I'm not very fond of people.

Give me a corpse I will gladly look over it.

Give me a person and I'll just fumble like the socially awkward person I am.

But of course they had to put me in interrogation duty. I was fine with paperwork, but no. 'You're the profiler' they said, 'this is your job' they said. But now that I think about it this isn't my job. If I recall correctly Criminal Profiling is the investigation of a crime with the hope of identifying the responsible party, based on crime scene analysis, investigative psychology, and behavioral evidence analysis. Not interrogation.

I'm supposed to watch the interrogation. Not be in it.

"So..err.. Miss Craig..? I.. U-Ummm" I stuttered like a twelve-year old kid asking a girl out, I am pathetic.

"I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again, I don't know anything!" She said getting up as if with finality. Oh great she's heading to the door!

I raced over the room and put my small body in front of the metal door (Which was cold, really cold).

I looked over at the woman. Her faced scrunched up in an annoyed manner.

"What?!" She spat getting even more infuriating than she was before. I gulped, in hopes she couldn't hear my heart beat. My ears turned red, and I was pretty sure my blood pressure was sky-high. She just looked even more annoyed (If that was possible).I took a deep breath to calm myself. My eyes closed, and a determine person took charge of my movements and words.

"That's a nice watch you have there.." I commented smoothly as I regained my composure.

"Er..Thanks..I guess.." I opened my eyes to see her own dart from place to place. Her hands playing with the hem of her skirt and absently touch said watch. I got her now.

"If I recall correctly.." I started as I begin to pace around the small confided room. I guess now I know why they wanted me here.

"Emily had the same one.." I drifted off and looked at her panicked face. Not being smug or anything, but damn,I am good at my job.

I stared blankly at the paperwork I was assigned. Nothing that I couldn't handle, beats being stuck in a small room, that's for sure. As my hands robotically write at the piece of paper, I feel a hand at the top of my head messing my short brown hair.

"Good job kid!" A male voice laughed, getting louder at my suspense. Adam Brown, the said male, was that guy in the office who either made everyone uncomfortable or made them want to punch him in the face.

"I think I heard you not stutter! For a second at least.." He said, his stupid smirk never leaving his face. My face became pink with embarrassment. I've been working with this man for quite some time. I remember the first time I met him. I've never wanted to kill anyone in 1 minute into meeting them.

"Shut up Brown. "The bored voice of Piper Collins filled the air. Her chocolate- brown eyes rolling at the mild stupidity that was: Adam Brown.

Adam's smirk fell to a grin. He moved over his desk and plopped down on his seat. As he gently propped both his legs up to his desk, he said: "I wasn't the one blabbering like a buffoon an hour ago" he replied smugly, setting his arms behind his head.

A frown set up in my face, I know he's only teasing. But he is right.

Before I could retort with a smart answer indicating, that I wasn't qualified for the job, but I still did a better job, Ethan Moore the computer consultant came in and rapidly sat on his own desk and typed away, like they're was no tomorrow. Taking a look at his disheveled look, a concerned Piper asked: " Something wrong Moore?"

Said man looked up from his glasses, which appeared fogged up, and looked from Piper to Adam, and finally to me.

"Nothing..why do you ask? "He asked rather impassive, almost agitated. Something obviously happened.

Piper cleared her throat and nodded to me.

"Anya would you please?" She ask with a grin plastered on her heart shaped face.

I nodded understanding immediately what she meant, time to work my magic.

"Your palms are sweaty, meaning your rather nervous. Your left eye is twitching. Which means your impassive, something or someone must of caused it. The rings under your eyes indicate that you didn't sleep very well. And your eyes are darting from place to place...Did something happen with Kate?" I asked innocently, seeing as his eyes grew wide and his head hung in shame, I took it as a yes.

At this Adam piped in. His voice almost serious.

"Did she discover your Star Wars collection?"

Ethan only glared at the 35 year-old man, he was used to his persona, but this wasn't the time. I could only shake my head and stare deeply at the paperwork, only two more to go.

"We had a fight.. and it was my fault.." He said ashamed of himself. I looked at the blonde who was only 3 years older than me. He was a sweet guy, it must of been something absurd if he had that look on his face.

"Then apologize. "My dark blonde female cow-worker said with a voice of finality.

"But I-"

"Grow some balls kid, that's how women are: stubborn. Just say you're sorry and bada-bing bada-bom, she's all yours" The black haired man in my right said, relaxing back into his chair. I was almost insulted, but this is Adam Brown, you have to get used to him or you'll go insane.

Ethan threw me a desperate look. Couldn't blame him, these people can have hearts of stone sometimes.

"E-Err..D-Don't look at me! "I replied holding my hands up in defense.

"C'mon Anya! You must know something!"

"You're looking in the wrong place for that kind of advice"

"She's right kid, Virgin Mary here has never gone on a date "Adam replied with his arms still in the back of his head, like a king on his throne. How has he not been fired already?

I shoot him a dirty look (Or something along those lines).Piper only rolled her eyes once more and got up behind the bastard at my right.

Before anyone could think she slapped him upside the head. I wasn't surprised; everyone slapped him upside the head. It was an indication he had from annoying to stupid.

He hissed in pain and glared at his attacker. Said person only smirked in victory and went back to her work.

I smiled; pleased he had shut his dirty pie-hole, and went back to work.

Just another day at the office