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Bebe P.O.V.

"Well, I'm guessing Jenny Simon is a bit too familiar with the school's roof."

As soon as we got out of school, we all gathered for an emergency Girl Congress session. Almost all of the girls were scared after seeing what happened to Jenny. She was still alive, but after the ambulance had left, there was still a gruesome blood stain on the pavement where she had landed.

"Now, I'm hoping you will reconsider your choice. Jenny Simon was very lucky today. The next person may not be. You have until 5:00 tomorrow night to give us what we want. If you are going to agree to our terms, meet us at Main Street. I strongly suggest that you do."

I turn off the tape and let Cartman's words sink in. After a few silent moments, I speak up.

"To respond to the boys' threats, I am ordering that one girl is never by herself. You are hereby ordered to always be with someone else until further notice."

"But they won't give up!" Annie Faulk cried out. "You know how Cartman is. He'll just see it as a good opportunity to take two of us out at once!" Several of the other girls nod in agreement.

"This is non-negotiable!" I shout. "They can't get to us easily if we are in groups. This is final." I can tell that they mostly don't like my decision. However, it's for the best. I hope.

As the girls begin to leave, I call Milly over to the side.

"Look, we can't let anything happen at this meeting on Main Street like what happened at school today. During the meeting, I want you to be in the Book Depository. You are our best girl with the weapons. If anything goes wrong, take a shot on Cartman."

She simply nods and mumbles, "Okay."

As she walks out the door, I shout, "And don't forget to take someone with you!"
Cartman P.O.V.

"Alright people, we are near a victory. By the end of this week, Operation Tranquility Restoration will go down in the club books as a success. After this third attack, the girls will give us what we want!"

"How do you know that the targets will be there?" Kyle asked, being a skeptic like usual.

"The same way I knew that you guys would warn Scott Tenorman about the pony. I just know that it will happen. And because I know that, I know that they are going to give up soon," I explain. "Craig, do you have the kerosene yet?"

"No, but it's on its way," Craig responds in his monotone.

"Well Jesus Christ, hurry up with it! Hey, don't flip me off Craig! Anyways, by Wednesday, the girls will be begging us for mercy."

The Next Day

"Alright Kyle, it's up to you and Butters. Show 'em what you got! Oh, and make sure to use all of the kerosene!"

I send Kyle on his way to deal with the next hit. Meanwhile, Stan, Clyde and I have a meeting to attend.

Bebe P.O.V.

I arrive at Main Street several minutes before five. Along with me is Wendy and Red, the Congress's second and third in command.

I look around to see if Cartman has arrived yet. He hasn't. I pull out a walkie talkie and hit a button.

"Commander to Shooter, repeat, Commander to Shooter, do you read, over. Krrrk.

"I read, over. Krrrk.

"Are you in position, over. Krrrk.

"Yes indeed. Lola and I are here, over. Krrrk.

"If you sense anything wrong, take the shot, over and out. Krrrk.

I put the walkie talkie away. Just in time, too. Cartman and two others are approaching.

Cartman P.O.V.

Bebe's here first, I see. Just as I expected. I quickly send a text to Kyle, telling him to go in. I can see him and Butters crossing the street behind Bebe and going into the Book Depository.

"So, I see you made it," I say to the three girls.

"If you are stupid enough to think that I will give up the election over a prank—" Wendy begins a rant but I cut her off.

"Oh, I know you won't. That's why we're taking this to the next level."

Bebe begins to reach for her pocket. I speak up again.

"The walkie talkie won't do much for you, Bebe." She stops and looks at me.

"The walkie talkie is probably the least of Milly and Lola's problems right now. When the flames reach the books, that old building will go up in seconds." The color is gone from all three of the girls' faces.

"And my guess is that the flames will be reaching those books about… right… now." As I say that last word, the Book Depository erupts into flames.

Half an hour later, two vehicles leave the smoldering remains of the Book Depository. The fire engine is the first to go, followed by the coroner's truck.

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