Ayee! This is amy2may, apparently, and I just wanted to tell you guys a little about my upcoming Kingdom Hearts stories! I have written three and I'm trying to decide which to begin first. I'm tied between two series. I'll give you a summary for both. I feel as if the second one is much better written and thought out, but the first one will indeed be longer, more on the edge, and extremely fun to read. I'll give you summaries for both stories. Also, without a doubt, both stories will be Sokai. 3

1) At last Sora had returned, but of course he asked to be taken away again. This time, I will not be waiting by the shore day after day for his return. No; this time, I'll fight, by his side.

Sora and Kairi set off into a long journey to battle Heartless and regain Sora's stolen Keyblade, now in the Organization's possession. Didn't the Keyblade spawn back to him? It was all so much to comprehend. Checking the old worlds, and traveling new ones, together they will retrieve the blade and try once again to destroy the Organization once and for all. Riku, on the other hand, will set off on his own after being left behind. Sora had made the stupid mistake, and Riku will fix it. Many twists and turns throughout the story. A weird scar on Kairi's head shaped as the Organization's symbol? Namine's out-of-the-ordinary actions? Axel's alive? Who is that girl always with Roxas and Axel? Where's the Keyblade? All questions will be answered soon.

2) A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up. Yours and Mine. Seventeen year old Kairi hasn't heard his voice in two years, and she was pretty sure she'd never hear it again. The Princess of Heart had gone into deep depression and only Riku and Namine know of the sickening scars that cover her arm, but two uninvited guests know also. Sora had been locked behind bars due to his surrendering against the Organization. After being lied to by Xemnas, he needs to escape to save his friend. Little does he know of white lies. Riku tries to help Kairi the best he can while the citizens of the Disney Castle prepare for the takeoff of Donald, Goofy, and Queen Minnie to search for warriors. King Mickey's death left them desperate for Sora. Will broken hearts be healed, or remain dust?

Which one you like? Also, I have a poll up for the name of the second one! Check it out, if not comment which you like better: Internal Love or Long Time No See? Anyways, thanks so much guys and please vote! Show me you care, you probably don't, but you know. A girl can hope. cx Bye!