the groan he elicits.

"Good... what did I miss?" Blaine asked, squeezing Kurt's butt.

"Not much since you already knew Liam was going to claim our daughter." Kurt gave Blaine a look he knew all too well, raising his hands up in defeat.

"Yeah, I noticed the ring, when did he do that?"

"Today. So you, my oh so adorable, infuriating mate, are going to have a word with your daughter on the importance of getting her education first."

"You didn't do that?"

"Yeah, but I'd feel better if she got that talk from both of us."

Blaine smiled, kissing Kurt with a happy moan, "Okay, I'll give her the talk... Once I take care of my mate's needs."

Kurt smiled with a moan, pressing his body against Blaine's, his arousal evident, "Oh really, I think it's your needs you can feel... but if you want to take care of me... you'll have to catch me first."

With one last promising kiss, Kurt morphed into his Hound running into the forest, a rush of arousal surging through him when he hears Blaine's howl just behind him, following him into the thick of the forest they both knew off by heart.

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