"Blair…stop!" Kid protested between moans. Although he hated to admit it he rather enjoyed what was going on. "We shouldn't be doing this."
"Well technically I'm doing all the work."
"You know what I mean." His back arched. "Oh god!"
"Bet Cronie never did that huh?"
"You are so adorable." Blair stopped suddenly, grinning up at her captive master. From her perspective he looked a little like a trapped mouse. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this." She crawled back up him kissing her way to his lips once more, and straddled him. Kid shivered slightly as her soft legs slid down his sides. She leaned forward, kissing his lips softly and grinded into his lap. A small moan escaped her.
"Please. . . please . . Blair . . ."
"That's what I like to hear." She lifted her hips and lowered herself onto him slowly.
"I didn't mean it like that." He gasped.
"W-what ever you say Master."
Although he was more inexperienced with woman then he was men in the bedroom Kid had been with a woman before. A few years back he had a relationship with a young baroness but they only slept together a couple of times. He had forgotten what it was like to be with a woman, and just how different it felt.
Crona remained on his mind but he was unable to protest anymore. Words only came out in small gasps and moans. Blair misinterpreted this as her master enjoying it. But she couldn't see the tears he held behind his blindfold.
"Master Kid . . .this is . . . oh god!" She threw her head back, grinder harder into him. Her fingertips sent shivers up his spine as she trailed them down to his stomach. She braced herself by pushing against his abs. This allowed her to move him further into her.
Blair wasn't as tight as Crona was, but that was to be expected. What Kid didn't expect was that she was so much warmer and wet then his normal partner. Instinctively he thrust his hips up into her causing her to cry out.
Just try to imagine Crona on top of you. It isn't that different is it? Other then her noises. He thrust again, grinding into her once more. A small sense of satisfaction rushed over him as he heard her moan loudly. It made him feel guilty but he couldn't help it. He continued to thrust faster and faster as if he were with Crona instead. In his mind he pictured the pink haired boy on top of him instead of the brunette woman.
It didn't take long for him to reach his limit. After all it had been ages since he'd felt a woman's touch. But Blair didn't mind it in the least. Kid was better then she could have imagined and even with all her experience she was just as close to climaxing as he was.

Crona ran down the hall, tears streaming from his eyes. In his heart he prayed it wasn't true, that Medusa had been mistaken or was just being hurtful. He'd open the door and see Kid taking an afternoon nap or rearranging the shelves for the third time this week. Anything but. . . A few inches from the room he came to a stop. I can't do this. What if he really is. . . with her? I don't know if I could deal with that. Tears fell to the ground, landing on his feet and leaving small marks on the black leather. Would he really do that to me? Doesn't he love me? The door knob seemed so far away, and the distance to it muddy and unclear. But he some how managed the courage to take it into his shaking hands.
When the door finally opened his heart shattered. Medusa was right. There lay Kid chained to a bed and doing things Crona thought were reserved for only him. This . . . this isn't right. Kid? He shook his head, rubbed his eyes and looked again. That's not. . . it can't be . . BlackStar? Lord Death?! Not Kid! NOT MY KID!"
Blair took notice of the boy as soon as he entered the room. She may have been enjoying herself, but she was always aware of a pair of eyes on her. Usually she would charge for such a 'show' but in this case she made an exception. "Kid, oh god Kid!" She faked. "I want you to come in me!"
"N-no. . . ."
"Please! I can't take to much more. Fill me Master!"
"B-but." He fought against the restraints for a moment before falling back again. There was no other way out of this, so he figured he would just let go and do as she said. A few thrusts later and she got her wish. "H-happy now?" He shuddered.
"Oh yes mi-lord." She purred, sliding off of him and laying her head on his chest. "Did I please you?"
"Well that's a dumb question."
"I'd say it was pretty obvious." She grinned evilly, drawing small circles on Kid's stomach. "Wouldn't you agree Crona?"
"Ha, very funny Blair." Kid fought again.
"If only I were kidding."
"K-kid…"Crona squeaked, barely above a whisper.
"Crona? CRONA! This isn't what it looks like." He thrashed back and forth nearly throwing the woman off of him. "Blair untie me this instant!"
"Oh but this is so much fun." She sat up and walked over to Crona, semen dripping down her leg. "I'll leave you two alone. Toodles." She grabbed one of Kid's button up shirts, wrapped it around her and left.
Crona stood there for a few more minutes, trying to come to terms with what he just saw. There was a pain in his heart that he didn't understand. It was like he was drowning and as much as he wanted to scream nothing would come out. So he watched as the man he loved struggled to free himself, wondering why he fought so hard and why blood began to drip down his arms. Those handcuffs must hurt. He thought to himself as he turned and left the room.

After a few hours of struggling Kid finally managed to get himself free. In the process he scraped up both of his hands and the blood had dried on his forearms. But this didn't matter to him. Crona was gone. He knew that even if he tried to find him by now he was long gone.

"How could I fuck up so badly!" He screamed into the stillness of his room, throwing a lamp at the wall. "Blair. . . why?"
"M-mi'lord?" A voice murmured from the doorway.
"A letter for you." Patty walked over to him slowly. "Are you alright?"
"Fine." He snatched it from her.
"It's not my place to argue with you Master, but your hands say otherwise."
"A simple accident. I'm alright, Patty." He sighed. "You are dismissed."
"Very well milord." She bowed and walked to the door. "Feel better mi'lord. Lady Crona would be amiss if she found out you were injured."
"He is amiss for other reasons." He muttered, flipping the letter over. It was addressed to 'Crown Prince Kid.' Not many people referred to him as such. With a shrug he opened it and read it aloud.

Dear Lord Kid,
It's funny how things work out isn't it? I go through all the trouble of threatening to destroy Crona's happy home and you do it for me. Imagine my surprise when I see him standing at my door looking like a poor lost puppy. My thanks for returning him to my care, and in even better shape then I could have asked for. You broke him, heart and spirit.
But I'm feeling generous. You can have the weakling back if you'd like. At a price. Shall we meet in the kings chamber to discuss it? Say. . .Friday at six. Be there.
Regards, Lady Medusa.

Kid had to re-read the letter a few times before any of it made sense. Crona had run back home to that monster of a woman. That nightmare was more comforting then the house they had begun to share.
"What do I do now?" his voice cracked as she slumped forward, holding his head in his hands and cried openly.

"Things are working out beautifully. Good job Crona." Medusa patted a somber Crona on the shoulder. "You're finally good for something."
"Thank you Lady Medusa."
"I'm sure the prince will pay a hefty sum to get you back."
"Perhaps." His emotionless tone has returned. He didn't exactly care what happened to him. Being thrown off a cliff sounds as pleasant as returning to his lover.
"Lord Kid 'cares' for you remember? Of course he'll pay. If he can afford it."
"Just re-buying his property. That's all I am."
"Don't sound so depressed about it. You expected to be something more then that? Honestly Crona I don't know why you would think anyone could ever love someone like you."
"Sorry Lady Medusa."

The week passed slowly, and Kid only left his room to roam aimlessly in the courtyard. How could he treat the only person to ever love him the way he did? How could he be so stupid? No prince should act that way. Yes he could blame Blair but ultimately it was his fault. Crona was heartbroken and it was his fault.
Kid stopped and looked up at the sky, these thoughts and more running around his head. He wanted to fix this but knew he couldn't. But he had to at least get Crona away from his mother again. That would be a step in the right direction.
"It's about that time." He whispered to himself. "I wonder if he'll even speak to me." With a sigh he headed to the room where he would meet the man he loved for the last time.

"Crown Prince Kid. Always a pleasure." Lady Medusa greeted with a smile.
"I'd like to say the pleasure was mine. However I abhor lying."
"Shall we get straight to business."
"But of course." Kid looked around the empty room. It was only Medusa and himself. "Where is Crona?"
"Somewhere safe. Where you can't hurt him." She paused. "Did I give the impression he would be here? Mi'lord you jump to conclusions."
"I should have expected a move like this. Now, tell me. What do you want in return for him?"
"You're crown."
"No pawn shop would buy it I'm afraid."
"Misinterpreting me as usual. I don't mean the crown you wear, I want you to step down. Name me Lord Death's heir and Crona is yours."
Kid responded without hesitation. "Done."
"Wait…just like that."
"Just like that. He's worth more to me then some empty title. If I can't rule with him at my side then I don't want to rule at all"
Medusa stood there staring at the prince. She hadn't expected him to take the deal, let alone without thinking it over. "I must admit. . . I'm at a loss for words mi'lord."
"Then let me help you. Where is Crona?"
"Not so fast majesty. I want you to proclaim to the kingdom before I give you that bit of information."
"Did I give you the impression I was asking you? Now you're jumping to conclusions. Tell me where to find him." He walked to her slowly, took her by the neck and pressed a gun into her chin. "Once I find him to be safe then you shall get everything you ask for."
"Violence my prince? Aren't we pass all this?"
"Apparently not." He cocked the gun. "His location. . . now."
"If you kill me you will never find him. Besides what makes you think he wants to come back to you? He chose to find me. He chose me over you."
"He did not."
"After what you did why wouldn't he? I didn't break his heart Kid. You did."
"You are trying my patience." He growled, his voice full of anger.
"What did that brat ever see in you? An arrogant, hothead, spoiled prince. He's lucky he got away when he did."
"Shut your mouth….."
"I've been a lousy mother, and I can't claim to be the best person in the world. But you. . . you're worse then I could ever be. Did you take pleasure in breaking his spirit? How did it feel Kid?"
"I said shut up!" He fired the gun, narrowly missing her head. "You have until midnight. I want Crona in this chamber, unharmed."
"If I don't comply."
"Then you better start running now. There is nowhere you can hide that me vengeance won't find you."

As instructed Medusa produced a very quiet Crona to the king's chamber just as the clocked chimed midnight. She wasn't pleased, but at the same time it didn't bother her much. As far as she was concerned she was getting the better end of the bargain.
"As you commanded my prince." She bowed. "Your property has been returned to you."
"He isn't my property." Kid sighed heavily. "At least you are alright, Crona."
"My mother took good care of me majesty." He didn't look up, just stared at his feet.
"As well she should." Kid glared at Medusa with intense eyes. "You have kept your word, and I shall do the same. Come tomorrow the kingdom will know that you are the heir."
"Excellent." Medusa smirked. "See Crona. With a little bargaining and the right leverage you can work wonders. But I have to ask Lord Kid, what do you plan on doing with my son now that he is back in your possession."
"He is free to do as he sees fit."
"You hear that Crona? Your master is setting you free."
"Wonderful." He sighed, emotionless.
"You aren't happy?"
"Happiness is a useless emotion. You taught me that Lady Medusa."
"And Kid reinforced it."
"I did no such thing!" the prince screamed.
"No? Then how do you explain Crona's current state?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Or do you think I had something to do with it?"
"Lady Medusa cares for me." Crona looked up, staring at Kid. "Unlike my master."
"Crona, you know I love you. What you saw. . . I never meant. . . "
"You didn't want him to see it, did you? See you cheating on him with some two bit hooker."
"I didn't want to be with her! Crona is the only person I care about."
"More lies! Kid, you don't have an honest bone in your body. Can't you see what you are doing to poor, fragile Crona?" Medusa gestured wildly. "You've broken him. How can you live with yourself?"
"This was all your doing!"
"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" Crona screamed, wrapping his arms around his head. "I can't deal with you to yelling like that!"
"Crona . . . I. . ." Kid whispered getting up from the throne.
"All I wanted . . . all I wanted was to be loved. But neither of you could do that." The words came out broken, in between his sobs. His hand creeped slowly behind him and wrapped itself around a long black sword he had there. "It's not your fault. I can't blame either of you. No one could love a monster like me. I am useless . . . I am a burden . . . I am unlovable. I. . . I . . "
"No you aren't." Kid knelt in front of the man he loved. "You are perfect. In everyway. Medusa and I are the flawed ones."
"Perhaps you are, Prince. But certainly not I."
"Get away!" Crona pushed Kid over, and swung the sword to his neck. "You don't believe that! You never loved me! I was a piece of property to you, just like I was a pawn to my mother. Something to be used and disposed of as soon as something better came along." He chuckled slightly. "All those things you told me. . . I believed them. All those lies."
"I never lied to you Crona. I have loved you since the day you came to live with us." Kid reached up and grabbed the sword, pulling it closer to his neck. "If you honestly believe I would intentionally hurt you the way I did, then end it now. I'd rather die then live with that guilt."
"Eager to die?" Medusa scoffed.
"He needs to know the truth. Blair was sent to our room to seduce me so that you would react the way you did. I never had any intention of sleeping with her."
"Lies on top of lies! Crona, are you going to sit here and listen to this?"
"And who do you think sent her there?" Kid looked up at Crona, tears forming in his eyes. "Your mother. The same woman that sold you into prostitution."
"L-lady Medusa. . . Is this true?" Crona's hands began to shake.
"How dare you question me because this brat of a prince spouts deceits!"
"She had me tied to a bed and blindfolded. At first I thought it was you. But then. . . I only wanted to get her off of me. Please Crona. You have to believe me."
"Kid. . . I want to. . . but. . ." In his heart Crona knew Kid, the man he loved, would never do something like this. As his cold façade began to crack he could see the pain on his lovers face. No. Kid wasn't the one he wanted to kill. He turned to face his mother.
"Enough of this nonsense. Crona just kill him and get it over with."
"No Medusa."
"What was that?" She walked over to him. "Then I shall repeat myself. Crona. Kill him."
Crona's only response was to drop the black sword in his hand to the ground. Tears fell around it.
"Well. No matter. I still have the throne. You can have each other as far as I am concerned." Medusa carefully picked up the weapon and spun it in her hand, smiling. "But there is one small matter I'd like to take care of before I leave." Taking a slight step forward she thrust the sword to it's hilt into Kid's chest.
"KID!" Crona screamed. "What have you done?!"
"Tying up loose ends. Now there is no prince to question my assentation."
"But he didn't get to proclaim it yet!" Crona turned, grab the sword and pointed it at his mother.
"Minor detail. I could easily get around it."
"H-how could you?"
"It's rather easy when they don't fight back." Medusa's eyes traveled down to the bleeding prince. "You might want to say goodbye. He looks like he's fading fast."
"Hold on Kid. I'll get some help."
"Good luck with that one. This meeting was in secret. No one is around." She smirked. "You should be thanking me Crona. I've helped you. I took away the thing that hurt you the most when you didn't have the strength to."
"He. . . has more . . . strength then you know." Kid struggled.
"Save your energy, brat. You need it."
"You're wrong Medusa." Crona pulled the sword away, and steadied it. "He isn't the one that hurt me. You are." He thrust forward, pushing the tip into her chest. "Good bye mother."
Medusa slumped to the floor, the blood covered sword still sticking from her chest. Crona ran to Kid's side and lifted him up.
"HELP!" He screamed into the silent room. The panic in his voice frightened him. "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!"
"It's no use love." Kid winced. "No one is around."
"But surely Patty, or . . . or Liz. . ."
"They were ordered to stay in their rooms. This was my fault, so I had to fix it. Alone."
"Then I have to get you to Dr. Stein's." His voice was breaking.
"It's to late." Kid smiled up at his lover.
"No. Don't leave me."
"Crona. I love you. So much. Please don't ever forget that. You have brought a light to my life that I thought I would never see." Kid reached up and touched Crona's cheek, leaving a smudge of blood. "Smile for me? One last time."
"As you wish my prince."
"Your eyes are so. . . symmetrical. I never noticed it until now." He leaned forward and kissed Crona for the last time. "I will always love you." He whispered before going limp.
"I love you too….Kid….."

The following morning the king came into his chamber to find Crona still clutching the body of his son. It took three servants to remove Crona from the princes body. Even in death he didn't want to leave his lovers side. Arrangements were made for a funeral and the king made a formal speech to his people.
The day of the services Crona sat on the bed he once shared with Kid and cried openly. He was dressed in a plain black suit with one of Kid's rings on a necklace. The clock on the table chimed the hour and he knew it was time.
On the desk a small box caught his eye and he walked to it. It was in the spot of his usual daily note. Puzzled he picked it up. These are the kind that they put rings in. he thought opening it slowly. Inside was a simple gold band and a letter.

Dear Crona,
I know what I have done is unforgivable. And I hope in time you have it in your heart to let me make it up to you. All I have wanted since the day you came into my life is to spent the rest of it with you. Marry me.
Love, Kid.

Crona approached the casket hesitantly, holding the ring in his hand. The people in attendance were a little shocked to see the young man, his face still stained with tears, acting in such a way. Once at the caskets side he reached in, took his lovers hand and slipped the ring onto his finger. "My answer is yes." He whispered, kissing Kid on the cheek for the last time.
In the months to come Lord Death made a formal speech explaining what had happened, omitting a few details of course. He also announced that Crona was Crown-Prince Kid's widow, proclaiming the young man as Kid's husband.
Crona continued to live in the castle and was proud to see BlackStar crowned king once Lord Death retired. He also enjoyed playing with his nephews in the rose garden he began to maintain. Even with the absence of the one he loved so dearly he believed he lead a good life. Because of his prince.