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A Pleasant Surprise...

He slammed the door behind him shut. Quickly, he started to make his way to his bedroom, slamming the door, and whipping out his bag. He started to go through the bag, and he took a small, rectangular package he got from the pharmacy. It was what his doctor recommended him. He quickly opened it, causing all the contents to fall out.

He took a deep breath in, and tried to calm himself down as he picked up the paper, and read the instructions. In all seriousness, he didn't think he'd be using this at all.

"Okay Greece," he said to himself, in the calmest tone he can make. "Calm down. This is easy. Yeah. No need to panic. You just have the stomach flu. Yeah, that's all…It's just the flu...nothing else." Greece quickly scanned through the instructions on how to use the small device in his hand. "Okay. It's supposed to appear only one line. Just one. No way is there going to be two lines. Oh God, it can't appear as two lines…"

A few minutes later, Greece stared blankly at the screen of the device. Two lines. There were two lines. No, that can't be right, he thought, more panic running through him. It can't be possibly two lines. Maybe I read it wrong. Yeah that's it…it's supposed to be two lines. Two lines mean I'm clear right? After looking at the paper carefully twice, he came to a supposedly "unpleasant" conclusion.

He continued to stare at the two lines for at least an extra ten minutes, before lying on his back on the bare floor. Greece just stared blankly at the ceiling. He didn't know anything at the moment. His only two things, however, he knew for sure. One: there was another life inside of him. Two: he was 100% positive that the Turkish bastard is the one who made it with him.

"Fuck," he muttered, smacking his forehead. He turned to his side, and kept repeating the word. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…"

He knew it was possible for it to happen. It didn't matter whether a nation was a male or female. You basically have the same hormones from both of the genders. It was very much possible for a male nation to get pregnant.

"Oh, shit," he whispered, when he realised what's going to happen next. He already knew it would be a terrible mistake to fall in love with the Turk. He knew something bad was going to happen soon when the Turk accepted those feelings, and started dating for at least a year now. He knew that sooner or later, everyone is going to find out about their secret relationship. No one else knew except for Japan and Hungary. The only reason Hungary knew about it was because Japan promised her to tell her any couples that he knows of that would make a good Yaoi videos. It's a good thing, in a way, since it gives Hungary an excuse to pester Turkey. Not even their bosses knew about it. They were able to cover it up by the harsh brawls they always have.

But now, because of Greece's mistake two months ago of drinking a few beers at America's party, getting Turkey to drive him home, and not letting Turkey out the door of his house and seducing him instead of letting him out, their relationship will be extremely exposed in the worst possible way. It didn't really bother Greece that the nations knew about it.

All he was worried about was that his boss would be extremely pissed off at him when he finds out his little affair. They were at an economic crisis (which country isn't on the verge of an economic crisis?), and the last thing his boss needed to know was that instead of tending his duties as a nation, he was making love with the neighbouring country. His enemy neighbouring country.

"Mew." Greece's thoughts were disturbed as a grey cat walked up beside him. Sitting up, he scooped the cat up, and the cat happily started to caress Greece. He chuckled, as he started to scratch the cat's chin. The cat meowed with content at the attention.

"Lucky feline," he muttered. "I wish I was a cat. Then I wouldn't have to worry about anything…especially in the situation I'm in." He looked down on himself, and placed a hand over his stomach. There was something inside him. Him. And it's both his and Turkey's fault. Well, mostly his fault.

Greece wasn't sure whether the new life in him was a good thing or a bad thing. He felt like it was actually a good thing, the more he thinks about. Growing up his own little one sounded like fun. But, then there was the problem with telling the father (in this case, Greece can consider himself as the mother, while Turkey's the father). Another rush of panic passed through Greece. What if he doesn't want it? What if he denies his responsibilities, and just leaves me there? What the fuck am I supposed to do then? I can take care of a child alone…I think…

After much thinking, Greece came to the same conclusion: he's going to have to tell Turkey anyway. There was no way of getting out of it. But, before telling him, Greece wanted to tell someone else before. But, who can he call…

"Japan won't mind flying over here," Greece said to himself, pulling out his phone from his jacket. He started to scroll through his contacts, and clicked on Japan's cell phone number.

Ring…Please pick up, Greece worriedly thought.


Ring…Click! "Konnichiwa. You have reached the voice mail box of Honda Kiku. I sincerely apologise for not answering the phone right-" before the voice could finish, Greece ended the call, feeling suddenly pissed off. He then clicked on Japan's house phone.


"Moshi-Moshi?" said a familiar Japanese voice and greeting.

"Hello, Japan? This is Greece calling," Greece said, feeling relieved.

"Hello, Greece-san!" Japan said. "I am sorry for asking, but what would you be calling so late for?"

"Sorry Kiku. It's only 11 in the morning here. I forgot about the time zones. It's night there in Japan, yeah? Am I disturbing you?"

"No, it's alright Heracles-san. If you're calling at this time, then it must be important. I'm only drinking tea at the moment."

"Oh okay…." Greece paused, noticing how nothing was coming out of his mouth.

"Hello? Heracles-san, are you still there?"

"Oh, um…I need to tell you something important…"


"It's weird, because you're the only one, other than me, who will know about this. Even though, maybe I should tell Turkey about it…"

"It's alright Heracles-san!" Japan said, laughing over the line. "Why are you behaving nervously? It is not like you!"

"…Kiku, I'm pregnant." He heard a noise of glass crashing on the ground over the line. The line went blank. "Hello? Japan? Are you there?"

"…" He heard some shuffling, than a cough. "Pardon me, Greece-san, but can you please repeat what you said?"

"I said, I'm pregnant. Pregnant. As in, 'I made love with a certain someone and now there is another person living in me'." Greece heard Japan take a deep breath in.

"…its Turkey-san's, isn't it?"


"…Did you call me so I can come over and accompany you to Turkey-san's house?"

"Yes, please."

"…I'll be right over."

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