TheFinal Generation Sign-Ups


If your wondering why I'm doing this, it's because I NEED OC'S! For a new story, called: The Final Generation.

What is it about, you say? Well, well, well, I can only give you a summary, not the story :P I HAD finished three chapters, why can't you read it? BECAUSE YOU WILL READ IT DURING SUMMER! I just want to post a new chapter everyday for you won't suffer for a new one every other week :/ sooooo I need a bunch of Oc's...


The Four Shall Go Forth to the Old Greece, Where Enemies Will Greet; When The Lost Hope Arrives, And Help Them Through Ruff Times; The Death Cage Will Be Broken, And The Mystery Will Finally Be Taken./ Half of the Heroes of Olympus are dead, one third had lost contact, Camp Juipter is destoryed, The Broklen House and First Nome had disappeared, along with it's leaders, the Major Gods are trapped, Lupa and Chiron had been murdered, young demigods and magicians had been kidnapped, Gaea is deadly close to rebirth, and the Grandson of Percy Jackson and Son of the most powerful Gods have to pair up together along with friends to stop the evil forces at the Big House in Greece, Rome, and Egypt. All with starting to finish just the 'first' Prochey.

Big summary, huh? Well, i need a BUNCH of Oc's, that is why also i am posting the FIRST season. :3 wait first? That, my friends, will be answered LaterSOOOOO, if you want to join here is what you gotta do:

PM! or REVIEW this:

(First & Last) Name:
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [ ] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [ ] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age (cannot be lower than 5 and higher than 15):
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): /Descanant of:
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: (Egyptian God)
Info: (i.e: Personailtes, etc.)
Birthday(Matters!): / /
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [ ] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [ ] Big House([ ]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
(Important Info): Cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT be a Big Three or a Maiden Goddess(expect Athena) child!

Example(A/N:real character :3):

(First & Last) Name: David Gordan
Race: [x] Magician [x] Roman [ ] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [x] Male [ ] Undeicded
Age: 12
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): Mars
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: Hot Foot & Fire-embracer
Info: Believes in many cultures, but focus manly on Roman and Egyptian. Later on when Perk finds him stalking the main heads of the Big House in Greece, he battles Aly's and Chris' son: Mason.
Birthday(Matters!): 11/05/30
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [ ] Evil [x] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [x] Big House([x]Greek, [ ]Rome, or [ ] Egypt?)
Looks: spikey red hair, blazing fire eyes, usual wears a white T-shirt under a white and red stripes jacket, red jeans, and red sneakers with white lining.

Another Example(still real character):

(First & Last) Name: Mia Garnder
Race: [ ] Magician [ ] Roman [X] Greek
Gender: [ ] Female [ ] Male [X] Undeicded
Age: 15
(Roman/Greek Only)-Godly Parent(s): None /Descanant of: Poseidon, Athena, Gaea, and Kronos
(Magicians Only)-Follows Path Of: None
Info: no one expect her/his family knows what gender 'it' is, she dresses like a girl and acts very much like a boy and a 'in charge' kind of guy, sometimes has a low voice like a guy, sometimes has a high voice like a girl.
Birthday(Matters!): 10/20
(SUPER IMPORTANT!): [X] Evil [ ] Good
Place: [ ] Camp-Survival [X] Big House ([X] Greece, [X] Rome, [X] Egypt)
Looks: dress or tom boy clothes, short blue hair, and green eyes.

You can make only ONE, or twins!

Okay~, that sums up, thanks for reading! Also, if you want to read my story later, well, follow then i promise to post an update on here saying: FOR THOSE WHO HAD FOLLOWED THIS! THE REAL STORY IS NOW UP! GO READ IT NOWWWWWWWWWW! trololololo xD!

I swear i will put that XD! Thanks for reading, now bye!

Edited on 4-1-13: choosing Camp Survival is no longer an entry, and Camp Survival was originally Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, the Big House has three locations: Greek, Rome, or Egypt, so chose one please , or "Appears in Greece/Egypt/Rome" - (chose one). Sorry.