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Chapter 1

"Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

For 38 years Steve Rogers remained unaware of anything that was happening. He stayed frozen in the ice and his consciousness was put into a coma like state thanks to the serum that made him become Captain America, without it he would have surely died straight away.

The serum saved his life, but not even that could keep him alive and frozen for such a length of time and slowly, without Steve becoming aware, his soul began to leave his body behind.

That should have been the end of Steve Rogers, but in another universe on a cold Halloween night, a sacrifice caused by the strongest of love ripped the barrier between life and death for a few seconds. Those few moments were enough to save a one year old child from a certain death that rebounded onto its caster.

The events shouldn't have collided; they happened in different universes and neither was connected in the slightest to the other. Luckily, there was one thing that linked both incidents; a figure standing in the dark, hidden from everyone and everything.

Over the years, this figure had been ensuring Steve's soul stayed trapped in its body where it could live and accepting the sacrifice of a mother to save her child. However, instead of continuing as before, a flash of the future caused the figure to connect the two occurrences until the time was right.

For Steve, awareness was swift and abrupt; one moment he was crashing into the waves that would freeze him immediately and the next he was somewhere else. He couldn't move or speak, but he could hear and see and he was aware that he was moving.

His vision was slightly blurred but he could make out that he was sat in a destroyed bedroom; there was a body of a red-haired woman on the floor and he could hear a baby screaming. Everything became clear when a man picked him off the floor and began to talk to him, his eyes closed and his body fell asleep while his mind stayed awake.

It was hard to believe, but Steve knew instinctually that he was in someone else's body; the child that he'd heard screaming. He saw the memories of the red-haired woman and a man with messy black hair; the boy's parents.

Steve couldn't interact with the boy; Harry Potter. He didn't know if it was because the child was too young or because there was a barrier between them. As Harry grew older, Steve lived his life with him; he learnt how to let his mind go to sleep and how to take a step out of Harry's life to give the boy privacy.

Everything changed when Harry was five years old. He'd been living with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin for four years. They weren't kind to him; he was constantly insulted and he was forced to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs while wearing his cousin's cast-off clothing that was far too big for him, but Harry wasn't abused physically by them.

Except one time. On September 16th, Harry came home with a high mark for his Maths homework and Dudley; Harry's cousin, told his parents that he'd gotten a detention for not handing his own work in. He claimed that Harry had stolen his work and that was why he'd gotten such a high mark.

Uncle Vernon was furious when he heard what Dudley had told Aunt Petunia, he dragged Harry to the cupboard that was used as his bedroom and pushed him into the small space. It was an accident, but the force of the push caused Harry to hit his cheek on one of the shelves.

It was at that moment that all of Steve's protective emotions surged through Harry. During his time inside Harry's head, Steve had grown to think of the boy as a younger brother. For his part, Harry was aware that there was another presence in his mind, but he was too young to really understand that it wasn't normal and he didn't have anyone he could tell anyway.

The consequence of all the mixed emotions was that the barrier between Harry and Steve began to break. From that point on Steve could send his emotions to Harry; it was their way of communicating to each other. Harry could direct his thoughts and emotions to Steve, sometimes with a memory attached, but Steve could only use his emotions to reply.

Another effect was that Harry began to dream about Steve, except that they weren't dreams; they were Steve's memories, starting from a rough childhood and continuing up to the moment when he froze in the ice. Harry was ten years old by the time he'd finished viewing all of Steve's memories and he looked to Steve as a big brother who was always with him.

That could have been the end of it, Harry could have lived a long normal life that he would have shared with Steve, but it was never to be. Instead, events from before he was born began to effect his life, starting with a strange letter in the post that was addressed to the cupboard under the stairs.