Hi! I'm Jao. I hope I won't waste your time with my writing, and hopefully it will entertain you. So lets begin shall we? Oh, but first, I should do some warnings. First, this is supposed to be a scary camp fire like story.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They all belong to Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon. With that all said, lets begin our tale...

             The ceiling was a sight to see; in fact it was the only thing Dib had been staring at for the past hour or so. Laying on his bed, hands resting behind his head he had laid there trying to do anything but sleep. Sleep no longer was a good thing, not with all these nightmares plaguing him. It had been going on for quite some time now, and they had only got worse. But they always started out the same. But like always there was a terrible ending that made his stomach turn just thinking about it. He rolled over now, his back itching to feel something besides the sheets he was laying on, the summer heat forcing him to sleep in nothing more than boxers. Stupid broken air conditioner. In all his 15 years, Dib could hardly remember a time he had so much trouble with sleeping. The clock read 3:48 am across the room. What was worse is the person who was plaguing his dreams...

            "Dib..." The voice Dib had grown to hate, and he was well aware he was asleep now. That feeling of being trapped in something you have no control over is an unmistakable feeling, even when you're unconscious. He turned to see the same form he had grown to expect, a young woman, no face with long purple hair and scares from which Dib couldn't imagine. Somehow her voice sounded in his mind, and well, she wasn't actually faceless, more like scare tissue had grown over all her features. Her white sundress scattered with bloodstains, her feet leaving bloody footprints as she walked towards him, in the large white padded room. Yeah, this was nothing new at all and it was something Dib was trying to avoid. She wrapped her scared and somewhat bleeding arms around him, and held him sweetly, before digging her fingers into his back. The pain was very real, but yet expected. Dib had even grown accustomed to the sound of his own scream of pain as she dug her hand, now knuckle deep into his back, as if searching for something within his body. He could feel her fingers wiggle and dig and soon her forearm was within him. Her body was cold, and her smell was stale, like the air in a room that had been sealed away for years.

            "I found it, don't worry dear." Dib braced himself. It's a feeling no one should experience, a sight no one should see, and Dib would never wish such a thing on anyone, not even Zim. And when she had ripped his heart from his body though the hole she had clawed through his back she giggled, holding out the severed organ to Dib.

            "Sorry, here, you can have it back." She said before porously dropping it to the floor. When the rest of Dib followed was what normally marked the end of the nightmare.

            "I didn't disappoint you, did I? Was that not as amazing as before, Dib? I'd hate to be anything less than what you expect." The woman sat down next to Dib, and pulled him into her lap. There she stroked Dib's face as he gasped for air, the pain that racked his body contracted almost every muscle.

            "Oh, but that's nothing dear," She said, as if Dib's pain was his response. "I could only wish to show you everything I had to go through." She paused and then dipped her fingers in the abundant blood on the floor and smeared a streak across Dib's forehead. "You're so much prettier when you're bleeding, you know that? I bet you'd be a gorgeous corpse. No one loves you Dib, you should just sleep forever and stay with me, and I get so lonely you know."

            "Th-that's not true. I'm l-loved..." Dib choked out, the pain beginning to fade, as everything slowed.

            "How so?  Who loves you? Not your father. If you believe that, you're fooling yourself. Not even your sister does, and you have no friends, so stay with me. Sleep forever and stay young forever and be with me." Her blank face was so close to his, the panic that had once been there was being replaced with a cold dullness that left him with out even the strength to look away. Fear was left, however, and he was sure she must be able to sense it, but even that was fading.

            "That's what it's like. That slow, ever reaching darkness. It's nothing to be scared of, Dib. It's nice when you get used to it. No more pain, no one to doubt your sanity. That you know of, I'm sure. You and me, we're the same. Unwanted, alone, and crazy." She paused and took Dib's glasses from his face and placed them aside in the growing pool of blood on the padded floor. Then she bent down and gave him what would have been a kiss if her lips were not covered by all that scare tissue which covered her face like a nylon sock.

            "You'll see in time that I'm right, Dib. It's only a matter of time."

            Dib woke up to the stale air of his room, marking the warm summer morning. The heat was so sticky it made it hard for him to breathe as he sat straight up, gasping for breath, his heart pounding. The AC broke over a week ago, but Membrane almost never came home. The house could burn down with him and Gaz in it and that father of theirs would never know, and for a moment Dib wondered if he'd even care. Wiping the sweat from his face Dib shook the thought from his mind. Those dreams have been getting to him. Of course their father would care...wouldn't he? 

            "Oh good, you're up." Gaz said as she stood in the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest. "I'm going out to get some groceries. Try to be useful." She turned and left, leaving Dib to regain his senses, and maybe it was because he had just woken up from that dream, but Gaz held some kind of resemblance to the woman... Nah, of course not. Reluctantly Dib got up and got dressed. Maybe he could work on the AC today. It was one of those outside central air units, and the sun warned the fair child of it's powers over the color of his skin and how easily he burned. But if he had to go through one more sticky night, Dib would just keel over and die.

            Once outside and settled next to the unit on the dead grass, Dib realized he had the wrong kind of screw driver, so he went back in to hunt down the right one. He could remember that there was a spare tool kit in the closet, so he ventured up into its dusty heights. He couldn't quite see the shelf he was reaching on and when an avalanche fell on him it was hardly a surprise. Amongst the clutter and debris there was an old dusty photo album.

            Opening it, he saw pictures he didn't even know existed. Faces he had never seen before stared at him, then the air suddenly became cold. As he flipped through the dusty pages the air temperature dropped in such an unnatural way, and then there was a picture that had caught his eye. An image that had been idly shoved into the book. A young woman with long purple hair smiled sweetly at him from the photograph, and standing next to her was his dad. His fingers grazed the picture and the closet door slammed shut. Startled, Dib looked at the door, then turned back to the picture. When he noticed the picture had changed he had to check twice. This time her face was gone. That was nothing, when she started moving in the photograph was when Dib threw it down and went straight for the door handle. When he tried it the first time it didn't budge, the second time the lights went off, and all he could hear was the beating of his heart.

            "Son, snap out of it." Dib opened his eyes to find his father's goggled eyes staring down at him and he stopped his frantic thrashings. Gaz stood just a few feet away.

            "Told you he'd snap sooner or later," She said with a grunt, walking away. Dib struggled from his father's arms and ran for the door, screaming the whole way. Membrane just shook his head. Standing he walked over to the closet and shut it, and once he did a certain photograph slid out from under the door to his boots. Membrane bent down and picked up the picture the promptly tore it in half.

            Dib didn't know how long he had been running, but he had to stop and catch his breath, but he knew no matter how much he ran, the images wouldn't go away. It was then he promptly doubled over and emptied the contents of his stomach upon the sidewalk. He could almost still feel her hands, the things she had done...who she was. He wiped his mouth and ran again, trying to put as much room between him and that house where she lurked. His body ached from the stress of the heat and being sick and his mind screamed and stomach lurked again. He barely noticed when he finally passed out.

Jao: Well, that's it for chapter one. I hope this scary story telling style doesn't get on your nerves. It's supposed to sound like something you'd tell around a campfire. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll see you in chapter two.