ICE AGE 5: Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: A new home

The Herd has finally started settling in their new home. Which, Manny had been selected to build. It was an honor to the Herd, and to Manny. "Put the fountain in the center, yeah like that." Said Manny, acting all professional. "Alright everyone break time!" Said Manny after the worker had placed the fountain. "Alright Ellie let's go." Manny said to Ellie. Who had been waiting. Sid was setting up a fire up on a mountain. They had decided to name it the "Sub-Zero fire." Well at least Sid wanted to name it that. The herd decided that Sid was the one starting the fire so they would allow it. "Hey Diego, can you pass me that rock?" Asked Sid. "Sure, this one?" Diego said and dropped it on Sid's hand. "Yeah."Said Sid who was in pain. Just as Diego smirked Shira came and licked his face. He let out a flirtatious growl. (The one when Diego was growling at the 'fake' Shira.) Crash barfed and Eddy gagged. Then there was a noise coming from behind and out came a certain weasel. "Buck!" exclaimed crash and Eddy. "Buck, what brings you here?!" Manny said. "Yeah." Said Diego. "Long time no see mates."Said Buck "Miss you to but how did you get here?" Asked Sid. "Oh well me and that pineapple decided to divorce. You know family stuff. She wanted to have pineapple seeds and I didn't. Started making a big deal about it." Answered Buck. "So who's the lady saber? Your girlfriend eh mate?" Buck asked Diego. "You can say that. We met when a bunch of pirates attacked." Said Diego. "Wow, never thought I'd say that." He continued. "Nice to meat you eh, Buck." Said Shira. "Nice to meat cha' to." Said Buck. "Anyway I thought about it and I decided to join your herd. If that's alright with you mates." Said buck. "Of course it's alright. Buck!" said Ellie. "Yeah your apart of our family now."Added Manny. They continued their gathering.

Author's Note:

Me: Sorry it's short.

Diego: Real sorry.

Shira: really sorry.

Me: How did you get in here?

Diego: It's an author's note. It's like an open party.

Me: Yeah I guess.

Manny: Hey, hey, hey what's going on here?

Me: Not to be rude but you're all taking up all the space in my room.

Ellie: Hey what's up!

Buck: Sup' mates.

Me: That's it. Get out.