A/N: A sort of silly bonus ending to the Torako X Suzume chapter, doesn't really need to be taken seriously.

Torako dashed out of her classroom as soon as lunch break came around, taking Suzume along with her. They were holding hands, the only way Torako could get Suzume to come along whenever they needed to hurry; that simple act alone was enough of a sight to entice a few 'kyaa!'s and 'kawaii!'s out of the other female students. Torako ignored them, but by the time she was into the hallway, her heart was already thumping hard, and she could feel the tight squeeze of Suzume's fingers around her hand. They were sticky with rice.

"Where are we going?" Suzume was still eating her rice ball even while walking.

"We're leaving."

"You don't want your lunch? Can I have yours?" asked Suzume.

"I'm going to eat it later." Torako told her, "But I don't want to eat here...not around those people."

Suzume started reaching for Torako's bag, where her bento sat, but the blonde slapped her hand away, like a mother telling off a child.

"We don't need to come back for the rest of the day, if you don't want to, Suzume."

"I'll go with whatever you want."

'You know...is it me, or is Suzume talking more than she usually does?' Torako pondered, peering at the girl from over the bump of her shoulder. Suzume was licking rice off of her other hand, trying to get every slightest morsel into her bottomless tummy.

Torako turned the corner only to run straight into her older siblings, Kitsune and Oniyuri. Judging from the way they were standing poised, it seemed like they had been waiting for her here the entire time. Torako groaned; today was getting worse and worse.

"Hey, sis! Heard the big news today! You're a lesbo or something, huh?" Kitsune smirked.

Torako instinctively took a swing at him. "Shut up!"

"Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa!" Kitsune raised his palms to display he meant no harm, "I'm not here to pick a fight, sis!"

"W-What?" Torako lowered her arm.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter to me which way whether you want to do guys or other chicks. What I am intrigued about..." his sharp, fox-like eyes drifted away from Torako, stopping on the small girl standing behind her, "Is why you would pick Suzume. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, she's as flat as a piece of paper."

"Hello, Kitsune." Suzume waved.

"Yo." Kitsune waved back.

"The chest doesn't matter...and we're not a couple!" Torako snapped back in her defense, although she was only somewhat aware that her words might be offensive to Suzume, who really believed in their potential relationship.

"Then what are you two supposed to be?" Oniyuri's criticizing glare felt like needles prickling Torako's skin, and her voice carried its usual commanding presence, fitting for the student council president, "We were told that you two had a very 'special relationship', and we were even shown a photograph of you and Ms. Saotome kissing. What exactly is going on, Torako?"


"Can you two kiss for us right now? I mean, err, for authenticity?" Kitsune smirked.

"We're not...ugh...how can I begin to explain this?"

"We ARE a couple." Suzume confirmed. She took Torako's arm and pulled the girl close, so she could lay her head on the taller girl's shoulder, a familiar pose for loving couples. Kitsune's grin stretched like a zipper being undone, but Oniyuri's expression remained stone-cold. She was digging her fingers into her crossed arms.

"Suzume!" Torako cried.

"Oh, you are a couple, eh?" Kitsune inquired. He was having too much fun to let this go.

"Yes, we are." Suzume continued saying, "I like Torako, and she likes me. We have kissed, and we have also-"

"Shhh shhh shhh shhh!" Torako slapped her hand over Suzume's mouth. The trouble with a girl like this was that she didn't even bother filtering her words. Unfortunately, too much had already come out, and it wasn't too hard for anyone to imagine what was supposed to have been said next. Kitsune certainly didn't have to think long.

"Oh! Oh my! Well...isn't this lovely?" Kitsune cackled, "My little sister has finally grown up into a woman!"

"Shut up already!"

"Suzume, what are your plans for Torako? I will not allow anyone to stray her off of her rightful path, and if you plan on hurting her physically, emotionally or mentally in some way, than I will never be able to accept this union between you two! I will vehemently fight against it!" Oniyuri exclaimed. Torako and Kitsune looked at her like their elder sister had suddenly snapped. What kind of insanity was she spouting, out of nowhere?

"She's already given herself to me, so isn't it only sensible that I fulfill my responsibility and take Torako as my wife?"

Torako was so stunned that her brain had surely shut down for a few seconds. Even Kitsune seemed taken aback by this.

"Would you really?" Oniyuri implored.

Suzume nodded. "I'll take good care of her for you. I would be happy to make her my bride." The look of her eyes said it all; she was going to stay true to her word. Further questions were unnecessary. This girl had stuck by Torako's side, dealing with all of her trouble-making antics, without ever expressing a word of complaint. She would likely stay with Torako for much, much longer after today. She was loyal to a fault.

Seemingly satisfied, Oniyuri was able to relax. She even smiled. That was quite a rarity for the younger siblings, to see Oniyuri looking genuinely pleased about something these days. Suzume clutched Torako a little tighter.

"Torako, you seem to be in good hands. What you two wish to do behind the bedroom door, that is not something I can dictate. As long as you try to keep yourself out of trouble and follow up with all of your studies, then I am happy for you, Torako. You've chosen someone who can take care of you."

"Umm...thanks?" Torako didn't exactly know how, but the situation had resolved itself without her having to lift a finger.

"I think we should leave now, Kitsune. We have papers to file in the council office, after all."

"Do I really have to?" Kitsune whined.

"Yes. Now let's go."

With a final look back at Torako and Suzume, the two siblings walked away, disappearing as they headed upstairs to the second floor.

Torako and Suzume looked at each other. Torako was about to thank Suzume for getting rid of them, but then her friend kissed her on the lips again.