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Hey I'm Catherine. I hope you enjoy my story!

There's always that one event that changes someone's life for ever. It shapes them. Moulds them into who they are. When you become a hero sometimes that event begins their story. My name is Lila Archer and this is how I became Shade.

Scarlett landed on the roof of the building and pushed a button on her arm. A holograph appeared, showing a group of men. Three bodies lay at their feet, a man, a woman and a small girl. "Tick tock, Shady. Tick tock." The man at the front held up a sobbing girl, a black gun pressed to her temple. Scarlett let out a chocked sob as the hologram disappeared. No she couldn't side-tracked now. Too much was on the line. She had to get Lila out of there.

She got up from her crouching position and jumped from building to building. Why didn't she get there sooner? She could have saved them. Her best friend was dead all because of what she did. Scarlett knew she shouldn't have let her guard down. She landed on the roof of the warehouse, the cold wind whipping through her red hair. The warehouse was in the bad part of Gotham, a place called the Narrows.

Scarlett was surprised. She thought the sound of gunfire would have attracted some of the other criminals. She pushed another button on her arm, bringing up the thermal scanner. Seven alive, three dead. Alexandria. Scarlett snapped out of her daze. There would be time to mourn later. She had to get Lila. Scarlett climbed down to a fire escape and opened the window up enough to crawl through. The only thing she could hear was the quiet sobs coming from Lila and the sound of the man's shoes, tapping the ground. He let out a sigh and "Well it looks like she's not coming. Time to finish what we started." Another man walked up to him and pulled his arm. "Whoa boss. She's just kid."

"You didn't say that when I killed that other girl."

He pulled his arm back and the other man pulled out his gun. "I'm sorry Miss Archer. It's a pity it has to end like this." Scarlett pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it at the ground. Black smoke burst out of the small bomb. Then chaos erupted.

"It's her. It's Shade! Find her!"

Scarlett turned on her night vision quickly and grabbed the man closest to her. She twisted the gun out of his hand and punched him in the jaw. A loud crack echoed through the room. She pulled him down by the collar and kicked him in the head, knocking the man out.

One guy down, three to go.

Scarlett dodged the bullets shot towards her and grabbed another guy by the arm. She pulled him down and wrapped an arm around his neck. She twisted his neck and knocked him out cold. Scarlett grabbed another brute by the hair and slammed into the wall.

Just one more guy then they can get out of there.

The next sound nearly made Scarlett's heart stop. It wasn't the sound of the gun that terrified her.

It was the scream that came after.

Scarlett whipped her head around, searching the room for the small girl. She ran over and pulled Lila up. Blood poured out of the bullet wound in her shoulder. Scarlett searched her neck for a pulse and let out a small sigh of relief as she felt her faint heartbeat.

They needed to get out of there. Lila was fading fast and there were still one man awake. She needed a distraction to get Lila out of the warehouse. She looked up from the bleeding girl when she heard the sound of a gun reloaded. Scarlett pulled out one of her throwing knives and twirled it in her fingers.

As he was about to pull the trigger, Scarlett threw the knife.

She didn't stay to see the aftermath.

Scarlett pulled out her grappling hook and held Lila over her shoulder. (OOC note: She's doing a fireman's lift to carry Lila.) Scarlett shot the grappling hook and it caught on to a pipe beside the smashed window. Just as she was climbing out of the window she heard the bang and the cry of pain the man let out.

Her attention was on Lila now. She had to get to the nearest doctor.


"She's resting Scarlett. You can go in."

Scarlett pulled her head out of her hands and looked up at the blond woman. "Thank you for doing this Lillian. I don't know what would have happened if-" Scarlett couldn't finish her sentence. She had remembered the promise she had mad to Alexandria. She had to protect her goddaughter. She promised her best friend she would.

"Hey don't cry. Lila needs your right now."

Scarlett nodded and smiled weakly to the young doctor. She dried her eyes with the sleeve of her costume. "Thanks again Lillian."

Scarlett pushed opened the door and sat down on the chair beside the bed. She watched the sleeping girl for a few moments before taking her hand.

"I'm sorry Lila. I'm so, so sorry."

12 years later

Lila's p.o.v:

"Lila! Are you finished?"

I looked away from the punch bag to my godmother, Scarlett. She looked tired, with dark circles under her eyes. Her red hair was tied into a messy ponytail and I realised that had probably stayed up all night again.

"Yeah. Is it time for school?"

She nodded in reply and I pulled off my boxing gloves. "Now are you going to tell me why you look so tired?" Scarlett pressed her lips together and pushed herself away, the wheels of her wheelchair squeaking on the floor. I rolled my eyes. "Is this Justice League stuff that's keeping you up all night?"

"It's nothing for you to worry about kid. Now get ready for school." I let out a sigh and headed to the bathroom. Scarlett wouldn't tell me if she didn't want to. I climbed into the shower and rested my head against the cool tiles.

Training was hard. Scarlett had been training her for years and even when she was put into the wheelchair she still made her train. I climbed out of the shower and dried myself off. I got dressed for school quickly and pulled on her black boots.

"Hey Lila Lunch money is on the counter. Are you ready?"

I walked out of the bathroom and into the small kitchen. I smiled and nodded at my godmother and said "Yup. I'll see you later."

I picked up my bag for school as Scarlett replied "See you later." Time for another boring day.