How could this be happening to me? Brody and I were so happy. Ya I missed Finn but did I have to sleep with him at wedding? Brody is so loyal and sweet. Don't forget hot but Finn was my first love and my only love. It has been a month since I left Finn sleeping in that dreaded hotel room. And poor getting left at the alter... Brody and I have barely had sex since the middle of January. The only time in February was last night. So he will be very suspicious when he finds out. Oh my gosh how could I be more selfish. Brody deserves better than me. I have to go back to Ohio now. I can't just not tell him. I bet he'll hate me. I mean I'm about to ruin his life forever. I guess your all wondering what I am trying to say. I, Rachel Berry, am pregnant. With Finn Hudson's child.