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Welcome home

"So who is going to be our new shareholder Gregory?" – asked Ben Evans in the Liberty Corporation's top floor's court-room while he sat down next to him on his right for the circle table.

"I don't know! I know nearly nothing about him!" – answered him in a very annoyed voice. He hated being on the side of not knowing something and yet he didn't.

The company was in good shape, things went smoothly. However for one of their new project they needed some money, so Ben, Casey and himself decided to take up for sale a few stock. After a few days, it was sold out for a good amount of money, yet he was frustrated. He had a really bad feeling, and he rarely - if ever - was wrong about anything.

Of course the fact of what he learned from comforting Annie the other night of why she was not willing to sell ever 1% from her share didn't helped either. He had known that his second wife desperately wanted more money, since he kept her in a tight hold.

Nothing is what it used to be with Olivia, he realized. His first wife got everything she ever laid eyes on or wanted, because what Olivia wanted Olivia got it. Anne got what HE wanted her to have. So it was a real confusion for him as why she did not want some money, yet when he finally learnt, it was crystal clear. One thing was bigger in Annie than her money digging self. Her egoism.


One days earlier, in Ocean Avenue Three, Gregory Richard's residence

"We haven't made love in months! Since you realized that I will be part of the business and you can't use my inheritance as your own." – Annie was desperate in her nearly nothing of her body covering lingerie, he didn't even look her out! She tried everything what she could think of, yet she was no closer to her husband than the beginning. "There is no way in hell that I am going to have less stock then Olivia has! You will never want me again."

"WHAT!? What are you talking about?" Gregory stepped dangerously closer in the smaller, second bedroom what she was using.

Annie frosted. She wouldn't have said it, but it seemed that it was out. "TALK!" He was in her face now, ready to do harm if he don't get answers soon.

"There was another little twist in my father's will." Gregory face was like ice cold. Eyes black, absolutely no emotion, he looked like inside and outside like a dead man.- Just how he felt himself. "He skipped my share for two. Me and Olivia got equal and this is the final version."

Gregory stepped back, no feel could be watched in his face, but he didn't know about this tiny little bit of information before. He went straight to the door and opened it "And just for the record. WE never made love, we just had sex for a few times." – said Gregory before he shut the door hard after himself.


"So I sum it." – said Casey Mitchum as he too sat down on the table. "Gregory and Ben each will hold 25%-25% and be the principal shareholder, Annie and Olivia 15%-15% each, me 9% and we putted 11% up to sales. Is that correct?"

"Yes, that is it Casey." – said Annie in a not so friendly way. He was the tolerated co-owner who was just here, because her mother left him 10% originally when she died.

"And why am I here again?"

"Because, we should show a good impression for our new business partner!" – answered Gregory.

"Oh Darling you are late for almost 20 years with that." – said no other then the first Mrs. Richards when she stepped into the room with real confidence.

They all turned in their chair and said together "OLIVIA!"

"It's good to see you all again too. I am glad to be back and I am here to stay this time." She passed them and went to sit down in front of them with her lawyer right behind her.

While the man pulled out her chair, Gregory took the time to see up to down his ex. Her hair was up in an elegant bun so he couldn't tell if it was longer or shorter, but the color was a little lighter, yet looked shinier. She was thinner than he would like her to be, but she looked relaxed and her face had more color than she used to have. Her black and white trouser-suit surrounded her body like a second skin, showing just enough sigh of her breasts to be sexy, yet leave much for the imagination. The few months' vacation what she took with her son Trey on her side, after Bette and A.J. Deschanel decided to try to live together, and Cole write off his will for Trey looked like worked out just fine for her and her natural beauty was just as sparking as ever.

"What the hell are you doing here?" – asked Annie.

"I already told you, I came back to Sunset Beach because this is my home after all."

"What are you doing in this room?" – She tried again.

"Oh you mean here? Roger would you please?" – turned Olivia for the lawyer next to her.

"Of course. My client own 15% of the stocks since Annie Douglas stayed married more than 4 month to Mr. Richards and that meant the originally 30% was skipped to two. Then now she brought 11%, so it means she is beating anyone and she is the principal shareholder of her 26%. "

There was an unfamiliar silence in the room what Olivia broke up "You know the new project that you are working on?" – She took a pause here before she continued "I don't think I like it with this conception. So I have to make a stop for any further investment on this case."

All eyes were on her. Gregory was stunned, Annie was angry, Ben was surprised since they worked hard on this project and they sold the stocks so they could go along with it, Casey was the only one who was smiling. He always liked Olivia and she was a smart woman, who deserved her revenge.

"What do you want Olivia?" – asked Gregory finally.

"I want Ocean Avenue One. I know you still own it."

"Yes I didn't sell it. You can have it."

Annie turned to her husband in stunned face, she was not used for him to be accept for anything this easily.

Roger opened his briefcase and took out a contract than gave it to Olivia, who immediately tossed it across the table to Gregory. He began to read it, but lost interest soon enough after he realized that it was just a regular sales contract with a 1 dollar payment for Olivia to pay for the house. He had taken out his pen for his inner pocket and singed the contract, than tossed it back across the table.

As soon as Roger got hold of the papers, four things happened at once. Olivia began to stand up, Ben and Casey began to laugh, Annie was stunned and Gregory realized that he was screw up.

"You are out of practice." – Olivia said while she was smiling.

"But I can't wait to get back on track." – Gregory answered in a flirty way. He knew that he should be angry or something but he just wasn't. He was glad to see her again, so he had to smile a little too.

"Can someone explain to me what is happening here?" –asked Annie in a high voice.

"Let me be the one." – said Casey and enjoyed every seconds that he should be the indoctrinate. "Olivia never said that she will sign the project papers. She just said she wanted the house. What she got. The project had to be revising if we want for her to sign it."

"Well I think I am finished here." – said Olivia while she began to walk to the door.

"Will you have dinner with me?" – asked out of the blue Gregory.

Olivia knitted the brows "I will be busy packing."

"Then I can bring you some take away dinner and help you unpack." – As he said it he took out his best calm and collected I want it voice and showed the most emotion since month what anyone could see in him.

"Come for 6 o'clock." Gregory just bowed.

Roger was opening the door for her when she suddenly turned back for a last time "Oh and don't brother to search Rose. As it turned out she was not too fond of the second Mrs. Richards and was happy to accept my offer to work for me in my house as housekeeper."

Gregory's laughter filled the room as he said "Welcome home Liv, welcome home."


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I don't know the law in America so I just guess that Olivia can still be called as Richards if she chooses it to be.

About the Liberty as I want it. Lots of numbers are coming! (It was hard to think a way what is good for me.)
Originally Gregory, Alex, Ben and Del had 25%.
Than Alex died and left 5% for everyone except her son who got 10%. So far Gregory, Ben, Del 30%.
Del died left Annie 30%. After a little time Olivia got 15% and Annie got 15%.
Then they decided that they need money so Gregory, Ben got 25%, Annie 15%, Olivia 15%, Casey 9%, and they sold 11%.
And as in the story Olivia has 26%, Gregory, Ben 25%-25%, Annie 15%, Casey 9%.