Summary: Naruto is a young boy who tragically loses his parents and as a result has to move in with his new adoptive family – the Uchiha family. How will his relationship with young Sasuke develop as they grow up? AU, multi-chapter.

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Growing up

Chapter 1: Meet the Uchiha family

Sasuke laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Even though it was late at night, sleep seemed to avoid him. He wasn't worried or stressed about anything in particular, it was just a rainy night and he always seemed to suffer from insomnias during rainy nights. His mother always told him that was very odd since most people feel sleepy when it's raining. He sighed closing his eyes, trying to think of something nice like his mother always told him to. He thought about his brother Itachi and how much he admired him. Itachi always got straight A's in school and all the teachers loved him. And not just the teachers, he was popular with both the girls and the boys, too. His ambition was to be like his bother when he grew up. He was only 8 now, so he only spent 2 years in school and so far he did pretty well, but he still had ways to go in order to reach Itachi's level.

Sasuke opened his eyes and sighed rather annoyed. He rolled on to his side, ruffling the sheets. He could hear the rain drops falling on the ground and batting against his window, but nothing more. He lived together with his family in a remote mansion outside of the city. His family owned a big Victorian house and many acres of land surrounding it. So, because of the isolation of the estate, it was always very quiet. As such, Sasuke got used to the silence and when it was raining he couldn't sleep because of the noise the rain was making.

He got up and went to sit by the window. Whenever he couldn't sleep he would do that – go sit on the windowsill and watch the rain. It was dark outside, even thought it wasn't very late. It couldn't be past 9:30 pm, but he always had to go to bed at 9 pm. His parents said that it was important for a growing boy to get the proper rest, so he was always sent off to bed much earlier than the rest of the family. He was envious of his brother, who was allowed to stay up late, and do whatever he wanted.

"When you are Itachi's age, you will also be permitted to do the same. But for now you have to do what I say if you want to grow up big and smart like your brother. Don't you want to grow up to be like Itachi?" -, his mother would always say to him whenever he complained about his early curfew.

Despite his complaints, Sasuke usually had no problem sleeping that early…except on rainy nights. As he was musing over all of this he continued to watch the grounds around the estate. There were lights planted every 100 meters, so he could see the surroundings pretty clearly. His room was located inside a turret, so its shape was rounded. There were tall windows covering the rounded wall and since his room was located on the side of the house, his view covered both part of the front and of the back side of the grounds. His gaze first drifted to the land behind the house. He saw the large swimming pool covered by a tarp. Then he saw the wide stretch of grass forming the lawn and further in the distance he saw their cherry orchard. His father treasured those trees. It seemed like he spent all his free time tending to them. Sasuke sometimes felt that his father divided his time between work, which consisted of running the big company that has been in his family for generations, taking care of the trees and spending time with Itachi. He heard his father say several times that Itachi was to take over the company when he was older.

His eyes then moved to the front of the mansion. He saw the long driveway framed by tall trees and the imposing gate where the path ended. He was rather surprised when he saw a car enter the driveway. The gates opened and it was allowed to continue along the path that lead to the front door. That surely caught his attention because they rarely had visitors, and never this late at night. He watched as two figures got out the back seats of the car. He couldn't see very clearly who they were, but he noticed that one was small, like a child and the other seemed to be an adult. The adult grabbed the hand of the child and dragged him to the front door. Next he could hear the door bell ring and decided it was time to go investigate.

Naruto got out of the car in the freezing rain. He didn't move to seek shelter. It was pointless. Everything was pointless for him right now. He couldn't feel the cold rain against his body or the frosty wind against his face. He was too entrenched in the pain he felt in his chest. Earlier that day he lost both his parents. He was at home with his babysitter, Mrs. Biwako Sarutobi, when 2 police officers showed up at their door. They talked to Mrs. Biwako, and then they left. They had told her that his parents had died in a car accident. At the age of 8 Naruto couldn't fully comprehend what that meant, but as the day progressed and it got dark outside he saw that they weren't coming back home. He began to understand that when people died they didn't come back. He knew the theory surrounding death, because his mother explained it to him, but somehow he kept hoping that if he misses his parents badly enough they would still return to him.

As he stepped out of the car he started realizing that maybe no matter how much he wished for them to come back to him, his parents were gone forever. What hurt the most was that he couldn't do anything about it. That feeling of helplessness was the one that was weighting heavy on his chest as Mrs. Biwako grabbed his hand and yanked him in order to start walking. Earlier his baby sitter explained to him that from now on he will live with another family.

"But why? Why do I have to go live with someone else?" Naruto asked when he heard the news.

"Because you can't live on your own. Oh, you poor child, your parents are not coming back home and you can't look after yourself, so you have to go live with some other people", she explained with tears in her eyes.

"But I don't want to. I want to live with my mom and dad.", Naruto said between sobs.

Biwako tried to swallow the lump in her throat wiping her eyes with a handkerchief and said,

"Your mother had a very good friend. Her name is Mikoto Uchiha. They knew each other ever since they were children. Mikoto promised to your mother she will take care of you, if anything happened to her."

Naruto didn't want to live with a woman named Mikoto Uchiha. He didn't want to live with anyone other than his parents. He was deep in thought, crying silently, so he didn't even notice the imposing house and the vast terrain surrounding it. He didn't notice when Mrs. Biwako rang the door or when the door opened to reveal a tall black haired woman.

"Mrs. Sarutobi, please come in."

"Good evening Mikoto-san." -, the babysitter said while entering the huge house, dragging Naruto behind her.

"I'm sorry -", the old woman didn't continue because she saw Mikoto's eyes filling with tears. Her whole face looked swollen as if she had been crying for hours. The younger woman simply nodded as tears rolled down her face.

"Is this the boy?" Mikoto asked trying to regain her composure. She wiped her face and attempted to smile at the boy.

"Yes, this is Naruto. Naruto, say hello. This is the woman I was telling you about."

"Hello, Naruto. My name is Mikoto Uchiha. I was a very good friend of your mother's. I promise I will take good care of you."

Naruto looked briefly at the woman, but then looked down, avoiding her smiling face. He was numb and he couldn't be a "good boy" and introduce himself properly right now.

"Excuse his rudeness, but as you can imagine, he is not in the best shape", Biwako tried to apologize.

"Oh, no matter, no matter. It is very understandable."

As the women were talking the driver unloaded a few suite cases and put them in front of the door, making a small pile.

"Are these all his things?"

"Yes, for now I packed the essentials, but we will have to go over Kushina's things together during the following days."

"Of course…"

"Well then, I will be on my way. Naruto, you be a good boy now and listen to Mrs. Uchiha. She will take good care of you."

Naruto moved to hug the old woman, clinging to the last trace of familiarity he knew.

"Don't leave, please…"

"I have to go now, but don't worry, the Uchihas are nice people, they will treat you fine. Plus we will see each other again."

The boy still didn't move to let Mrs. Biwako leave, so she forced him to let go of her. As the woman departed Naruto was left standing in an immense hallway with a stranger and a pile of bags. Strangely though, he stopped crying. He looked up at the still smiling woman.

"Come on Naruto-kun. I will show you to your room."

They both heard a noise coming from the top of the enormous staircase that laid in the middle of the hallway. Naruto looked up and he could see a boy about his age, crouching at the top of the stairs, watching him with wide, interested eyes. The boy had straight, black hair, the same as the woman's and very large, dark eyes. His skin was paler than Naruto's and he also seemed a bit skinnier.

"Sasuke, what are you doing out of bed?", the woman asked furiously.

"Who is he?", Sasuke dared ask.

"You will meet him in the morning. Now go to bed this instant, young man. It is way past your bed time!", the angry tone Mikoto used didn't build Naruto's confidence that she was a kind woman who was going to take good care of him.

The black haired boy darted to his room, very curious and confused at the same time. Sasuke reached his room wondering who that blond boy was. He had never seen him before, and now it seemed that he was going to spend the night at their house. That was very peculiar, but at least now he had something to think about as he tried to fall asleep.

Naruto and Mikoto climbed the wooden stairs each carrying as many bags as they could. She lead him down a dark corridor until they reached a white door. The woman opened the door inviting Naruto in. He could see the room was medium sized and simply furnished. He spotted a double bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair and a few shelves on the walls. The colors were neutral as if whoever decorated the room was neither preparing it for a boy or a girl. That suited Naruto just fine.

"This is the guest bedroom. You will sleep here from now on, Naruto-kun."

"Hmm, ok."

"Let me take that suitcase. So, what do you think, is this room ok for you?"

"Mhm, it's fine."

Mikoto smiled at him while placing the suitcases in a corner of the room. She was worried about the boy. She could imagine what he was going through. She had also lost her parents, so she was familiar with that sort of pain. However, her parents died when she was all grown up and after she started her own family, so she guessed she had it easier that this poor child who had to come live with strangers. In addition her heart was breaking over losing a close friend. It was true that she and Kushina didn't visit each other as often as they would have liked, after they got married, but they stayed in touch and tried to meet whenever it was possible. Now she felt guilty that she didn't have the chance to spend more time with her friend. She and Kushina were inseparable as children, teenagers and even young adults. However after she got married to Fugaku Uchiha and Kushina to Minato Namikaze, her husband didn't want her meeting her friend anymore. Her husband and Minato were long time enemies, so he tried to forbid his wife from seeing her friend. Mikoto wouldn't have any of that and after long hours of fighting they compromised and decided that Mikoto was allowed to see Kushina but only in private, without the families officially having friendly relationships and visiting each other. That was why this was the first time she met Naruto. He was such a pretty little boy and he was the spitting image of his father. Naruto and Mikoto's son have never met and she was worried about how they will get along. She was also worried that Fugaku would never accept Naruto and that he would treat the boy badly. Earlier that day, when she heard the news of her friend's death she was devastated. She tried to explain to her husband the agreement she and Kushina had, concerning their boys, but he was very angry. They had a huge fight, which only added to Mikoto's sorrow. She could only hope that her husband will come around in time, because she was not going to go back on her word of taking care of Naruto. It was the last thing she could do for her best friend.

"Well the bathroom is this way and if you need anything you tell me. Come, I will show you where you can find me."

After showing Naruto her door, they returned to the bedroom and stood in awkward silence. Naruto still wouldn't meet her gaze and tears started rolling down his plump cheeks. The woman moved to hug the boy and placed a soft kiss on top of his head. They stayed like that for while, Naruto shaking with sobs.

"Good night, Naruto-kun."

"Good night."

She took her exit and Naruto was left standing in the middle of the room. He lifted his eyes sighing and looked around the room. He undressed and searched for his pajamas in the suitcases. When he finally found them he put them on and crawled into the big bed. The spacious, cold bed only seemed to remind him of his solitude. Still, he couldn't cry anymore and he was exhausted. So when he closed his eyes, he immediately passed on to a dream world where he was safe and his parents were alive and happy.

The next morning Sasuke's mother knocked gently on Naruto's door. There was no answer, so she persisted. After several other attempts to draw an answer from Naruto she opened the door and silently entered the room. The bed was bathed in the sunlight that entered through the window. Naruto slept peacefully and undisturbed. His face looked so calm and young, nothing like the tired and thorn expression he wore last night. She sat on the bed next to him and had no desire to wake him up. She knew that now he was probably happy in his dream world and she didn't want to bring him back to the harsh reality. However, she didn't have a choice. Breakfast was being prepared downstairs and the entire family would attend in order for everyone to meet the new member of the family. She suspected that her family wasn't especially thrilled with having a new person in the house, so she didn't want to add to their discomfort by making them wait. Mikoto stroked the boy's sunshine locks gently.

"Naruto-kun, wake up. Wake up, baby-boy."

She continued her gentle stroking as she saw Naruto frown and shift. As soon as he opened his eyes he looked around for a few seconds, confused. Then realization settled in his eyes, as he began to understand where he was and why he was there. He closed his eyes again and let out a long sigh.

"Naruto, please wake up. You have to come downstairs to have breakfast. You will meet the rest of my family there." Mikoto spoke as softly as possible but refrained from touching Naruto again.

The boy opened his eyes and looked at Mikoto properly for the first time. He could see her long black hair, and big dark eyes. Her skin was like porcelain and she looked very young. Her expression was kind and she wore a soft smile.

"Good morning. I - aaa, I need to pee."

With that being said, Naruto stood up and moved towards the bathroom. He closed the door, but he could still hear the woman's voice from behind it.

"Ok, please get dressed and come downstairs afterwards."


Naruto got on with peeing and washing his teeth and face. He got out of the bathroom and searched for clean clothes. He wasn't used to pick his own clothes because his mother usually did that. A stinging pain jolted through his chest at the memory of his mom. He felt he was starting to get very sad again thinking about his parents and he couldn't do that right now. He couldn't stay here and cry his soul out because that woman said he had to meet some people, so he had to focus on choosing something to wear. What were those people going to be like? The woman seemed pretty decent and he remembered a boy about his age from last night. He wondered what that boy was going to be like. He was scared at the prospect of having to meet a bunch of strangers and even more so, having to live with them. But he guessed he didn't have a choice. This was his life now and he had to learn to live it like this.

He put on some clothes and got out of the room. He didn't remember the way downstairs very well so he got a bit lost in the huge house, but in the end he managed to find his way to the ground floor. There he met Mikoto again who was coming upstairs again to see what was keeping the boy.

"Ah, there you are! I was just coming to check on you."

"I- I got lost trying to find the stairs."

"Oh, no problem", she said laughing, "you are here now. Come, follow me."

She lead him to a large room furnished with dark brown wood. It was a dining room, but it was larger than any dining room Naruto had ever seen before. The furniture was very elegant and looked extremely expensive. In the middle of the room was a large dining table where 4 people sat.

"Everyone, this is Naruto, the boy I was telling you about just now."

Nobody from the table reacted in any way. They simply stared at Naruto, which made the kid feel really uncomfortable. From the look on their faces he guessed Mikoto was the nicest, so his luck was only getting worse. Mikoto fidgeted nervously and moved to stand behind Naruto, placing her hands on his shoulders as if sensing his discomfort.

"Alright, this is my husband, Fugaku," she gestured towards a grumpy looking man with strict eyes, who sat at the head of the table. Naruto didn't like the stern look on that man's face. It was very different from the expression his father usually wore. Furthermore, the man's face remained impassive as the introductions were being done, not hinting a smile or any kind of welcoming gesture. The woman behind Naruto continued,

"This is our oldest son, Itachi…" Naruto then moved his eyes to a young looking man. He couldn't be older than 16, but the bags and lines under his eyes pointed to an older soul. When Naruto looked at his face, he was met with a warm gaze and a soft smile.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto thought that even if something seemed off about this guy, he was still better than the older man.

"And this is our youngest, Sasuke."

Scared blue eyes met curious dark grey ones. The boys looked at each other without uttering a single word. They carefully studied each other trying to find something, anything. After all, they were the same age and they would probably go to the same school, be in the same class. Naruto had the feeling this boy would have to become his best friend in this house, because of their age proximity and because of something he saw in Sasuke's eyes…a curiosity to know, to live. Sasuke gave the other boy an inquiring look, while thinking about his odd blond hair. In the Uchiha family everybody had black hair for as long as the clan existed. Also, at school the majority of the people had dark colored hair, so it was extremely intriguing for the young boy to see someone with such light blond hair and clear blue eyes. The blond boy looked confused, a bit scared, and altogether he had a quirky appearance, which interested Sasuke. Giving the other boy one final look he lifted one eyebrow and snorted, returning his gaze to his plate.

"And finally this is Chiyo-baasan, who is the governess in our house."

"It's nice to finally meet you, young boy."

The old woman seemed nice enough, a smile plastered across her face, however, her eyes remained cold. Naruto felt he should be weary of her. Still he nodded in greeting and attempted a weak smile.

When the introductions were over they all sat down to eat. Naruto sat across the table from Sasuke, and next to Chiyo-baasan. He felt quite uneasy being in this situation, with all these people he didn't know. He would cast quick glances across the table at Sasuke and when he noticed the other boy was watching him too he felt a little better. Somehow, the other boy's interest to know who he was made this whole experience a little less awful.

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