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Chapter 10: Love and other drugs

Sasuke was walking on the seemingly endless road, starting to get a little chilly. His heartbeat was loud in his ears and his head was a mess. He looked up at the sky trying to find the sun, but it had already hid behind the horizon, dim rays coming from behind a hill. For a moment he didn't even know how he wound up there, but then it came back to him. His father had basically made him choose between Naruto and the company. He had to get out of the office because his head was spinning, so he left Itachi there with their father as he just grabbed his wallet from the living room before storming out of the house. He started to walk aimlessly. He figured it was way better if he could have just gotten into a car, but since he wasn't the legal age for driving, yet, he was left with little options.

He started walking down the narrow road which lead from their house to the city. Sasuke didn't exactly know where he was headed or why, but it did him good to just walk it off. However now, it was getting dark and cold and he realized he had gotten pretty far from the house. Sighing, he checked his pockets, looking for his phone. With dread and annoyance he realized he didn't get the chance to also take that in his hurry to escape. Well, Naruto and Itachi might get worried, he thought as he realized he had no means of contacting either of them. He stopped for a moment looking around, trying to figure out just how far from home he really was.

After a quick inspection, the boy realized he was approximately half way through. At this point it was kinda the same for his legs whether he decided to go back or forward. But what about his brain? Had he decided what he was gonna do? At first he had thought his father's proposal was ludicrous and the answer to it was obvious – he would pick Naruto. That was his incipient thought, but now it didn't seem so clear anymore. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he had wanted his father's approval for far longer than he wanted Naruto. Yes, he loved Naruto with all his heart, but was what they had as strong as it needed to be in order to fulfill Sasuke in such a way that he would be able to give up his father's recognition? The more he thought about it, the more he realized the choice was not as easy as he had initially thought.

As he was lost deep in thought again, his body started walking towards the city. Well, he guessed his subconscious had made one decision for him…now all that was left to do was for his conscious mind to take the other. It was getting pretty dark and Sasuke realized that the road was not lit. Of course it wouldn't be, he thought. It was just a small road which connected the city to a small town near it. The realization made him feel anxious and a little worried. What would he do once the night was so dark that he couldn't see in front of himself.

As he thought about all of that, he saw light coming from behind him. The boy turned around to see headlights in the distance, approaching him. He felt a jolt of excitement and happiness. He signaled the car that was approaching and when it pulled over and rolled down the driver's window, Sasuke looked at the man behind the steering wheel. He appeared to be a man in his late thirties and he was alone in the car. Under any other circumstances, Sasuke wouldn't even dream of talking to the man, let alone get in his car, but his situation was dodgy, so between two bads, he had to pick the less terrible one.

"Hello" the boy said, trying to sound confident, but his voice coming out small.

"Good evening." Said the man.

"I-…um, are you heading to the city?"

"Yeah…do you need a ride?"

"Umm, yes…if it isn't too much trouble."

"Not at all, hop in."

Sasuke was hesitant to get into the car with the stranger and he walked around the car slowly, but eventually got into the seat next to the driver. The man started the car. He didn't look particularly dangerous, but then again, the most dangerous men never do, Sasuke thought.

"So where are you going boy?"

"Sasuke. I-…I'm not sure."

"Well, well…you look kinda young. Wondering about at night, not knowing where you are going. Are you a runaway, kid?"

"NO, NO." Sasuke was a little quick to answer and his voice was a little loud, which earned him a strange look from the driver. "No, I'm aaa…well…I…I'm not that young. Ahem, I'm 18." The brunet lied.

The man driving the car raised an eyebrow and didn't say anything for a while. It wasn't long before Sasuke could see the lights of the city and people walking around. He let out a breath of relief, but tried to not make it too obvious to the stranger driving.

"So, have you decided where I should drop you off?"


The boy seemed to take too long to answer and the man was losing his patience. So he said annoyed.

"Look, I'm going to a bar to meet some friends. I will just drop you off there, and from there you will figure out on your own where it is you want to go."

"Ok dono." Sasuke said humbly and a little scared. He didn't particularly like the tone of voice the man was using.

They reached the bar soon and Sasuke was left standing in front of what looked like a very questionable establishment. The man had already walked inside, but the boy still couldn't decide what to do. He looked around and there weren't so many people. He could just get inside, get warm, think, and then use the bar's phone to call Itachi to come pick him up.

He walked in and looked around the dimly lit room. The music was not too loud and the patronage was not too selective. Still he went in and sat at the bar.

"What'll it be?"

The boy looked up at the barman, who approached him while wiping a glass. The man had his eyebrows raised, waiting for Sasuke to answer.


The brunet spoke before he had time to think. He had never had alcohol before in his life, which might have been odd for a boy his age, but he guessed he had never had the change until now. His voice must have sound confident because the man behind the bar didn't even think about asking for an ID before he poured the brown liquid into a glass. Or maybe this wasn't the type of bar where they asked for your ID.

Sasuke picked up the glass bringing it to his lips before taking a small sip. His senses were invaded by a foul, burning taste. He swallowed and he felt the fiery drink all the way until it reached his stomach. It burned like lava and he hated the aroma of it. Still, after a few seconds the burning subsided and before he knew what he was doing to took another gulp.

He was finishing his third glass when he realized he didn't even feel the booze burning his insides anymore. Instead there was another pain searing his chest. While he drank he thought about everything that had happened. He thought about his brother's story and felt a jolt of happiness because Itachi had finally figured out what made him enjoy life. But then he thought of his father and this reaction to Itachi's words and not only that. He pondered upon his dad's request and he could not believe the betrayal he felt from the older man. His own father wasn't able to accept him and moreover, ask him to change so blatantly.

He thought about what his father demanded and he tried to imagine what his life would be like if he accepted the proposal. He imagined a life without Naruto and a life in which he had to hide who he was constantly. He snorted as he realized he would probably end up like Itachi – detesting it. Also he felt like the bottom of his stomach was missing when he trying to imagine what it would be like to not be able to touch the blonde, to kiss him, to make him his. There was no possible way for him to look in those big blue eyes and restrain himself from reaching out and touching the other boy.

Sasuke was entrenched in his thoughts and didn't notice the man from earlier sitting next to him at the bar. He met two other men, but they remained at their previous table.

"So what's on your mind kid?" he started talking, startling Sasuke.

The brunet looked up at the man, but the action of moving his head so fast made him woozy. He felt the slight need to puke, but he breathed deep through his nose and the nasty sensation passed.

"I am troubled…" he started talking, not even fully conscious of what he was saying. He had never felt so uninhibited in his entire life. No wonder people liked to drink alcohol if it made you feel like that. He felt as if he could talk about anything, not feeling fear or shame. So he continued,

"My father doesn't like me very much I think."

"Hm, how so?" the stranger enquired.

"He-…he doesn't want me to become the heir of the family business. I mean, the alleged heir was my older brother, but he hated his life and was depressed and his girlfriend died and my father didn't understand him and he almost died because of a road truck and then he met a girl and fell in love and said fuck this shit and decided to travel with her because he wants to travel, which is…I don't know why, but anyway and she is a writer so they will travel." Sasuke stopped to catch his breath not recognizing himself. He never spoke so much, and especially not to strangers and not about things as personal as this. Still, once he started talking he couldn't stop for some reason. He took the last sip of whisky he had on the bottom of his glass before continuing.

"So, you see I always wanted to be my brother because he is very cool. He always had good grades and friends and everybody loved him and my father loved him. So I just want, you know, to be loved like Itachi is…especially by my dad…mostly by my dad. But he doesn't like me and he doesn't want me to become the heir of the company."

"Why?" the stranger asked, curiosity peaked.

"Because I'm gay. I am gay and I'm in a relationship with my step-brother, which isn't exactly my brother; he is just a boy that my family took in when we were little because his parents' died. My dad says it's bad for the image of the company, but who the fuck cares who I like to fuck. It's nobody's god damn business if I like to suck cock and fuck my boyfriend's ass. No, nobody cares, so it's just a front, I know it is. My dad just doesn't like me gay so he is using the company image as an excuse to turn me straight. But he's not gonna, because I shit on his company and on everyone who has a problem with me being gay. Fuck all of them."

Sasuke stopped talking because the man stood up and without a word walked back to his palls at their table. The boy would have thought the behavior was peculiar had he been more sober. Under his current condition however, he couldn't care less. He just felt the need to puke aggravate and he went to the toilet where he threw up everything.

He came back, horrible taste in his mouth, but his head a little more clear. He decided it was time to phone Itachi and end all of this. He called his older brother, who was indeed crazy with worry and explained where he was. Itachi said he would arrive in 10 minutes and after he paid for his drinks, Sasuke decided to step outside for a breath of fresh air, hopefully making him feel a little better. He walked out of the bar and took in the deserted surroundings. Music could be heard from the bar, but other than that he could hear his heart beat, not a single sound disturbing him. He closed his eye and gently threw his head back, breathing the chilly night air. For a moment the noise of the music intensified and the sound of the door opening could be heard.

The next thing Sasuke knew he was being hoisted up and taken in what he assumed must have been the back of the bar. He looked around as best as he could given his position and recognized the man who drove him to town. He wanted to open his mouth to ask what was going on, but his back hit concrete so hard that his lungs were deflated. His head had also hit the ground hard and he could feel hot liquid gush out of his skull. He was confused and dizzy and all he could see was the driver come at him as if he was preparing to hit a football. Next he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and his eyes watered up as he struggled to take a breath but couldn't.

"You like to suck cock, ne? You like to fuck ass, ne?"

The kicks continued and the boy could feel new feet kicking his back. His body was numb with pain and his vision was blurry. The last thing he heard before blacking out was,

"Filthy motherfucker fag. Fucking your brother? You sick, disgusting freak. Fuck all of you. You queers should all be put to death you deranged bastards."


"Father you need you get mother and come down to Tokyo Medical University Hospital right away."

"Itachi, what happened?"

"It's Sasuke. He-" Itachi stopped to clear his voice. Tears were running down his face, but he didn't want to show it in his voice. "Sasuke got beat up. It-…it doesn't look good. I'm following the ambulance that has him. They are talking him there."

"We'll be there straight away."

The old man hung up the phone and just stood in his chair for a full minute, not moving a muscle. His mind seemed to be frozen. He could not form a single thought because the words "it doesn't look good" were circling in his head. After a minute or so he stood up robotically and went to get his wife.

"Mikoto…we need to go. Sasuke got beat up. It doesn't look good. He is being taken to the Tokyo Medical University Hospital as we speak." The tone of his voice had no inflection. It was as if a machine was talking.

Fugaku's shock was too great for him to be able to fully comprehend what was going on. In his line of work crises were a natural occurrence and he was terrific under pressure. However, he had never been put in the position where he had to deal with a real crisis at home. He didn't know what to do, how to act. His feelings were a mess and the full impact of what had happened still had to catch up with him.

"What are you talking about. Fugaku what happened?" the woman rose from her chair, dread written all over her face. She didn't receive an answer from her husband who had a lost look in his eyes, as if his mind somehow left him.

"FUGAKU, TALK TO ME!" the yelling snapped the man out of his numbness and he looked at Mikoto's eyes which swam in tears.

"I don't know. We need to go. Itachi called me; he was following the ambulance." Fugaku said, and he was surprised when he felt something tickly and hot on his cheek. Confused he touched his face and looked at his fingers. They were wet.

They rushed down the corridor and they were heading for the front door when they met Naruto, who was coming out of the kitchen.

"Hey, did you see Sasuke?" the boy asked, but then he looked at the couple and saw the terrified expression on their faces as well as the tears that ran down both their cheeks. His blood turned to ice. He had never seen Fugaku show many feeling and he had definitely never seen the man cry before. He knew it must be something really bad. And since he couldn't find or get in touch to Sasuke for several hours he feared the worst.

"Where is Sasuke?" he asked again, his voice small.

"He got into some trouble. They are talking him to the hospital. We're going there now." Mikoto said between sobs.

"I'm coming with you." Was all Naruto could say.

"No, you're not."

There was a pause where nobody moved or said anything, the sound of Fugaku's words still echoing in the large hallway.

"I'm coming with you! There is nothing that can stop me from getting to Sasuke!" Naruto's words were harsh and final. The look in his eyes said that he would cut through anyone who tried to stop him from getting to his lover, with his teeth if he had to.

Fugaku didn't try fighting the boy anymore, simply taking his wife's hand and walking out the door. Naruto followed them and they got into the car, speeding away.

"Uchiha. Uchiha Sasuke."

"Could you please spell that dono."

"U-c-h-i-h-a S-a-s-u-k-e."

"Are you a family member?"

"Father. This way." Luckily Itachi saw his parents and Naruto and called out to them, before Fugaku had the chance to tear of the head of the unimpressed nurse at the front desk.

"Itachi. What happened? How is Sasuke?"

The young man looked tired and scared. His eyes were red and his lips tightly drawn.

"They had to take him into surgery. They didn't come out yet to give me an update on his situation. But he…he looked pretty bad when they put him in the ambulance."

"But what happened Itachi-chan? Who did that to him?" his mother asked.

"I-I talked to Sasuke on the phone. He called me to come pick him up. He said he was in a bar in Tokyo and that he was drunk and needed me to come get him. I came as fast as I could and when I got to that bar there was police and a lot of people there. I got a glimpse of Sasuke before they got him into the car and then I talked with the police explaining to them that I was his brother. The policeman told me that a person called them and that Sasuke was lucky they showed up when they did. He said there were three men assaulting him. They took the men in custody."

"But why were they beating him?" Naruto asked.

"The policeman said…he said it was a hate crime. He said that the person who called to report the incident told them that the men were shouting homophobic remarks as they were beating Sasuke. They…they almost beat him to death because he is gay." As he said the last sentence Itachi looked into his father's eye. The old man closed his eyes, tears running down his face.

After the older brother was done talking there was silence. They all stood in a circle, none of them moving. Naruto was devastated. He felt as if his whole world had been turned upside down. He couldn't believe how fast his life changed. One minute he was happy and in love and he didn't have a care in the world and the next his boyfriend's life hanged by a thread and with it, the blonde's sanity.

It wasn't long before a doctor came out of nowhere and addressed the small group.

"Are you Uchiha Sasuke's family."

"Yes, I am his father." Fugaku replied.

"We are currently still operating on your son. Fortunately he didn't suffer any severe bone fractures, just some cracked ribs, but there still might be organ damage and internal bleeding. We are looking into that right now. Unfortunately your son took a major blow to the head and his brain is swelling. I'm afraid we will have to drill a whole into his skull in order to relive some of the pressure and hope that the swelling goes down on its own. At this point…ahem, I'm sorry, but at this point your son's situation is quite unstable, but we are doing everything we can."

Mikoto broke down into tears, her body crooking forwards and lowering to the ground. Her husband caught her and kept her in his arms, being shaken by her powerful crying.

"Thank you." Itachi said.

"We will keep you updated."

The doctor left and Itachi looked around him at his family. His mother looked insane with grief and she was held comfortingly in his father's arms. His father looked unrecognizable. The stern expression that usually adorned his face was gone and his stance was not proud and dignified as always. He looked scared and somehow very old and small and insignificant. He looked like an ordinary old man on the street, burdened by the hardships of his existence. Then Itachi looked over at Naruto. The boy had his head lowered so that his hair covered his forehead and the young man couldn't see his face. His body was trembling slightly and his hands were balled into tight fists. One of his legs was shaking violently starting from the knee. Itachi himself felt like all of this was unreal. He couldn't, wouldn't accept that it was in fact his brother on that operating table, struggling to survive. He took pity on the blonde in front of him and took a few steps, then wrapped his arms around the frail looking boy. When he felt arms around his Naruto broke down and cried his soul out into the warm shoulder supporting him.

A few hours later they saw the doctor approaching them again.

"Uchiha-dono, you son is out of surgery. The surgery was a success. You son is now in recovery but we can't let him see you yet because he is still quite unstable."

"When can we see him?" Naruto asked.

"Well, we still have to monitor him for 24 hours, to see how his body is adapting, but if he is well enough, after that you could see him. I strongly recommend you go home for now because you are not allowed to see him and there really is nothing you can do here."

The next day all of them were back in the hospital. This time Itachi came together with Hinata, who wanted to support him. He introduced her to his family, but they were rather unimpressed with meeting her, probably because Sasuke's situation upstaged them meeting her.

They went into the room, but only the parents and the brothers were allowed. They saw Sasuke lying on that bed and their hearts jumped to their throats. He looked so vulnerable and breakable. His head was wrapped in a bandage and what could be seen of his face was swollen and dark purple. He couldn't open one eye, and the one that was opened was red and watery. What could be seen on his body was also covered is marks and bruises. Naruto's eyes instantly filled with tears as he made eye contact with his boyfriend. Tears started running down both their faces as they looked at each other. Naruto walked up to the brunet and knelt by the bed. He buried his head in Sasuke's chest and started crying like there was no tomorrow.

"It's…ok…baby…I'm…f-fine." The brunet's voice was weak and rough. He coughed hard after he spoke which made Naruto get of him and look at him with desperation, not knowing what to do to calm Sasuke's coughing.

"Oh, don't talk. Oh god Sasuke…what have they done to you….I'm so happy you are alive. I-I was so scared."

Fugaku watched the two lovers interact and that was his final tipping point. After he heard about what happened to his son and why, he felt immensely guilty for the way he treated the boy. The fear of losing his son brought forward into his mind what was truly important and what wasn't. He realized it didn't truly matter who Sasuke chose to love. Maybe he had wanted his son to be someone he was not, but seeing what hatred could do he decided his feelings and fears of what people might say if it was made public that an Uchiha was gay, were foolish. He had been blinded by what he thought was right for so long that he oversaw what his own sons wanted. He realized he also mistreated Itachi. He also thought about what his older son told him, about how depressed he was, about how he didn't see the deplorable state his son was in. The events that occurred in the last 24 hours made the old man realize a lot of his mistakes as a father and as a human being and he told himself he will not waste another minute of his life being the type of person that he was until now.



"Sasuke, please…please…forgive me." The old man said looking into his son's surprised eye. His own eyes were watery and he noticed that Sasuke's was watering up.

Sasuke was speechless, not having expected that at all from his dad. He didn't know what to say, and his brain was still foggy from the anesthesia. The old man continued.

"I was…wrong. I'm happy you are alive. I-…I love you son." The old man walked up to the bed, on the other side, which was not occupied by Naruto and placed a small kiss on his son's bandaged forehead.

Three months later…

"Narutooo! Where are you?"

"Here, teme. Upstairs."

The brunet ran up the flight of stairs almost bumping into his lover. He hugged the blonde, smiling and placing a caste kiss on his lips.

"What was that for?" Naruto asked, confused but pleased at the same time.

"I'm just happy, you know…for everything. Me getting better, you being here with me, my father finally accepting me and promising me the CEO position…plus I wanted to get you in the mood because father and mother left the house."

"Really? Where did they go?"

"They went to the city to meet Hinata's parents. Hinata and Itachi are leaving in a few days and they wanted to meet the in-laws before that."

"Oh, I see…so I guess that leaves the house to us." Naruto said with a cunning smile.

"That's exactly what it means. And you know what else? I bought some pineapple scented massage oil and I thought I could give in a try on you. What do you say?"

"Hmmm…why are you even asking?"

The two boys hurried to Sasuke's room and once they were there Sasuke pinned Naruto to the closed door, towering over him. The brunet was in domination mode and Naruto was more than happy to accept it. Sasuke slightly bent his head down to capture the blonde's mouth with his own. Their tongues entangled, rubbing against each other, sending jolts of pleasure to their cocks. The brunet broke the kiss, moving his mouth to Naruto's ear, first sealing the lobe between his teeth before gently sucking on it. The blond let out a soft moan, starting to rub his body against the one trapping him to the door.

Sasuke traced the line of the pale neck in front of him before sucking and nipping gently on the soft skin, careful to not leave a mark. He could feel the other boy insistently rubbing against him, and he was starting to get impatient as well. In addition to that his jeans were getting unbearably tight.

"To the bed. Now." Sasuke said in a commanding voice and Naruto was more than happy to oblige.

He followed the blonde towards the bed, locking his eyes on the boy like a predator on its pray.


For Naruto this whole commanding, dominating thing was new, never having seen Sasuke act like that, but he had to admit he enjoyed it. The boys undressed simultaneously and soon they were both naked. Sasuke approached Naruto, bodily pushing him on the bed as he engaged the blonde in another lip lock. After a few minutes of kissing and heated touches the brunet flipped Naruto on his belly and reached for the massage oil. He got the small bottle, taking off the cap before pouring a generous amount on the white expanse of skin in front of him.

Naruto hissed because of the coldness of the liquid touching his back, but he soon felt warm hands spreading that liquid, rubbing it into his skin. He relaxed under the deft fingers pushing into his muscles and was purring softly. He felt like goo in Sasuke's hands, slowly drifting to sleep. He was awoken from his dream-like state when he felt those hands move lower and lower until they touched his ass, caressing and massaging the firm globes. His slumber was instead replaced by arousal, as he felt his cock stir back to life. He moaned as he felt a finger slip between his buttocks, encircling his hole. The friction was fantastic and the now warm oil was making it all the more better.

The blonde started moving his hips up and down against the inquisitive finger, the motion also providing great friction for his cock against the bed spread.

"Hmm Sasuke. That feels soooo good. Arhhhh…"

The lubed finger penetrated the eager hole making the blonde groan loudly. Sasuke started to slowly move his finger in and out before adding a second one. Naruto felt so tight against his fingers and he couldn't help but wonder how come the blonde was still so tight after the pounding he was receiving on a regular basis. Nonetheless the tight grip around his digits made Sasuke's cock fill out even more. He pulled out the fingers, bending down in order to give a tentative lick to the pink hole. He spread the round cheeks with his oily hands while licking the beautiful orifice presented to him.

"Ahh…Oh my god Sasuke….mmm…" the blonde was loud as usual with expressing his pleasure.

Sasuke pulled back, gently slapping one buttock, before asking,

"Do you want to get fucked?"

"Yes! Yes baby, please fuck me." Naruto was shameless in his begging, but that always turned Sasuke on.

The brunet quickly spread some oil on his engorged cock, before lifting Naruto's hips slightly and angling his cock in line with the awaiting entrance. He started pushing in slowly but surely and he squeezed his eyes shut as he was welcomed by scorching heat and a velvet grip. He didn't stop pushing until he was all the way inside and then stopped for a moment. Naruto was also grateful for the pause, having time to adjust to Sasuke's girth. After a few moments he wiggled his ass a bit, signaling the other boy to proceed.

Sasuke took the hint pulling out of the boy before pushing back in. His pace was slow, but he soon picked it up fucking the other roughly into the mattress. Naruto's sounds of pleasure were broken by the air suddenly leaving his lungs, as he was receiving the pounding of his live. He felt fire coursing through his veins and little sparks of pleasure inside and around his asshole.

"Aaaaa!" a violent scream tore out of the blonde's throat as his prostate was hit dead on by one of Sasuke's brutal thrusts.

"Yes Sasuke, that's it! Oh my god!"

The brunet tried to angle his thrusts in order to hit Naruto's prostate every time. He was getting close, the fast pace taking it's tall on his body, but he wanted to make sure he was taking the blonde with him. He reached around wrapping an oily hand around Naruto's thick cock. He started a pace on the dick in his hand to match the one his cock was setting for that delectable ass.

The double stimulation had Naruto babbling nonsense, his mind losing all logic as orgasm approached him.

"Ahhh…" the brunet let out as he came inside Naruto's ass. His eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth was hanging open. He thrust a few more time ridding out his orgasm, but never ceasing the movement of his hand. Naruto soon followed him into ecstasy coming all over the sheets beneath him.

The two lovers untangled from each other dropping to the welcoming bed. They were sticky and smelly and they were in dire need of a shower, but they figured that could wait for a few minutes. For now all they wanted to do was stay into each other's arms and look at each other. Naruto caressed the pale face in front of him looking deep into grey orbs.

"You know how much I love you, right?" he asked the brunet.

"Yes, I do. I love you too, dobe."

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