Jao: Eh, I promised chapter 5 was the last, but I finally figured out what I wanted to do with this thing. I didn't expect to get the response I did with this story. Hopefully this or perhaps a chapter 7 will be the last.

            "Zim…Gir?" Dib's shaking voice called out into the darkness. His surroundings weren't dark in reality. His thinning shaking white fingertips traced the pale walls of the main facility. Thankfully because the loss of his sight he couldn't see the personnel in this hallway hanging from the ceiling, most just mere inches above his head. Fear raced through his veins like the poison slowly killing him. Never had he been scared of the unknown when just months ago he was chasing it, now he running from it, trying to survive as it crept closer in the form of his insane mother and father. Death could be standing in front of him and he'd never know it, and for once he felt truly helpless.

With a quivering sigh he let his body slide down the blood stained wall, feeling the cold floor under him. He put his head in his hands and felt himself shiver. What was going on? Everything was so quiet and still. Wasn't anyone here? It was quite obvious something was terribly wrong here, and he got up and walked a little bit before tripping over the assistant on the floor. Falling is another scary thing when you're blind. He didn't see the metal medical table and he hit it with a sickening crack. The table rolled and bumped into the opposite wall as Dib's body hit the floor.

"Stupid human stink beast…" Zim pounded his fist into the endlessly bleeding wall. He had been walking down the same passage for more than an hour now. The floor bounced him back when he walked, the walls bled and screams came from the air and it soon became less and less frightening for him. After all, human blood and screams is something he had always wanted. It was just the fact it seemed this hallway had no end at all. The dirt caked windows wouldn't break, the doors wouldn't open and neither end of the hallway ever came any closer. If ONLY he had just listened to his first thoughts and left the human to die he wouldn't be in this mess, and Irk knows the human was not worth this kind of aggravation.

Crreeeeeeeeeekk Zim looked around to find the source of the new sound when it caught his eye. Above him, in the moonlight that escaped the binds of the dirt, Zim could see that a grate on the exposed ventilation system above him had swung open. He walked under it and peered up into its dark inner reaches. The darkness inside seemed to swirl and collapse into itself and he could feel his heart rate rise. Something in his head was screaming to run, but he stayed, looking up into the vent just mere feet above him. This was probably the only exit to the hellish hallway. The voice protested again and reminded him of the 1st time he had ignored this voice of better reason, but he pushed it aside anyway. With the usage of his mechanical legs, Zim lifted himself closer to the vent and stuck his head inside, looking around as best he could, he pulled himself inside and the grate closed back with a loud bang. Terrified now, Zim shook at the grate but it refused to budge. Like it or not, now he was stuck here, probably just as blind as the Dib human to what ever maybe in front of him. Gliding his fingers down the sides he moved forward hoping it was just him in this ventilation system.

*"The wonders of life collapse on itself as all things grow cold. It's the end of all that's good it's the end of all we know. People die and people cry but life goes on the same. The world would not stop turning if I were to erase your name."

"You were always a poet, Sara." Membrane shouted back at her. "Why don't you just stop all of this foolishness?" He walked at a fast pace down one of the main corridors, trying to get back to the hallway with the seven locks. Hopefully Dib would still be near there and he could pick up where he had left off.

"You killed me honey, you think I'll just forget that?" She followed above and behind him, not surprised as he walked unfazed past all the bodies of the personnel that had once worked here.

"You were crazy! What was I supposed to do? Let you go out into society like that?" He turned another corner almost tripping over a body that was sprawled upon the floor.

"But who was the reason I went crazy in the first place?" She called back. Membrane stopped and turned to her.

"I couldn't see you like that, Sara."

"You didn't want me to leave you, admit it. You just wanted me for yourself."

"I'm supposed to have you to myself. We were married, remember?"

"Is that what we were? I was a great scientist, your only rival and then you had to get me pregnant. You know I hated you for it. Then we got married and I had to stay home with Dib. You took my body, my freedom, my career and my life and you want me to just walk away, even in death?!"

"If it means anything, I regret every bit of it." Membrane turned and began walking down the hall again. "But we can start over again."

"I don't want to start over, honey. I want my kids and to send you to hell and finally rest. I want to end your stupid blood line and have my revenge."

"Don't count on it sweetie."

"And I heard that bullshit story you told Dib. You can't even tell your son the truth? You made that substance and infected me so you could use it as a way to punish me. The side effects were terrible and you knew they would be! Not only that but it was somehow passed down to Gaz and Dib, my children!"

"You mean our children."

"NO. They were my children, you didn't even care enough to go and see them. They raised themselves because you were always too much of a prick to be a dad. All they really were to you were by products of you."

"I won't make that mistake again…I can bring you back, Sara and we can be happy this time. No children, just our work."

"I hate you, you crazy fuck."

            "The feeling is mutual sometimes, sweetie." Zim stopped and looked down the small grate as membrane stopped walking and stood almost directly under him.

            "But I'm brining you back, and there's no more room for discussion. I just need to find Dib."

            "You just don't get it do you? I HATE you, I always did, I always will. I'm gunna go find Dib and kill him first. Then I'll kill you."

            "Not if I find him first."



Zim shook his head and continued on. He was finding a way outta here and leaving the human. He had no more time to waste on it, and it wasn't worth risking his life. Then just ahead of him blinked two red eyes. Zim hesitated, and then sighed as he heard a slow clank of metal as it approached.

"Gir! Hurry and get over here so we can get the hell out of this accursed place" There was no increase in it's slow approaching clank, red still searing at him from the blackness.

"Gir? Did you not hear what I just said?!"  Still no difference as it came, inching closer. A pungent odor filled the vent now. Zim backed up onto the grate, light encircling around him from the hallway below. It thumped-clanked farther still, the odor increasing. A small trickle of reddish greenish blood flowed from in front of the thing and down thru the grate. Whatever that thing was, it wasn't Gir. Zim turned to find a metal wall where it had been open just moments before, so he dove for the grate, pulling and yanking upon it as the thing came closer and closer. Zim watched in horror as it entered the outer most edge of the light coming up from the passage below. It glared at Zim past blood soaked fur, various metal instruments shoved deep into its rotting flesh. It bared yellow razor sharp teeth before lunging at a helpless Zim.

"Dib, get up sweetie." Dib groaned as he attempted to think. He barely had to move to cause everything to spin. "It's time to go honey." That voice… Dib scrambled the best he could to his feet and ran somewhere, finding a wall to use as a guide. He knew she was following him, obviously enjoying his display. He was picking up speed when his feet ran through something warm and slightly sticky. He slowed as to not slip. To slip would cost him more time than if he just was a bit cautious. Then he felt something drip on his head. He wasn't dumb it was blood he was standing in, but why would it be coming from over head? Suddenly he was shoved forward, the bloody floor meeting with his face. This didn't smell like regular blood, and it didn't have the same metallic taste to it either. Its thickness was different…

"Where's your little alien, Dib?" His mother cooed from behind. Zim? Dib moved his hand across the wet floor again, scrambling to remove it from his face, only to smear it worse. This…couldn't be…. Zim.

"That's right dear. Aren't you happy? You got something you've always wanted. Wasn't this what you always wanted?" She knelt down next to Dib and dipped her fingers in it before smearing more on his face, then a trail down his neck.

"It's almost the same as a human's. Such a shame. You see Dib, as you saw Zim as an alien so you were to your own kind. And here you are, in his blood, the earth is safe Dib. Where's your smile? Where's your grateful mankind? They locked you up and sent you to die. And in the end it was only that alien that cared or hated you enough to have anything more to do with you. Now that he's dead, who's left to care? What is your reason to live now?" Dib clenched his fists, using his sleeve to wipe his face of the blood.

"Why don't you just kill me?" She forced him down into the blood, pressing to the point that he could hardly breathe.

"It doesn't work like that. If I could, I would, but you need to come willingly. I can only kill the person who killed me. I can't kill him till I kill you. You're the only thing standing in the way of us being a happy family again. There's nothing left for you here, come with me and Gaz."

"Y-you mean Gaz came…on her own?" She eased off of him.

"Yes, she gave me permission." Dib stood and frantically removed his shirt, tossing it away, hearing a flop as it hit the hard floor. "But it doesn't matter."

"Of course it does! Why would she let you kill her?!"

"I'm her mother. I cared about her, not like her father. Unlike you she had little passion for this cold world."

"And you expect me to just let you kill me?"

"Dib, Dib, sweetie." She came up to him, wrapping her arms around his arms. "You're not thinking rationally. The public. They hate you. They were happy to get rid of you. Your alien is gone, so what's the point? And if you escaped, whom do you think they'd blame these murders on? You or your father? You do know you and your father are the only people alive right now."

"Think again, bitch." Sara turned around to see a panting Zim standing in front of her, a rather large gun pointed at her. A few large gashes traced his torso, but over all, the tough Alien stayed standing, the gun almost too big for his injured body to use. She crept closer, grinning through her scar tissue.

"What's a gun going to do? I'm already dead." Zim smirked and pulled down a rather large lever on the right side.

"This is no human gun, hell bitch." He said flatly. She advanced towards Zim as the gun powered up with a loud hum. A large power cord connected to the wall was draining all the power in the building, feeding into the gun Zim was struggling to keep hold of. Then with a loud shake Zim pulled the trigger. Sara laughed before disappearing, leaving a blind Dib right behind her.

Well? It looks a chapter 7 is in order now, no? Questions left unanswered: If Sara can't kill anyone besides Membrane and the willing who killed all the personnel? Will Dib survive the blast? How did Zim escape the thing in the ventilation system? Whose blood was that all over the floor then? Where'd Zim get such a big gun? Who will survive? We'll have to wait till chapter 7 to find out, won't we?