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"What are you reading, Lu-Chan?" Lucy looked up to see her best friend from elementary school standing in front of her, a small smile on her lips. Lucy sighed and took her reading glasses off, the newspaper being tossed on the coffee table in front of her, "I'm looking for a job, Levy-Chan."

"You still haven't found one?" The 22-year-old asked taking a seat in front of her, the blonde shaking her head side to side sighing. "I can't find a decent job thats pays well, isn't so far, and that's easy enough for me to do."

"Don't worry Lu-Chan, I know you can find one soon!"

"That's easy for you to say, Levy-Chan! You're lucky, you have a perfect job that's walking distance and pays well." The other 22-year-old sighed, pouting a bit as she looked at the clock. It was 4 in the afternoon and she was tired. Looking for a job was tiring stuff and that's all Lucy has been doing for the past days since she woke up.

Levy frowned and slumped a bit, watching her childhood fume about not having a job. Levy had tried helping her get a good job but it was no use—there weren't any good jobs.

"Don't worry Lu-Chan, today or the other days might have not been good. I bet tomorrow it'll be much better!" Lucy smiled at her friend, brightening up just a bit as she noticed her friend was trying her best to lift her spirits up. "You're right. Thanks, Levy-Chan!"

"Anything for you! Anyways, you hungry?"

"Yes, make me food, peasant."

"Yes queen Heartfillia," The blue-haired woman stood up to bow and salute Lucy who giggled. "Mac n' cheese, your highness?"

"Yes, and don't forget to put extra cheese." Levy nodded and left running to the kitchen, leaving the blonde laughing.

Levy sat at her desk at Fairy Tail inc. tapping her pencil repeatedly on the table as she didn't even realize she was driving her co-workers crazier every second. When she was about to tap the pencil on the desk again a hand reached for it, grabbing it to chuck it somewhere far away from the blue-haired woman who looked up in shock. "Gray! That was my pencil!"

"Yeah, I know, but you were driving us tapping it on the desk even thought we said to stop." Gray, the black-haired handsome young man said, scowling at the blushing woman.

"Oops, sorry, I must have been spacing out . . ."

"Yeah, you alright? You rarely space out," Levy sighed and slumped in her seat, looking at the ground. "It's just—my friend is having a hard time getting a job and I'm worried." Levy confessed, her hand on her lap while she fidgeted in her seat. She was too worried about Lucy that she could barely work today. "Really? Well, I heard flame-head's 19th assistant quit today and the spot is being posted once again. Why don't you got ask him if your friend could be his assistant?"

Levy looked at Gray in pure horror, her jaw dropping. "Are you serious? Gray, I love my friend! Why would I want her to be an assistant to Natsu?" Levy asked making Gray shrug. He turned around to walk away, his hand unconscionably tugging on his blue tie as he went back to his desk. "The job pays well and considering that you two will be in the same building together isn't as bad," Levy looked down at the floor again as she sighed, agreeing with the man.

It was true; Natsu paid his assistants decent amount of money but he was a total ass to them which she didn't understand because he was such a great guy in reality. Maybe he was just acting to be tough?

Levy bit her lip and decided that she'll get Lucy the job—she'll maybe thank her later.

The blue-haired woman stood up, straightening her black pencil skirt and her yellow blouse to walk on over to the elevator.

Might as well get this over with.

When the woman was all the way at the top of the building she was practically screaming at herself to press the button to allow the elevator to take her back down but her other part was telling her to man up and talk to Natsu. She loved Lucy and wanted her to get a god job but being Natsu's personal assistant was a bit too over the edge. But she knew Lucy was tough so she might be a good equal match to Natsu.

She'll have to see later.

Levy was standing in front of the two large brown doors, taking in a deep breath to calm herself. She lifted her hand up to knock, her knuckles coming in contact with the smooth surface of the door twice before she paused. After a second later his voice was heard, telling her to come inside. Levy pushed the doors in and entered the room, closing the door behind her gently to not make a loud noise. She turned to look at pink-haired male who was the owner of the place.

He looked up at her with his dark eyes, a grin coming to his lips. He was playing with a pencil, his back leaned against his chair as his feet were resting on top of the desk that were scattered with paper which she assumes he refused to do.

She knows he worked hard for this spot and she knew he was proud of being an owner of such a great successful company but he seriously needed to do his work. "Yo, Levy."

"Hey Natsu . . ."

"What brings you here?"

"Uhm, I heard from Gray that you assistant quit on you today." Levy said shyly, earning a groan from the pink-haired male. "Yes! Geez, all I did was tell her, her hair looked like a birds nest and she just ran out of here crying saying she quits!" The 22-year-old sweat dropped, suddenly feeling so bad for the woman she had only known for a week now. "Anyways, what about it?"

"Well, I was wondering . . . if you consider hiring my friend?" Natsu suddenly stopped playing with his pencil, his head tilting to the side. "Friend? Who?"

"Her name is Lucy Heartfillia and she desperately needs a job so I was wondering if you can hire her or something." Levy said as she dug inside her skirt pocket, pulling out her phone to pull up a picture of her blonde best friend. Once she found a picture she handed it to Natsu who eagerly took it, his eyes widening. "This is your friend?"

"Yeah, she needs a job so I was wondering if—"

"She's hired!"

"And if you could—wait, what? Really?" Levy's eyes widening as she looked at Natsu who grinned and nodded, handing her her phone back. "Really? No questions or whys?"

"Yeah, she doesn't look like any of the girls I've hired and she looks tough! I don't want some girl who'll quit over the tiniest things." Natsu scoffed, looking away for a bit before turning to look at the dumbfounded woman. "Anyways, she looks pretty." Levy was sure her face was going to hurt later because she was grinning like there wasn't going to be another tomorrow. She flung her arms around the 24-year-old and hugged him tight, a sound of surprise escaping the male's lips.

Levy pulled away and grinned widely at him, "Thank you so much, Natsu!"

"Sure! Just tell her to come to work tomorrow at 7AM."

"But work starts at 9AM." Levy said, her face falling a bit as she tilted her head to the side. Natsu smirked and cupped his chin, looking at the confused looking woman. "I know, but I want to teach her a couple things before she starts."

"Natsu . . . please don't be mean to her!" Levy begged, clapping her hands together. Natsu tilted his head to the side, his grin never faltering. "Don't worry, I got this. Now get back to work—I need to take a nap."

"Shouldn't you do those before you take a . . . nap?" Levy asked pointing at the pile of papers on his desk. Natsu looked down and shrugged sitting back down on his seat. "Later," And with that, he rested his head on his arms and went back to sleep.

Levy sighed and left his room, going back down to her desk. She was excited to tell Lucy about the news and she was excited for tomorrow.

She just wishes Natsu wouldn't be too harsh on Lucy. Or else Natsu would be the one hurt.

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