There is a beautiful land, full of rolling green hills and lush forests not to far from here. But you wouldn't be able to tell that it held such beauty by it's name. To the outside world it was known as "Death Kingdom" but to the people that inhabited it, it was known as home. Things were peaceful, mainly due to the kind nature of their king, Lord Death.
But this isn't his story. He is in it, as all kings must be. However this story focuses on his sons. They were twins, although like most things in Death Kingdom they did not fit that label. Yes they were born at the same time, but they couldn't have been more different. The elder son, named after his father but went by the nickname Kid, was a quiet child clad in black with hair to match. The younger son, named after the night sky, was energetic and ambitious. And his hair was blue. No one knew where he inherited this trait, but they also wouldn't question it. The brother got along as siblings do, but the difference in their personalities kept them from getting close.
Each son was born with a different 'quirk'. Being the eldest, Kid had a strange obsession with symmetry that he shared with his father. BlackStar, the younger of the two, wanted to surpass his brother and become the next Lord Death. This was an unattainable goal, you see, as only the first born can inherit the throne. This added to the tension between the brothers. But they did have something in common: they both loved to roam the city. For different reasons, but it was something they shared.
And this is where our story begins. The two were walking down the main street; Kid with his signature cloak pulled up so the commoners couldn't see his face, and BlackStar strutting in the lead a huge smile on his face.
"This is the life, eh bro? Everyone looking at us." he bellowed, laughing loudly.
"If you say so."
"Don't talk like that Kid, you know you enjoy this."
"Not in the least." He was trying his best to not be noticed, but the son of the king is always a sight to see. "BlackStar, where are we going? We passed Soul's house a half hour ago."
"We aren't visiting 'Baron von Deathscythe-wanna be'" he scoffed. "We're headed somewhere more suiting to young princes."
"A symmetry convention?"
"Are you always this dumb, brother?" He smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand. "Just shut up and follow old BlackStar."

In another part of town, one very different from the lush opulence the princes are used to live a mother and her son. Calling her a 'mother' is a harsh overstatement. She is more of a warden then she was a parental figure. In fact she lothed the child, and mearly saw him as a 'willing particpant' in her money making schemes. He would play the part, in order to please the woman he called his mother for lack of a better term. Usually these schemes would failed, because for all her planning Lady Medusa hadn't taught her son normal social graces. So in the end he would come across as a bumpling fool, and the 'victims' would see right through it.

On the day out young princes wander the streets of the city, Lady Medusa and her son are doing the same. In fact, they are heading to the same destination, only for widely different reasons.

"BlackStar….is this a….." Kid stammered. "A brothel?"

"No it's a whore house." BlackStar smirked. "Best one in the kingdom!"

"Oh no, I don't think we should be here."

"Come on bro! Don't chicken out on me!" he grabbed his elder siblings hand and pulled him to the door. "Live a little."

"Father would not approve, and just look at the…..decor. It's not symmetrical in the least."

"We can find you a symmetrical one. They have plenty."

"That's not what I meant!" He squirmed out of BlackStar's grasp and turned to walk away.

"Big tough Shinigami is afraid of a few naked girls?" He crossed his arms mockingly. "It's no wonder why I'm a bigger star, even though I'm younger."

"I'm not afraid of girls. I just don't think that two sophisticated men should spend their time in an establishment such as this."

BlackStar looked at his brother, and smirked evilly. If Kid wouldn't go willingly, he would drag him in…forcefully. In the blink of an eye, BlackStar appeared in front of his brother and grabbed both his arms. "Come on Kid…we're going"

"Crona, walk faster. You're wasting time"

"I'm sorry Lady Medusa."

"You should be. With everything you've put me through; I won't have you messing this up as well."

"Yes Lady Medusa." Crona was hanging his head.

"I don't understand why you're trying to do this." Crona's younger brother, a dark haired boy, scoffed. "It's not like anyone would pay to be with this little welp."

"Be that as it may, I should still get a few dollars for him. Which is more then he is worth." She glanced out of the corner of her eye. "Annoying little brat has brought me nothing but a headache."

"Ha, little brat." Ragnarok jumped on his brother's back, smacking him hard on the back of his head. 'Worthless, good for nothing."

"Ragnarok, stop it." Crona whined. "I can't deal with both you and being sold."

"Oh Crona, you're too sensitive. Don't think of it as being 'sold.' It's helping you dear mother, and brother."

"Yea, runt you'll be making sure mom and I are fed." He punched him one more time before pushing him to the ground. "I won't have to steal your food anymore."

"Who knows, you might even be able to eat while 'employed' here." Medusa laughed, which always reminded Crona of a hissing snake.

The brothel was just coming into view, a small relatively plain building except for a large sign covered in hearts. Across the front was the name of the establishment: Chupa Cabra's. It was rather inconspicuous, and blended into the rest of the buildings on the block. But once inside, it was different story. There was a bar on one end, and a payment counter on the other. Along one wall was a line of couches, each with it's own table and a partition separating them. The other wall had a door that led to a hall way for a more 'private' experience. The entire building was lit be candles, either red or pink, to give it a sense of romance. Romance would cost extra.

Each available girl had a picture framed on the wall, with her price listed below. For a more experienced girl you would have to pay more. The most experienced, and by far the most expensive was Blair. She had been working there for about six years now. And the newest employee was just walking in the door.

"Hello, and welcome to Chupa Cabra's" A beautiful young woman beamed as the trio entered. "My name is Risa, how I may be of service?"

"Ah, Risa. How are you my dear?" Medusa hissed.

"Lady Medusa?" she stammered. "I'm w-wonderful."

"Still working for my sister I see."

"Of course. Lady Arachne treats us well."

"Well she hasn't killed you, so she must." She eyeballed the room, the pink and gold décor making her sick to her stomach. "I have some goods to sell you."

"You'd have to speak with Arisa. She's in charge of hiring." She bowed quickly and ran to get her sister.

"It's so pink and girly." Crona whispered to himself. "And I don't like girly."

"Well from now on this is your home. So you'll have to deal with it."

"B-but…." He whimpered, and his mother glared at him. "Yes ma'am."

A few minutes later Arisa appeared from behind the bar and cordially greeted the patrons. She took them down the hall to a private room, where a guard stood near the door. They were always careful when it came to sensitive negations such as these.

"Please, have a seat Lady Medusa." She said, closing the door behind her. "Risa tells me you have some merchandise for us."

"Yes. You've met Crona haven't you?"

"Once before. How have you been?"

"Alright, I guess." He fidgeted.

"Well, lately Crona has been a real nuisance. So I was hoping you could put him to work here."

"That's a great offer, but we don't employ men."

"Then make him a girl."

"I'm afraid it isn't that simple, Lady Medusa." Arisa's composure was beginning to fade. While she was braver then her sister, she still was intimidated by Medusa and rightfully so.

"Oh it isn't? Well, that is unfortunate." She smiled an almost reptilian smile. "Crona dear, why don't you step outside so the grown ups can talk."

"BlackStar stop it!" Kid screamed, holding on onto the door frame tightly. "I don't want to go!"

"Where already here, just go in!"

BlackStar pushed him one last time, and the brothers flopped into the foyer. Much to their surprise, there was no one there. Usually they would be greeted by a slew of beautiful, half dressed women. But they were all elsewhere, attending to patrons or trying to eavesdrop on Arisa's conversation. BlackStar got to his feet and walked to the front desk.

"Looks like no one is here, let's go." Kid asked, standing up.

"Getting things ready for me, I guess. They must have heard I was coming."

"Yes, I'm sure that's it." Kid rolled his eyes and looked around. There was no one to be found, not even a sign of them. Then, as his eyes made their way to the hall he saw the back of Crona's head.