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"Minato-sama! Minato-sama please! Please show some mercy! He is your own blood!" Begged a beautiful redheaded woman, tears streaking down from her beautiful violet eyes.

She was dressed elegantly in silky white robe. She had waist length red hairs. But the man remained ignorant to her charm stoic as ever, his cold blue eyes staring down at her calculatingly. He acted like she was some kind of lowly worm, like she was too beneath for him to even notice. A nuisance at most even though it wasn't true, but she didn't need to know that.

He kept eyeing her for a few seconds as he regarded her request, but soon a cruel smirk found its way on his handsome face. He lowered his forehead, his long bangs covering his eyes. He walked up to his wife number 23 well only wife as he discarded others when he found his most favorite play thing; her.

Kushina had to look up; he was at least a foot taller than her. She anxiously waited for him to speak. She knew that he liked her more than his other playthings that he labeled as his wives. He get rid of them as soon as he found her so she may still have a chance to save her baby. After all, he never denied her anything she desired except death, but alas, as it was the only thing she ever wanted till her baby boy Naruto came into her life.

Kushina didn't care about this monster, no, not at all. She hated him most in the whole world. He was the sole reason of all her sufferings and miseries. He was the man who stole everything she loved. He stole her family, her home and her Nakama…

But Kushina wouldn't hesitate even if it means bending down to his twisted wishes. He had to spare her child! She at least deserves that much for entertaining him all these years. He used her as he pleased, like merchandise for his benefits and pleasure. He made her live through all that humiliation. He degraded her over and over again; her stubbornness to never bow down to him was the only shred of dignity she had left with.

Kushina knew what he truly desired. He already took everything else from her except her denial. And he hated them. He wants her to kneel down in front of him and plead for more like all other women did even if he had to kill off his own flesh. He didn't care about any other thing like he did about making her life a living hell. He enjoys her suffering and in a way he is obsessed with her.

'Maybe, maybe if I comply with his wishes, he won't kill my Naru-chan,' Kushina thought in distress as she saliently muttered an apology to her diseased nakama and family.

Kushina looked up to see his handsome face grinning down at her. Yes, she had to admit that he was one of the most handsome men in the whole world. He had a physic that would even rival the Greek Gods.

He always made Kushina climax whenever he had his way with her, but it wasn't surprising considering that he was a Celestial Warrior. The warrior raised once in a century, most powerful weapon of Celestial Dragons and sole heir of Namikaze fortune; Minato Namikaze.

"Kushina-chan I think my ears are ringing or you just really begged?" Minato stared down at her, his face twisted in a mirthful smirk instead of his usual cool stoic expression as his oceanic blue eyes wandered over her gorgeous face inquisitively.

Minato really was infuriated with this woman, but who could blame him? This woman was different, special and a thousand times more gorgeous than any other women he ever laid his eyes upon. Those women couldn't even hold a candle to Kushina's heavenly beauty, but the thing he liked most about her was her fiery attitude, her denial, her hatred and her unbending resolve to never bend down in front of him no matter how much he defiled her.

Kushina always glared at Minato like he didn't matter, like he was some annoying pest. She never moaned even once during their love making or more like him using her for his pleasure purpose and it bothered him.

Minato knew that Kushina felt the pleasure coursing through her whenever he touched her after all she climaxed at least thrice as much as he did but Kushina's repulsiveness still bothered him.

While Minato wouldn't have given a flying fuck about any other woman. He couldn't take Kushina's denials. He wanted her. He wanted her whole being, no matter what the cost and he always got what he wanted.

Now was the perfect opportunity. Who knew that stubborn wench would become a mush over that filthy bundle of unlimited energy. He got lucky when he knocked her up.

Minato only wanted to fuck Kushina with her belly swollen like a filthy whore and lactating bigger tits were just a bonus, but he never expected her to actually care about that filthy little runt. He forced himself on her after all and it was against her will. She would never want to have his baby, right?

"Yes, I am begging Minato-sama. I will do whatever you want, but please don't kill my baby! He is the only thing I have left worth living for so please I beg you. I beg you…" Kushina's voice grew smaller and smaller as she fell down on her knees begging for her child's life. Tears flowing down from her gorgeous glazed orbs as she cried for her lost dignity and for her child's well being.

Minato didn't know what to do. At first he felt something he couldn't explain. His heart fluttered and it hurt, but he ignored it. He just shook his head clearing out all the unnecessary thoughts and smirked evilly at Kushina to hide his irritation.

Minato felt annoyed, irritated and jealous of his own child. 'She cares about that little runt so much that she is willing to do anything? And why that brat has his paw all over my woman!' Minato thought irately while little Naruto grinned at him childishly making him more annoyed as he felt himself staring at little runt in fascination and his chest tightened but he quickly shook it off.

It wasn't going as he planned. He originally planned just to scare her off and letting the runt live. He was his flesh after all and even he couldn't bring himself to kill his own child or more like his and her child. It was their child. They created him together and somehow it gave him an overwhelming feeling.

Minato furiously shook his head again, even Kushina noticed it this time. 'He is acting weird,' she thought as she stared at blonde bastard whom she would kill some day. While Minato remained oblivious to her murderous thoughts and kept pondering his head to come up with something unique, so he could've Kushina for all himself without having to share her with that blasted runt, then it clicked.

"Kushina-chan, you know I just can't say no to you but I don't like when that kid disturbs us during our passionate love making. He had to leave for the time being. He can live with uncle Orochimaru till he is of a certain age or I can just get rid of him," Minato purposed with a gleeful look while looking as generous as an all giving angle.

Kushina wanted to argue but one look from Minato and she knew that he wouldn't budge and he seemed inclined on killing her baby. She knew him better than anyone else if he said he would kill him then he would. Any other didn't matter to him all he cared about was his fake reputation, fame and ego. For him everything he said was a law, a law that even he himself couldn't break. So she nodded, unable to say something coherent as tears streaked down her cheeks.

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