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Rated - MA+ for swearing, gore, dark themes and lemons.

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Warning - Graphic detailed lemons, child abuse (No bashing though), violence, swearing and split personalities (Minato).

Response to my haters – I am trying to actually go in depth of One Piece unlike many who just stay on the surface and ignore the darkness of OP world and focus on the comical aspect of this universe. I think it had more darkness, corruption, hatred and its potential is even greater Naruto Universe. So, who wants to read, please keep in mind that I am going into depths of all this corruption, hatred, slavery and everything that you consider evil.

A/N – Thanks for your support, but still small chapters as I am finding myself unable to write something good, but good news! My exams are over and I can play games, go on dates and write as much as I want.

Naruto's views will change after a certain meeting and a certain event. Naruto is 6½ year old. He doesn't know about Kushina. Kushina's fate is sealed so is Naruto's. I am still not sure about pairing, but will get to that later. Enjoy the show!

- After Six Years -

Naruto had grown a great deal in these past years. He now stands at 130cm from head to toe. He had spiky sunshine hair and bright blue eyes, though his nature wasn't as bright as his shiny hairs, and his bright ocean blue eyes held certain sadness and emptiness.

His guardian Orochimaru-Sama had left him in jungle sized park, though he wasn't surprised. Everything here in city of Celestial Dragons was excessively luxurious. He never liked these luxuries. It was a hindrance at most. Naruto had to travel 20 meters just to get into the bathroom, which was attached to his room. The mansion he was living in with Orochimaru-sama was so gigantic that he got lost several times when he was young.

"Naruto-Sama," soft, feminine voice startled him out of his deep musing, but he gave no reaction to acknowledge her and kept staring at some kids playing tag while sitting on top of their slaves.

Slaves were another matter, Naruto didn't understand. He saw no usefulness. These kids were practically shortening their life spans and inviting diseases by sitting on top of their slaves and doing nothing except asking their parents to punish their slaves when they got caught by other child slaves. It was truly pathetic as he knew that if these slaves didn't have those collars around their necks, they could easily break every bone in their bodies without any trouble.

These people considered themselves the descendents of god and superior to other life forms. But in Naruto's sight they were nothing more than common trash as he knew that even his slaves were much superior in comparison to these maggots and low life insect. Of course he was much better than any other living being in existence only second to great Minato Namikaze-sama. He could end their pitiful existence with a single flick of his finger and squash them like bugs. He was a warrior among warriors. Master Namikaze himself had given him the opportunity to prove his worth and earn the right to be called his son.

'I know that he is my blood father. The resemblance is too prominent, but I still have to prove my worth to get his acceptance, but one day Namikaze-sama will acknowledge me and call me his son,' Naruto thought with determination. Being accepted by his father was his dream, no it was his ambition and he would make it come true.

"What is it, Ayame?" He finally acknowledged the young gorgeous brunette girl. She was wearing better clothes than compared to other slave, though she too had a collar and her cloth were extremely provocative and revealing courtesy of Minato's recent frequent visits. She was his 5 birthday gift from Namikaze-sama as he dubbed all his other caretakers too ugly to be in his presence and disposed them for failing to capture his interest.

It was brutal as many of them took care of him from when he was a toddler but he understood that they had outlived their usefulness and swift death was their reward for taking good care of him but Namikaze-sama wanted him to appreciate feminine beauty even more so he himself went down and brought the most expensive and gorgeous slave girl for him and Naruto was grateful as she made some good ramen; Ramen the food of god even Namikaze-sama agreed with him and rewarded Ayame by taking her virginity in front of him.

"Master Minato is busy today, so he won't be able to come down," Ayame said in a dead monotone though Naruto could feel her relief even though she was expert in hiding it.

"That is understandable. Let's go. I am disgusted by the very existence of these worms," Naruto spat in disgust when he saw a very fat and ugly boy around 13 or 14 but he couldn't guess as the boy was extremely short. The boy was sucking on the breast of a very attractive blonde female slave who was crying that she had a husband and children.

Unlike Namikaze-sama these didn't have the right to do whatever they want as they were just hiding behind the endless power of Namikaze-sama and without his power they were nothing more than dirt on his shoes. When Naruto would become the in-charge everything would change. He wouldn't let useless scum like them to do whatever they want on name of great Namikaze and Celestial Dragon. Only who deserved to live would be spared and trash would cleansed without further delay.

Naruto was about to turn around and go back to train when he caught glimpse of perhaps the most stunning and gorgeous woman he had ever laid his eyes upon and he had seen many beautiful slaves along with Ayame many time at bath time as Namikaze-sama had instructed his caretakers to clean him properly, and usually all women were nude during bath.

Naruto was impressed when he saw a big breasted lady peeling off the small fat boy who was trying to insert his dick in his slave's vagina and threw him several meters away. The boy's father seemed incensed by blonde pig tailed woman's intrusion, but he paled when he saw her face and immediately began to beg for mercy.

Naruto seemed genuinely interested by the sudden appearance of blonde woman not because she was beautiful, but somehow she commanded the same kind of authority and respect as Namikaze-sama did.

'Is that a pig? Interesting,' Naruto thought and raised an eyebrow in an inquisitive manner when he saw a young raven headed girl running toward the brown eyed woman with a nicely dressed pig in her hands.

Other interesting things were that Naruto couldn't feel blonde woman's emotions, even with his powerful 'Observation Haki' but a white headed man immediately caught his attention as he could feel ominous pressure around the white haired man who suddenly appeared besides the blonde woman.

'Oh! They must Orochimaru-sama's former friends. The other members of the 'Trilogy of Terror' before Namikaze-sama took their place as guardian of the Will of God. Tsunade Senju, Jaraiya Sarutobi, brother of Namikaze-sama's mother. It seems interesting, hmm… Maybe I should check this out,' Naruto mulled over whether he should greet them or not as Orochimaru-sama didn't seem fond of either of them because their views and ideals changed and they got weak at least in his opinion.

'Screw him! Namikaze-sama also advised to not take all his orders seriously.' With these thoughts in his mind, young Naruto made his way to blonde big breasted woman and unknowingly changed the destiny of the entire world.

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The working of Namikaze will be explained when I go into the depths of politics. Why Kushina didn't meet Naruto? You will be surprised and Naruto doesn't have whisker marks as Kushina don't have Kyuubi inside her.

Pairings are still undecided though Hancock is one of the two girls. I said two girls as his love interest not the other way around so many other girls will have feelings for him but their love will remain unrequited.

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