This is just a small teaser for a story I have in mind and this first chapter is more of a character-study without plot. But do not fear my friends! I actually have a plot, almost, and if you want to I will try and write it for you. Please remember that I'm from Sweden so English is not my first langue, and all the weird grammar and spelling mistakes are completely my own. Something that is not mine is the Avengers, so don't get any ideas ;)

I'm not so happy with the way this came out but hopefully the real story will be better. I've never written something like this before so that might be the problem. Practice makes perfect they say and this is only practice and therefore not perfect ^^

Now let's go on with this thing!

Not a Hero, Chapter One

After the battle with the Chitauri New York was in a weird combination of celebrations and grief. Everyone was happy for the city to have been saved but they also mourned for their lost ones. Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers was helping with the clean-ups and, as Fury put it, "Strengthening the spirits of the people by helping to clean up the mess you've made." When Tony started to complain about it being Lokis fault and not theirs Fury silenced him with a look that probably would have killed a weaker man.

So now they were in the middle of the very tiring work of moving the enormous flying fish things that lay scattered in the central city. The smaller Chitauri warriors were easy enough to move, the police and SHIELD took care of that, but even with Iron man, the God of thunder, a supersoldier and a pair of heavy lifting Quinn-jets maneuvered by the two spies the leviathas were hard to move. They had to cut them to pieces to be able to move them at all and the stench left everyone in a foul mood, as if their various injuries didn't do that already.

Every day after clean-ups they all returned to Stark Tower which Tony had generously offered as a base for the time being. It was central so they didn't have to travel far everyday and even if it had been damaged in the battle it was not uninhabitable. They had changed the broken windows but the God of Mischief-shaped holes in the floor were still there. Tony laughed every time he saw them and had even seen Bruce crack a smile when passing them.

Even if Tony would die before he admitted it he enjoyed having guests. It made the tower less empty when Pepper was at work and Bruce was like a dream come true. He could easily keep up when Tony started talking about science and after a couple of days he started to come up with his own ideas as well. It felt nice to have someone to bounce ideas with and Tony realized just how much more fun it was to do research when you had help from an other, equally intelligent, person.

Clint and Tony got on good terms almost immediately, and it all started with a prank Tony did on Thor. Steve was certainly NOT pleased with having a flour-covered demigod running around in the tower but Clint found it hilarious, and that's when the two men began a long friendship of pranks and silly jokes that no one else laughed at.

Natasha could be really scary but she never really hurt anyone, or at least she hadn't done that yet, so Tony guessed she was okey. Thor was hard to dislike, even for Tony, and he found the loud God surprisingly easy to be around. It probably had something to do with the way he was unable to lie or talk bad about anyone. I mean, even if the guy was angry with Loki for what he had done he didn't hate him. He just said that his brother needed at little time.

The problem was Captain America himself, Steve Rogers might be a symbol for a just and safe America but he sure as hell didn't impress Tony Stark. During his entire childhood Tony had been pushed aside by his father. A father that had been to busy with trying to find his old friend Steve to notice his own sons dazzling brilliance. When Tony was young he had done everything in his power to impress his father but as a teenager ha had realized that it was an useless affair and soon he had given up.

So when Tony realized that he would be meeting Rogers he had, despite his iron hard facade, been nervous. For despite how much he tried to deny it he couldn't just ignore the fact that he was going to meet the man that Howard had spent millions of dollars on trying to find, and by doing so neglecting his own son.

Tony had prepared himself, he had prepared for meeting a man so good that his own faults would shine like thousand suns, but the Captain had been a disappointment. He was as stiff as a cat whit a stick up its ass and he couldn't take a joke if the world depended on it. Tony also disapproved of the way he treated Bruce so Steve had immediately been classed as "not friendly" and Tony was determined to proceed with caution.

Tony faced Steve with his usual arrogance and self-confidence, it was after all the only shield he had against the world and he wasn't going to let it down any time soon. But the Captain had attacked it with a force so powerful that Tonys perfect mask had almost crumbled. Steve's words had cut deep, deeper than Tony was willing to admit, even to himself.

Steve had told him to stop pretending to be a hero and that he would never be able to sacrifice himself to save someone else. It had hurt but Tony plastered on his smirk and answered with his usual wit, "I think I would just cut the wire." After that their relationship went straight downhill, until the course of events forced them to cooperate.

A part of Tony hoped and believed that after the battle Steve must have realized that Tony wasn't just talk and if flying a nuke in to outer space wasn't self-sacrificing Tony didn't know what was. Of course that wasn't the reason Tony had done it, he didn't think about Steve for a second when he caught the nuke, all he had in mind was the thousands and thousands of people that would die if the nuke hit, and he did the most logic thing that he could do. The idea to put the nuke in the portal wasn't a fruit of his genius, it was just what anyone would have done. Tony didn't even se it as a sacrifice until Jarvis asked if he wanted to call Pepper and even then he never wavered in his decision.

But flying a nuke into outer space didn't seem to be enough to impress the good Captain, because on the night of the invasion, after Shawarma and medical attention, when the entire team lay scattered in Starks living room he still eyed Tony with suspicious looks and dark glares. It was obvious that no one else noticed and Tony didn't want to point it out or ask what the problem was so he just ignored it and went to sleep.

Steve continued to give Tony the disapproving glares throughout the week but since he never said or did anything Tony decided to ignore them. I mean, it was freaking Captain America, he wouldn't actually DO anything, right? So Tony minded his own business in hope that Steve would come around eventually, time would surely settle things and change the Captain's opinion of Tony, whatever it was.

Never had the genius been so wrong.