Buffy never knew this other girls real name. She called herself "Baby doll" but it seemed unlikely her parents named her that. But if she wanted to rename herelf that it was her business. They had bonded in the institution, they'd shared similat trauma and found similar escapes. For Baby Doll she retreated into a world of adventure where she could fight world war I bad guys, or dragons in a castle. Buffy's fantasies involved fighting vampires, demons, saving the world. Sometimes they even shared each other's fantasies. Buffy fought in world war I, Baby Doll fought vampire in Sunnydale. Buffy and Baby Doll planned to escape together. For Baby Doll it was about freedom, and making her stepfather pay for her sister's death. For Buffy it was about protecting her little sister. Their mother had protected Buffy and Dawn as best she could from their father. When she died he had Buffy committed. A part of Buffy might've preferred her fantasy world, where she protected the innocent, made love to vampires, and the good guys almost always won in the end. It was more comforting than the real world. But Buffy had to protect Dawn, even if it meant facing her fears. And now Baby Doll was sacrificing herself, getting caught on purpose to help Buffy escape. Buffy hated leaving her friend behind, but Baby Doll's sister was dead, Buffy could still protect Dawn. As Buffy escaped she vowed not only to protect Dawn, but to come back for Baby Doll.