The conversation wasn't supposed to dive into this direction and Lucy didn't know how it did. But, she was just pouring herself some coffee when he suddenly came and blurted out something stupid. She kind of expected it from him but this was completely out of hand.

"Lucy, marry me."

At first, she thought she was going crazy but then, she realized that she wasn't the crazy one. He was the crazy one.

"W—what the hell are you talking about?! M—m—marry?! We're not even a couple!"

"That doesn't mean we can't marry." He said smoothly as he leaned in and smirked making her entire face explode into a shade of red. "B—b—but what about commitment?! What about the trust you build during the years of your relationship?! What about the dates and first kisses and presents?!"

"Stop acting like a weirdo."

Yep, she knew he was the crazy one.

"It's been like four months since I've known you! We haven't even gone out and you're expecting me to marry you just like that? You never even showed interest in me—"


"You always acted like the idiot you are and you expect me to marry you?!"


"You got another thing coming if you do, mister! I expect you to date me for at least a year and then I expect you to do that simple 'get-down-on-one-knee' and propose! Then I'll become Mrs. Natsu Dragneel and we'll have two kids and we'll grow old together and die! That's how it's supposed to be!" Lucy snapped as she finished her rampage.

Natsu, who just stared, started to laugh loudly and slam his palm against the counter. It confused her dearly and she only blankly stared as he laughed.

"W—what is so funny?"

"O—oh my god! Your reaction was so funny!"


"You were talking about commitment and trust and kids—oh my god! Luce, I wasn't serious!" He laughed, cackling all by himself as Lucy stared at him in disbelief.

She was quiet for a moment before her entire face went red with embarrassment and anger once more. She balled her hand into a fist before punching her boss right in the chest, a sound of pain coming from him as his laughter stopped.

"Ow what the hell—?!"

"You're the worst! Don't ever talk to me again!"

Natsu only stared as his assistant stomped out of his office in that cute manner of hers.


"Luce, I need those documents from Spirit incorporation." Natsu said as he didn't even look up from his work, circling and scribbling things on the documents that laid right in front of him. His reading glasses slid down his nose slightly and he pushed it up, glancing up to see what his assistant was doing.

He was surprised when a large stack was slammed right in front of him as he just received a death look from her, watching how she ignored and walked away from him.

"Lucy, uh, did you hear me?"

He was greeted with silence once more as he frowned slightly. He pulled his glasses off and squinted, looking at the blonde who only sat back down on the sofa to cross her leg and return to her novel.

"Lucy?" He called out once more but he was ignored, again. "Lucy!"

"I thought I told you not to talk to me." She said without looking up, flipping the page of her novel.

Natsu frowned at her words as he watched her read. "Are you still angry about that? I apologized, earlier."

"I don't care. Don't talk to me," she said a bit harshly making Natsu sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose. "Luce, it was a joke. You need to calm down."

"It wasn't funny, Natsu! You don't joke about things like that, okay?!" Lucy snapped as she finally looked up at him, giving him a hard look as she closed her novel and tossed it on the coffee table right in front of her. "I'm totally fine with your stupid jokes and little pranks but this is not something I will tolerate. It was stupid to propose to somebody as a joke and one day, that's going to back fire one you. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go have lunch with Levy-Chan, now."

"Lunch? Luce, I thought we—"

"You thought wrong. You can eat alone today, Mr. Dragneel." The blonde snapped at him before grabbing her purse and belongings before walking out the doors of his office.

The pink-haired male stared at the place where she stood not too long ago as he process everything into his mind.

He was quiet for a moment before he sighed, loudly.

"What if I was serious?"


"Wait, wait, wait," Levy said as she waved her hand in front of Lucy as she paused whatever she was doing. "So, you're telling me, Natsu proposed to you as a joke?"


"What an asshole!"

"That's what I'm saying!" Lucy cried out as the two flat-mates and best friend spoke about recent events with lunch. It felt like it's been forever since they actually had a real conversation and had food together. That was the main reason why Lucy wanted to go out—she was also angry and wanted to complain to a fellow girlfriend, also.

"Are you sure he was joking, though?"

"Well, he laughed and told me it was." Lucy scoffed as she furiously stabbed her salad with her fork, frowning as she stuffed the lettuce into her mouth. "If he wasn't, I'm sure I would have a large diamond ring on my finger by now."

"Are you saying if he proposed, you would actually say yes?" Levy asked, trying to see if Lucy was fancying their boss.

Lucy only snorted and shook her head as anger only went through her mind and love and other lovey dovey thing was complete pushed away. "I don't know. I don't even want to think of him right now. I just want to stab him in the face with a fork." Lucy said as she stabbed the plum tomato that was lying on her plate, growling slightly. "I mean, what kind of person jokes about marriage like that?!"

"A lot of people do but considering your relationship and position, I kind of understand what you're saying."

"What do you mean our relationship? We have nothing going on!"

"It doesn't seem like that, Lu-Chan." Levy said as she placed her fork down right next to her salad plate, grabbing her glass cup to take a sip of her ice-water. "You two look like a real couple."

Lucy sputtered as she blushed, looking at Levy from Levy as her anger wall broke down in matter of seconds.

"S—stop talking nonsense, Levy-Chan! Natsu and I will have nothing but a simple boss-assistant relationship and you know it!"

"Lu-Chan..." Levy frowned as she watched the blonde once again, furiously stab her salad with her fork. "B—besides! He isn't my type, anyways."

"Then what is your type?"

"W—well... you know..." Lucy muttered as she fidgeted in her spot. "Strong... friendly... cute... hard-working... tall..." And somehow, along the way as she kept naming traits, her idiotic boss popped into her head and her blush deepened.

"Levy-Chan... what if—what if I do like Natsu?"

That evening, Natsu sat at his desk with his feet on top the cool surface as he leaned against his chair. He twirled a pencil in his hands as he stared at his assistant sitting on the sofa, novel in her hands and her heels kicked off. She looked comfortable and very absorbed into the book but he was the complete opposite.

She haven't said a word to him since the morning. And it made him feel a bit upset. Though, he was half-joking to see her reaction and response, he kind of felt bad about it.

Continuing to stare at his blonde assistant, he watched how her expressions changed and how her eyebrows moved up and down to each different word. She looked pretty concentrated and she looked adorable—he just wanted to go up and squeeze her like a child.

Though, he would have if she wasn't angry at him.

He didn't understand her—it was a harmless joke and she just goes berserk when he reveals it is.

Maybe he shouldn't really joke with his assistants anymore... they all get angry, upset, or quit before the one week period...

Was it too late to apologize?

Sighing, the male pulled his foot down from his desk and tossed his pencil on the desk. He pushed the seat back and stood up, walking around his desk to go over to his couch. He sat himself down right next to the blonde and crossed his legs, leaning against the sofa to give the female a glance but she didn't even give him one. Instead, she continued to smile like the idiot she was while her eyes gazed from word for word.

He was feeling a bit impatient as he tugged on his red tie, sighing in the process.

"So, how long exactly do you plan on ignoring me?"

"I'm not ignoring you," she said simply as she flipped the page, not even giving him a glance. "I'm reading."

"And ignoring me."

"I told you, I'm not ignoring you."

"Then why won't you talk to me?" He asked, leaning in towards her as she remained her cool. "Because I just don't want to talk to you."

"See! You're ignoring me!" He accused making her scowl and try and swat him away. "Leave me alone—I'm trying to read." She hissed as Natsu's patient's finally snapped.

The said male stood up and grabbed the novel from the blonde's hand, raising it up high as Lucy's attention was now on her boss.

She let out a gasp and a curse word as she stood and tried snatching it back, failing as she barely could reach for it.

"Natsu! What the hell?! Return my book right now!" The blonde hissed as she gave him the scariest look she could muster but he only glared right back. "Lucy, you're running my patients thin. If you think you can ignore me because of a stupid joke, you're the idiot in this relationship." He hissed darkly as Lucy gave him a look to show that she was clearly offended.

She crossed her arms over her large chest and scoffed. "Excuse me?"

"I believe you heard me, Miss Heartfillia, please don't let me repeat it."

"Okay, first of all, you're the idiot in the relationship!" Lucy snapped as she snatched the book from him and tossed it on the couch behind her. "Second of all, it wasn't a stupid joke. It was stupid, yeah, but it was the worst joke out there! That wasn't even a joke! Jokes are supposed to be funny and that was more like a fucking plan or whatever because it was completely dumb!"

"I thought it was pretty hilarious."

"Well, I didn't! I don't want somebody like you to ask for my hand in marriage then say it was a joke and laugh in my face. It bad enough that I like you! I can see why all your assistants quit on you! You're a fucking blunt son of a bitch!"

"Hey!" Natsu shouted as he reached forward and grasped her arm tightly making her wince slightly. "Have you ever considered my feelings into this?!"

"You have no feelings! You're just a big block of stupid and dense!"

And just like that, Natsu's string snapped and he grabbed her face, leaning in to kiss her square on the lips.

It was quick and sweet as he pulled away and gave her a look of anger. "I've been crushing on you since day one! You can't say shit to me!" He yelled right into her face before he pulled away and stomped out of his office leaving Lucy to gap and stare into space in shock.

It was silent in the large spacious office as the blonde just stood there in shock, her hand pressed against her freshly-kissed lips as she stared at the place where he stood.

It still burned where he touched and kissed her and whatever he said to her, it was now processing.


"Have you seen Natsu?" A frantic blonde asked as she stopped each and every worker there at Fairy Tail. Understanding that he might be too frustrated and angry right now—she had to talk to him but how come nobody pays attention to their surrounding? Shouldn't they greet their boss with such respect that they should know where he is at all times?

"Natsu? Isn't he in his office?"

Groaning, Lucy ignored her co-corker as she stumbled along Levy's desk, slamming her hands on the cool surface to startle the blunette.


"Lu-Chan! You scared me!" She scowled as she held her heart in her palms. She noticed her friend looking a bit panicked. "Why do you look like you're in such a hurry?"

"Have you seen Natsu?" Lucy asked, ignoring her question as Levy furrowed her brows. "Natsu? No, I haven't seen him. Isn't he in his office?"

"No!" She groaned as she went to a different desk to ask but Gray stopped her. "Lucy, if you're looking for the idiot, he's outside." He said making Lucy gasp and thank him before quickly running off.

Gray only watched in interest as he looked back at Levy. "Why wasn't she wearing shoes?"

"Don't question her."

Meanwhile, the blonde stumbled outside of the tall building as she looked left and right for the pink-haired successor. Realizing he was sitting on the curb, she sighed in relief and walked towards him, feeling the cool concert on her bare feet which was covered by a thin layer of stocking.

"Natsu..." Lucy spoke softly as the male turned and looked up to see who it was. When he realized it was Lucy, he turned back into his hunched position and scoffed. "What are you doing here? Go back," He muttered as Lucy sat herself down right next to him on the curb while he looked the other way. "I've been looking for you, y'know." She said but she only got a hum in response.

The silence remained for a moment as Lucy held her knees close to her chest, glancing at Natsu time to time.

"You know..." she broke the silence. "the word, 'crush' is like a middle school word to describe your feelings for someone." Lucy reminded him as he just ran his hand through his hair and continued to look the opposite direction. "Leave me alone..."

"C'mon, Natsu. Talk this out with me."

"I have nothing to say."

"Don't give me that!" She snapped as she now stood up, glaring at him angrily as he still didn't look up at her. "Look at me and give me a proper explanation!"

"I told you, I have nothing to say."

"Fine," she spat as she jabbed her thumb towards her chest. "But I do."

At this, Natsu looked up at her as she looked utterly embarrassed and upset.

"Four months ago, when I stumbled into your office, I just got through my head that this was going to be the job where I can finally live life with. Being an assistant didn't sound bad as it was at Fairy Tail and it was where Levy-Chan worked at. I woke up early that day, got dressed, ate breakfast, and came to your office with a positive attitude. I had couple minutes to spare, too—"

"Lucy, what the hell are you saying—?"

"Just listen to me!" She snapped making him stop and listen. "As I was saying. I had time to spare. I came into your office to prepare for someone all organized and well-behaved but when I came in, you were sleeping on your desk! You scared the living daylights out of me when you suddenly woke up. You were all sunshine and butterflies as you grinned and gave me a happy greeting. I felt comfortable around you and not to admit your gorgeous looks. You made me do this and that and it wasn't as bad. Then you got my name mixed up and I drew on your face and we bonded. Though, your first impression wasn't great but I still fell for you because you're you. I quit one time and you came all the way to my house to apologize and you took me to Paris and Tenrou and why are you so dense?!"

"Dense? Me—?"

"Yes! You're dense! I've been dropping hints here and there—I even tried convincing myself that I don't like you but it never worked! I like you, idiot! I might even love you! I hate you for that!" The blonde panted as she finished her little rampage. "I don't understand how you took my heart but you did! You're totally not my type—you are the complete opposite but I somehow managed to fall in love with you."


"Then this morning you tell the stupidest joke where you asked me to marry you which I inwardly said yes to but went through that entire nerve-wrecking rampage because I thought it was a dream! Then you tell me it a joke and my heart sank and I was upset that I actually thought of quitting! Then I go the entire day ignoring you and then couple of minutes ago you tell me you liked me and kissed me!" Lucy screamed as Natsu stood up, towering over her short figure. "But you didn't even give me the chance to respond as you stomp away and I just—!"

"Luce," Natsu spoke as he grabbed her head once more, silencing her for a moment. "You talk too much."

"What did you—?!" She shouted but was silence when a pair of lips pressed against hers.

This time, Lucy kissed him back as the warmth and love ran through her body, her arms instantly wrapping around his broad shoulders. She had to go on her toes as she was too short, their lips molding perfectly with each others as they pulled away breathless.

"You're an idiot, Lucy." He grinned as he pressed his forehead against hers, sighing happily as she smiled. "You're an idiot too, don't feel left out."

"Hey Lucy,"

"Yeah, Natsu?"

"Why aren't you wearing any shoes?" He asked making her now realize she wasn't wearing any shoes. It made her now feel the coolness of the concrete ground as she laughed sheepishly. "I guess I forgot my shoes in your office because I was too busy looking for you..." She said making him wrap his arms around her and pick her up bridal style. "Here... you can feel like a Princess for a moment."

"Are you my Prince charming?" Lucy giggled as he scoffed and walked back into the large building. "Princes are stupid... I'm your fierce dragon."

Somehow, Lucy thought she liked that much better than a stupid Prince.

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