I can't even begin to say how sorry I am for how long this took. I have no good excuses, it was just that tumblr swallowed me up and then I started watching Supernatural and time just ran. Anyway, here is a pretty uninteresting chapter and a poor way to apologize for the long wait. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Many hugs and kisses to all my followers and reviewers, each of you encourage me to get my lazy ass moving.

Not a Hero, chapter six

Pain shots through his arm and leg as Tony rushes towards the ground. He can see the darkness of space closing in around him and the suit shuts down around him.

"Tony!" A sharp voice pulls him away from the fall and sharp white light pierce his eyes as he tries to open them. His arms and legs feel restricted and images of masked people holding him down flashes through Tony's mind and makes him trash around in panic.
"Tony! Calm down! You're alright!" It's the same voice as before and the moment Tony recognizes it he stops flailing. It's just Bruce, he's a friend and he will not hurt Tony. As soon as he realizes that Tony opens his eyes again even though he has to blink several times before his eyes get accustomed to the bright light but after a few second he can focus on Bruce's worried face that look down on him.
"Oh, hello Brucy-boy", Tony's voice sounds like ha has been eating sand but Bruce answers with a smile and then reaches for a glass of water that Tony gladly accepts.
"So, welcome back to the world of the living. How are you feeling?" Bruce asks and Tony can hear how he slips into his doctor-voice at the end.
"I'm feeling just fine, Doc" Tony answers truthfully, because he doesn't actually hurt anywhere. Sure, he has this floating sensation and he's not sure that he can feel his legs but at least there is no pain.
"Yeah I'm not so sure about that, you are pumped up on so much pain killers that you wouldn't even feel the other guy stomping on your stomach"
"Aw, don't be like that! Big Green would never do that to me! He loves his metal man" At that Tony could see a smile seep through on Bruce's face and he counted it as a victory.
"Yeah, I think I actually have to give you right on that last point, he seems to be overly found of you." That made Tony think back, what had actually happened after he jumped over that wall? He can't remember anything after the fall so decides to ask Bruce and get it over with.

"Well, since the other guy was out all the time I don't remember anything myself but I was on the debriefing and Steve was just as throughout as usual" Bruce answered and made a face that expressed both displeasure and slight annoyance.
"What happened to the hostages?" Is Tony's first question and he is more than a bit upset with himself for no asking that the second he woke up, they were his responsible after all. He had pushed them from a building.
"They are completely fine. Very shaken and some slight injuries but nothing that stopped them from going home after SHEILDs interrogation." Tony feels immensely relived at that piece of information, his plan had worked and they were safe.
"But I'm afraid the Captain wasn't too impressed with your plan, he was complaining about the risk of it and how irresponsible it was until Natasha pointed out that the civil people had survived, perhaps only because of it. After that he shut up but I think you're going to get a lecture about it later", Bruce continued.
"Huh, I don't know if I should be glad that I got away from his ranting or sad that I missed Natasha speaking up for me. I might have to buy her flowers" Bruce chuckled at that.
"I think she would be happier with a new knife"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever that crazy scary woman wants, but I still need more info! What happened to my suit? If so much as one piece of my baby is left with those creeps I don't know what I will do" That last part was I lie. Tony knew exactly what he would do, he would take it back. Screw the injuries, he would take one of his older suits and go straight for it, blood loss and morphine high be damned.
"You don't have to worry, we collected every single piece and it's all safely tucked away in your workshop in the tower."
"Are you 100% sure of this?" Tony asked with narrowed eyes, after all the Ten Rings and Obie had only had scraps of his first suit to go from and still managed to build a suit designed from that.
"Yes Tony I am sure, you can ask Jarvis if you want to" Bruce answered and fished up a StarkPhone from his pocket and held it out to Tony. Tony took it in his right hand with slight difficulties. He felt numb and uncoordinated from the painkillers. Although when he got it started up and connected to Jarvis server and the comforting British voice met him it felt like a soothing wave of comfort and home.
"Welcome back, sir."
"Jarvis buddy! Is everything alright back at the tower, is my suit in one piece?"
"Everything is just as sir left it and Mark VIII is here, with every piece accounted for, even if it has sustained some damage." Tony couldn't suppress his smile at this information, whatever happened he could always count on Jarvis.
"I'm glad to hear that and I will be home tonight to see to it"
"Woha!" Bruce interrupted him. "You will not be home tonight! You were shot three times and have lost a lot of blood, you will stay here for at least a week"
"A week! Are you insane!? I'm not staying in a public hospital for a week! We will go home tonight, I can stay in the hospital wing in the tower if you absolutely insists but I'm not staying here!" Bruce must have heard the slight panic in his voice because he let out a frustrated sight and shook his head.
"You are impossible Tony."
"But you love me for it" Tony answered with wiggling eyebrows.
"Yeah, yeah. Of course I do" Bruce answered with a tired smile. "I will go and fetch a nurse and stretcher, if we leave soon we will at least be back at the tower before Miss Potts."
"What, wait, stop!" Tony cried and Bruce paused mid-step. "I can't begin to point out the problems in that sentence but first of all" Tony took a deep breath. "Why did you call Pepper?! She's going to skin me alive and then make me sleep on the couch for a month for "being so irresponsible"" The last three words was said in a high pitched and very bad impression of Pepper. Bruce just smiled and shook his head, as if Tony was a whining child. Perhaps he was.
"Yes we called Pepper, she's listed as your closest relative and it is protocol to contact her if anything happens to you. And would you really have preferred to tell her yourself?" Tony thought about this, of course he was happy that Pepper came to the tower, he missed her every day and night and any excuse to see her was good but he didn't want to worry her or pull her away from her work, and since she had been contacted when he was out cold she must be even more worried. But if she hadn't been contacted at all and hear about it from someone else it would have been much worse.
"No, sorry. Of course you should have called her." He eventually answered but then he remembered the rest of Bruce words. "But I'm not going on a stretcher!"
"Oh don't be silly. You can't even sit up on your own, how do you suppose you should be able to walk?" Bruce didn't sound annoyed, only fond.
"I can sit up!" Tony answered indignantly and proceeded to try and sit up. He actually managed to straighten himself up and he gave Bruce a triumphant look before he proceeded to move his legs. That was a bad idea. A pained gasp forced its way out of him when he moved his left leg and he immediately fell back against the bed. That in turn startled his arm and he gasped once again. Apparently the painkillers wasn't as good as he had thought.
"Perhaps a wheelchair?" Tony asked in a small voice but Bruce only smiled at him and stood up again.
"I will be back in a minute", was the last thing he said before he disappeared out of the hospital room and left Tony alone.