Hello everyone; it's that time again...

February Drabble Wars!

Here are the ladies that are participating this month... please do check out the other awesome writer's stories!


Story Title: Once Upon Another Escape (Sequel to Swan Escape)

Rated: M

Fandom and Pairing: Twilight- Edward and Bella

Summary: Work in Progress


Story Title: Heavy In Your Arms

Rated: M

Fandom and Pairing: Twilight- Bella & Edward

Summary: Edward leaves Bella in the woods after breaking her heart.
But what happens to him, does he really leave? Unexpected visitors change things for him drastically.


Story Title: Matters of Heart

Rated: M

Fandom and Pairing: Sherlock Holmes (movie) Holmes/Watson

Summary: silence leads to pain but denial leads to so much worse. When you see the one you love dying inside right before your eyes, what will you do? Continue to keep your secrets or let them know they are not alone?

"Social Studies"

Summary: It was a silly social experiment for her Psych class . . . Bella never thought it would amount to more. "Hey—what numbers did you get assigned?" She looked down at her paper. "Umm . . . five and nine." Leaning over, her and her best friend examined what that meant. "Oh, well sit down with a total stranger and ask someone for a hug. That shouldn't be too bad, right?"

*krazi4twisaga *

Story Title: Honey, I'm Home!

Rated: M/NC-17

Fandom and Pairing: Twilight- Edward and Bella

Summary: Sequel to "Half on a Baby" - Follow best friends Edward and Bella as they plan a wedding and welcome their first child into the world. Life's full of all kinds of hiccups and bumps in the road, will they survive them all? Let's follow Edward as he goes from being a resident to a first year fellow, and Bella as she tackles stay-home motherhood, and her first shot at writing her own novel.

AN: Hello! This will serve as my one and only author's note! Thank you to my awesome team of ladies who encourage me, kick my a$$ when I need it, and just all around have my back.

jess2002, princess07890, famaggloio, and my beautiful pre-reader, TeamAllTwilight you ladies are the best!

And a big thank you and a round of applause goes to Ana Fluttersby for my kick a$$ banner!


Honey, I'm Home!

Chapter One


"Babe, don't cry," I soothed, rubbing my beautiful and very fucking emotional fiancée's back. That's right; my baby momma and I are getting hitched in a few weeks. "We can just postpone the wedding until after the babies are born." Or not!

Yeah, babies, plural... ain't that some fucking shit?!

Apparently, I don't do things halfway and neither does my goddamn super sperm. But, I'll explain all that later, right now, I have to suck up to my girl for my lack of verbal filter.

Em tried to warn my stupid ass about this shit, but it seems like I didn't listen too well.

I'm always saying something stupid.

And this time seemed to be the stupidest of all!

Hope you guys are on board, because this is going to be one hell of a krazi ride! Leave me some love!