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I groaned as my alarm clock woke me up. It was my first day of school at Happy Harbour High School, the school I was going to with M'gann and Superboy. I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock to make it turn off and then rolled over, hoping to go back to sleep for a while.

No chance.

Someone started to knock at the door. "Are you awake Lila?" M'gann called out to me. "No! I'm still asleep!" I called out to her. She giggled and I rolled my eyes. How was M'gann perky and cheerful at this time in the morning?

"It's time to get up for school. I made our lunches!" M'gann replied. I kicked off the blanket and got out of bed. I then walked over to the door and opened it, rubbing my eyes along the way. "Happy?" I asked the Martian, "I'm up!"

M'gann smiled and nodded in reply. "I'll let you get ready. Be quick though! Kaldur, Uncle J'onn and Red Tornado are waiting for us!" I nodded and then raised my eyebrow, noticing M'gann's outfit. She was still wearing her uniform. "Uh, is that what you're wearing for school?"

M'gann giggled and shook her head. "Nope! I'll show you my outfit later, it's a surprise." I nodded and replied "Okay. I'll be a few minutes." M'gann nodded and I walked back into my room. I searched through my clothes to find something nice to wear. After deciding on a dark blue shirt, black shorts and a black hoodie, I went into the bathroom.

Scarlett and I had moved around a lot so I had gone to different schools. I still didn't like being the new girl. I didn't like it when the teachers made you stand at the front and talk about yourself and I didn't like being by myself because everyone had their own group of friends. At least I knew M'gann and Superboy.

I got out of the shower and pulled on my clothes. I then brushed my hair, pulled it up into a ponytail and put on my sneakers before leaving my room and looking for either Supey or M'gann.

I yawned and wandered to the kitchen to find M'gann and some food. I walked in to see M'gann and Kal cleaning up the kitchen. "Uh, what happened in here?" I asked.

"I was making sandwiches and I got a little carried away. Kaldur's helping me clean up." The Martian explained. I nodded and smiled slightly before helping them clean up.

"Good morning Lila." Kaldur said.

"Morning Kal. You're here early." I replied. Kaldur normally came to the cave later.

"We wish to see you off." I turned as Martian Manhunter replied instead of Kal. He stood beside Red Tornado. "Uncle J'onn!" M'gann exclaimed before dropping the things in her hands on the counter and jogging towards her uncle, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug.

"Good morning Aqualad, Shade." Red Tornado greeted. "Morning." Kaldur and I replied.

While they were distracted, I turned back to Kal. "You came to see us off? That's sweet," I smiled widely at him, "Come on, I need to get my backpack."

Kaldur nodded and followed me to my room. "Are you sure you don't want to join us at school?" I asked. The other day we asked Kaldur if he wanted to come to school with us. He declined.

"I am sure. I have already completed my education at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis." He replied.

I pouted as I went into my room and swung my backpack over my shoulders. "Pity. I would have enjoyed your company," My face turned pink when I realised what I said, "I mean, we all would have enjoyed your company!" I looked away as Kaldur smiled.

"I would have enjoyed it too but I think I am needed at the cave more." He replied. I nodded and we left my room.

I changed the subject as we walked down the hallway. "So how bad was the kitchen before I arrived?" I asked.

"Food everywhere," He told me, "I do not know how M'gann managed to use half of the contents of the fridge to make the three of you lunches."

I couldn't help but chuckle at the confused look on Kaldur's face. We were soon joined by Martian Manhunter, M'gann and Red Tornado. "Wait, where's Supey?" I asked, looking around for the Kryptonian. "The Garage." Red Tornado informed me. I nodded. That must be where we were going.

"What classes do you have Lila?" M'gann asked.

"Uh maths, chemistry, world politics, French and world history," I replied, "What about you?"

M'gann grinned. "Do you have World Politics first period?" I nodded, "Yay! Then we can all sit together since Superboy has it too."

I smiled and nodded. "Cool."

We arrived at the garage and saw Superboy working on his bike. Well, he was actually patting the Sphere.

"Ready for school?" M'gann asked while flying over to him, "I made our lunches!"

"The first day of the scholastic carries great cultural residence. We want to wish all of you well." Martian Manhunter told us.

"Guess it's not a Kryptonian thing." Supey replied.

I shrugged. "First day isn't really anyone's thing."

"You may wish to change before you depart." Kaldur advised M'gann and Superboy.

"I spent hours choosing this outfit," M'gann said excitedly while transforming her uniform into civilian clothes, "What do you think? Can M'gann M'orzz pass as an earth girl now?" Her skin was still green.

Kaldur and I looked at each other and then looked back at her. "Well uh," Kaldur trailed off.

"Maybe you should-"

M'gann interrupted me with a laugh. "Just kidding!" She transformed into a Caucasian girl. "Meet Megan Morse! What's your new name?" She asked Superboy.

Superboy gave her a confused look. "My what?"

Martian Manhunter transformed into a tall African-American man. "I chose the name John Jones for myself and suggested John Smith for Red Tornado. You could be a John too." He explained to Supey.

"Pass." The Kryptonian replied. M'gann placed her hands on his arm. "Conner's always been my favourite name." He shrugged in reply.

"A last name will be required." Kaldur informed him. I nodded.

"Perhaps Kent?" Martian Manhunter suggested. I raised my eyebrow. Wasn't Superman's civilian name Clark Kent?

"Oh in memory of Doctor Fate! The late Kent Nelson." M'gann replied.

"Of course." Her uncle replied while he transformed back into his Martian self.

"Okay, sure," Superboy said. "I guess it would be an honour, or something,"

"Well Conner Kent," M'gann tried his new name, "Time to change your shirt."

He looked down at his shirt with a confused look.

"We're supposed to be blending in," I added, "You can't run around with a shield on your shirt, it'll be too obvious!"

"You can't give away your secret identity," M'gann agreed.

I couldn't help but chuckle quietly at M'gann's expression when Superboy too his shirt off. You had to be blind not to notice that she had a huge crush on him. Superboy sighed. "Will this work?"

Megan sighed happily. "Works for me."

Kaldur and I exchanged a look, trying to cover the grins on our faces. "Time to go." I said. The others nodded and we walked to the cave exist. I turned to look at Kal who was standing at the ramp. I smiled at him and waved goodbye. He waved back at me.

"Wait," Superboy said, as the three of us continued out the door, "shouldn't I be Conner Nelson?"


It was so weird being here when there were people around and it looked normal. I could still remember chasing Cheshire down the halls.

"This is going to be so much fun!" M'gann said happily. I smiled and shook my head. "We should get inside soon." Superboy suddenly stopped and I walked into his back.

"Ow," I groaned, "Thanks for that Su- I mean Conner." I quickly corrected myself. It was going to take a while to get used to his new civilian I.D.

My eyes widened in surprise a Supey picked up a guy on a skateboard. "What are you doing?!" I hissed, "Put him down!"

He ignored me and pointed at the boy's shirt. "Explain this." Superboy growled.

"What?!" The boy said as he struggled to get out of Superboy's grip.

"Put him down!" I hissed again.

"What's your problem?" We turned to see a tall dark-skinned guy wearing a shirt with Superman's logo, "Put my man Marvin down."

"I- I don't think he likes my shirt." Marvin replied.

"Your shirt's fine," Supey growled, "Everyone's shirts are fine." M'gann and I both let out a sigh of relief when Superboy dropped Marvin.

Marvin's friend walked up to us with an angry look on his face. This was not going to end well. I looked around to see that we had attracted a small crowd.

"Hi! We're new," I said, "I'm Lila Archer; this is Conner Kent and Megan Morse. Sorry for that little misunderstanding. Conner's been home schooled since he was little so this is his first time at school and he's not used to it yet."

My explanation didn't help as he was still glaring at Superboy. We turned when someone started snapping their fingers. It was a teacher who stepped in. "Okay, time to get to home room gang."

Marvin's friend slammed into Supey's shoulder. Supey looked like he was going to hit him but M'gann stepped in front of him.

"Conner!" She exclaimed in her heads. I groaned when it made me feel dizzy.

"I'm gonna—" he mumbled.

"Get expelled on your first day?" I interrupted, "You're not going to like everyone. Just try to not to get into any fights okay?"

He looked over at M'gann, still looking unhappy. She smiled reassuringly at him. He sighed.

"Hi! I'm Wendy," We turned to see a pretty girl wearing a cheerleader uniform, "I was new here last year so I know how hard it is to fit in."

She looked at both me and M'gann. "But you both look like Bumblebee material to me!" I raised my eyebrows in confusion. What were the Bumblebees?

The girl must have noticed my confused look as she explained. "Cheerleaders! The Bumblebees. Try-outs are after school!"

"Thanks! We'll be there!" M'gann said excitedly. I shook my head. Cheerleading was not for me. "Uh, you see Megan there. Not me."

"What?" M'gann gave me a sad look.

"Cheerleading isn't for me. Sorry." I explained. Wendy shrugged. "That's okay."

We walked into the school and Wendy asked "What home room are you guys in?"

"79." M'gann replied.

"Oh. We're in 68." Wendy replied, "I'll see you after school though!" Wendy waved goodbye and Marvin followed her, giving a wave as well.

M'gann spent most of Home Room trying to convince me to try out for the Bumblebee's. "But you'd be great for cheerleading Lila! Wouldn't she be Conner?"

Supey shrugged in reply. M'gann continued. "We could be on a cheerleading team together! That would be so cool."

"Sorry M'gann I just don't do cheerleading."

She pouted. "Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure." I replied as we made our way into the first class, World Politics. We sat at a desk together as the teacher, Mr Carr, started to explain that we would be watching the news reports on the Rhelasian peace treaty.

He turned on the news and a blonde reporter explained that if the peace treaty failed this would mean war. But really? Lex Luthor? He was an odd choice for a diplomat.

Mr Carr turned off the television and turned to the class. "Who can tell me more about Rhelasia?" He looked around the class and then asked Marvin, who was sleeping in the row in front of us. "Marvin?"

Marvin woke up and replied "Well Mr Carr, it's better than fake Asia!" This got him a few chuckles but it was a pretty bad joke. Mr Carr looked unimpressed. "Anyone else?" He asked.

"Modern Rhelasia was created in 1855 and ruled by the Bokun dynasty until it was divided into North and South Rhelasia after World War Two." Superboy answered. Well that was impressive.

"Very good," Mr Carr seemed surprised at his answer.

"But why are they fighting?" Supey was confused, "They're all humans! I mean, Rhelasians right?"

"Right on both counts actually," The teacher replied.

"It's no different on Mars," M'gann said in our heads, "The White Martian minority are treated like second class citizens by the green class majority. Of course I'm green but that doesn't make it right."


The rest of the morning passed and it was soon time for lunch. We were sitting in the cafeteria when I reached into my backpack. My face fell as I realised the brown bag wasn't there. "What's wrong?" Supey asked.

"Forgot my lunch," I explained, "I'm going back to the cave to get it."

"Would you make it back in time?" M'gann asked. I nodded. "Yeah I should do. I'll be back in a few minutes." They both nodded and I walked out of the cafeteria and out of the school onto the streets. I jogged back to the cave quickly and walked in to go to the kitchen.

"Hello?" I called out, wondering if anyone was there.

"Lila?" Kaldur came out of the kitchen, "What are you doing home so early? Has school finished?"

"Oh hey Kal. No I just forgot my lunch." I replied and noticed he looked quite deep in thought. "You okay?" I asked.

"I have received a call from Red Arrow," he said slowly.

"Green Arrow's former sidekick? The grumpy one?" I replied.

"Yes. He's in Tapei and in need of assistance."

"Assistance with what?"

"He has been monitoring the Rhelasian peace summit and believes the League of Shadows has been contracted to assassinate the arbitrator, Lex Luthor." He replied.

"He asked for help?" I replied, feeling surprised. He didn't want help last time.

"I was shocked too."

"Are you going?"

"Yes. I was wondering if you would like to join me."

I put my hands on my hips, pretending to be scandalised. "Kaldur'Ahm! Are you suggesting I skip school?"

"You do not have to if you don't-"

"When did you hear me say no?" I replied. Kaldur grinned.


"I was under the impression you would be coming alone." Red Arrow angrily said to Aqualad.

"You requested the team's assistance and Lila was the only member of the team that was available for this mission. We are here to help."

"The help you asked for." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

He sighed. "Fine but you need to get changed." Kaldur and I looked down at our uniforms, "Negotiations recommence in an hour."

I nodded but added in "I had to ask. Why would Lex Luthor be picked to be the arbitrator? Isn't he the bad guy?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking newbie." Red Arrow replied.


I pulled the trench coat that Roy had managed to find so I could hide my uniform, around me tighter as Kaldur and I watched the diplomats argue like small children and Lex Luthor try to calm them both down. I looked around the hall to try to see Cheshire.

"Gentlemen! This is mere rhetoric. Despite your differences, you still share an appreciation for many things such as the exquisite art of the Rhealasian tea ceremony."

I looked behind me as Luthor gestured towards the window. A woman dressed in traditional Rhelasian dress was approaching us with a tea cart. Something felt off about this.

"Is that her?" I murmured quietly.

He nodded. "Be prepared. She is not alone." I nodded and gripped my staff, ready to fight.

Kaldur pulled out his water-bearers and turned to face the woman.

"That is far enough, Cheshire."

The statement earned a gasp from everyone in the hall. Red Arrow aimed an arrow at her. Cheshire looked angry. She pressed a button on the cart and pushed it towards us. Red Arrow fired the arrow at the cart while Kaldur formed a protective water barrier around the people. The explosion knocked most of the people off their feet.

Through the commotion I managed to slip off my trench coat and put on my mask without anyone noticing. The windows shattered and showered the room in glass. The large golden statues fell to the ground.

Red Arrow jumped out from where he was standing behind Luthor and landed beside us. Kaldur ripped off the remains of his coat to reveal the red shirt of his Aqualad uniform. One of the Rhealasian Prime Ministers shouted something that made the guards get up and look ready to fight.

"It's over Cheshire." Red Arrow growled.

"You would think so." Cheshire said with a smirk. She got to her feet as a helicopter, carrying Sportsmaster and his goons, appeared at the window. Oh great.

Both Sportsmaster and the goons got off the helicopter and ran towards us. Cheshire jumped back and pulled out her Sais. I pulled out my staff and extended it.

"Take Sportsmaster! Cheshire's mine." Roy ordered.

I nodded and decided to go for the goons. I leapt onto one of the statues and then jumped off, landing on one of the goons. His buddy's then came after me. I dodged a kick and slammed my staff into his chin and then onto the back of his head.

I dodged the many throwing stars thrown at me and groaned when one of the goons managed to punch me in the stomach. I dodged the blow to my head before managing to kick the legs out from underneath the man.

I jumped out of the way as another wave of throwing stars was thrown at me. I hissed in pain as one of them hit my arm. I gasped when I saw Kaldur hit the ground and Sportmaster pull something out of his belt. I grabbed a piece of broken wood and threw it at him before running towards Sportsmaster.

He managed to dodge the projectile but this threw off his aim and gave enough time for Kaldur to get up. I fought Sportsmaster and managed to hit him a few times but he blocked the rest of my hits.

I punched me in the stomach and I doubled over. He managed to kick my legs out from underneath me but I landed on my hands and did a cartwheel, managing to land on my feet.

Sportsmaster glared at me. "That was cute little girl."

I scowled. "Don't call me that."

Since I had managed to distract Sportsmaster, this gave enough time for Kal to get up and resume attacking him. I went back to fighting the goons.

For every man I knocked out there seemed to be more of them. Where were they all coming from?

The Prime Ministers men and I managed to defeat most of the goons. I looked up when I heard Roy say "Aqualad let's end this!"

He shot an arrow at the sprinklers and showered the room with water. Kaldur created a large water snake with it, which was an incredibly impressive sight. I smirked as he used it to take out the rest of Sportsmaster's men. That was helpful.

He then tried to hit Sportsmaster but Cheshire landed in front of him. She threw something, probably a grenade, into the mouth of the snake and caused it to explode.

Smoke covered the room as I coughed, trying to find Roy and Kal. I stumbled towards the last place he had been. The smoke made it impossible to see. It soon cleared. I looked around when I heard a shot being fired and someone slamming into the ground. It was one of the goons. He mustn't have been taken out by Kaldur's water snake.

My jaw dropped when I saw that Luthor's assistant wasn't human at all. She was an android with ray gun. Well, I wasn't expecting that. She transformed the ray gun back into her normal arm.

"Gives a new meaning to arms race. Doesn't she gentlemen?" Luthor asked. The dignitaries sounded impressed.

I looked around for Kaldur and Roy and saw they were standing a few feet away from me. I walked over to them. "They owe him their lives!" Roy growled, sounding furious. Kaldur didn't reply. He looked just as annoyed as Roy was.

I looked down as I felt someone tug at my leg. A little girl stood there, sobbing. I crouched down in front of her. "Hey sweetie. What's wrong?" I asked.

"I can't find my mommy and daddy," She said between sobs, "I got lost when the bad men came."

"Do you want me to help you find them?" I asked. She nodded. I got up and held her hand. "You let me know when you see them okay?" She nodded again.

I turned to Roy and Kal who were watching us. "I'm going to help her find her parents. I'll meet you guys outside."

They both nodded and the girl and I walked away. A few minutes later a woman ran up to us. "Mommy!" The girl exclaimed. She threw her arms around her mother and I couldn't help but smile as her mother squeezed her tightly in a hug.

I felt a little jealous of the girl. I wished I could have that with my mother but I was glad I helped the little girl find her mother. The mother looked up at me. "Thank you. Thank you so much." The mother said to me.

I nodded and smiled at her before walking off. I had to stop off at the bathroom to bandage my arm. It still hadn't stopped bleeding. After bandaging it up I made my way outside to find Red Arrow and Aqualad.

I was walking down the steps when I heard Kaldur say "I have no wish to tip him or her off."

"Tip who off?" I asked. Kaldur turned around quickly with a surprised look on his face. "It does not matter!" He replied quickly.

I raised my eyebrows and said "Okay then." That was odd.

"Good luck with that." Roy said before giving him a mock salute.

"A moment, my friend," Kal said as the other boy paused. "Tonight, you could have called Green Arrow for help, or the Justice League. Instead, your first instinct was to call the Cave."

Roy turned back to us. "You're right. The team deserves - has my respect. I'm still getting used to this whole solo act stuff. But if you need anything, I'll be there."

The pair shook hands before Roy turned to me and held out his hand. "And I guess you aren't completely useless newbie."

I raised my eyebrow as we shook hands. "Thanks, I think."

"Oh, and by the way, that kid you rescued? That was one of the prime ministers kids." Roy told me. Wasn't expecting that.

"Until next time, you two." Roy said with a smile. He then left us alone.

Kaldur turned to me and smiled widely. "Thank you for your help Lila," He suddenly looked concerned when he saw the bandages on my arm, "What happened to your arm? Are you alright?"

I shrugged. "I just got hit by one of the throwing stars. I'm fine Kal." Kaldur smiled and nodded at me. "We should get back to the cave. Superboy and M'gann should be home soon and they may be looking for you."

I nodded and walked with Kaldur to the nearby Zeta tube.