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Morning sunshine is working its way through the opened windows toward the large bed where the two of three Mellark still asleep soundly, greet us warmly to start another day. No one budges yet, not even me since fatigue still dominated all over our bodies, but the happiness that spreads all over our exhausted faces is surely visible.

A moment later, I open my gray eyes slowly then take in the view in front of me and smiles brightly. My six months sweet baby girl is curled up on Peeta's broad chest, sucking her little fist in mouth.

Peeta's right hand lays gently across our baby's tiny back, clasping her to him, where his left hand is entwined with my hands. He carries on his promise and duty, protects both of us, even in his sleep.

A single teardrop runs down my cheek, what have I ever done that makes me deserve both of these beautiful and amazing persons? I never know the answer of this question, which is why I terrified that someday I'll lose both of them. If that terrible thing ever happens, I'll die. I'm certain of it. I'll die in an instant.

I have no idea how long have I holds my gaze over them, I always lost in time when it comes to both of them. But I never mind, my life is rotating around them. It doesn't matter how much both of them consume my time, all of it belongs to them anyway.

Suddenly, Peeta's long and blonde eyelash flutters.

"Good morning, gorgeous," Katniss said.

"Morning too, beautiful," Peeta moved his head slowly toward me. "How's your sleep?"

"Well… three hours isn't enough, but I have nothing to complain. What about you?"

"Same as you. Nothing to complain about," Peeta smiled. "I'd love to give you a good morning kiss, but someone occupies my chest this very moment."

"Yeah, I see that. A very beautiful girl sleeps atop you, should I be worried?"

"If you can accept the fact that I love her as much as I love you, we'll be alright."

"If you can accept the fact that I love her as much as I love you too, I don't mind at all."

"Well… since the three of us are madly in love, you can come here and kiss me anytime you feel like it," Peeta said with a mischievous grin.

I move slightly and kiss him softly; we break apart when the little figure between us raises her head slowly.

"Hello… sweetie, ready for another wonderful day?" I scooped her gently.

"Of course she is, right willow?" Peeta kissed her chubby cheeks.

Willow makes no response; she isn't wide awake yet for it.

"You better take shower now, it's already nine," I said. "The train will leave at eleven and we need to arrive at the train station at least fifteen minutes before it.

"Sure, I need to hurry and makes breakfast anyway. Haymitch will be here at any moment."

"Did you pack all willow stuffs that I told you yesterday?"

"I did, it's in her room if you want to double-check it," Peeta's voice muffled as he closed the bathroom door. "I put the train ticket in her bag also, on the left pouch."

"Okay… I'll be in the nursery, dressing Willow up. We'll be ready in an hour," I raised my voice a bit "And Peeta… are you sure Haymitch will sober enough for this."

"I'm sure, Katniss. Don't worry about it."

"I won't," I smiled.

I walk toward Willow's nursery. It's located right in front of our bedroom. Last night was an exception; she was too fussy to sleep there. Not cried all night either, she just didn't want to shut her eyes. It was four past fifty when she finally falls asleep.

The walls are beautifully painted. The sky, sun, clouds, trees, grass, flowers and animal like birds, squirrels and rabbits looked so real. Peeta spent three months for it. He picked every single thing in it by himself, except for the clothes.

I never knew what the nursery would look like; he only let me in at the same time as Willow did. Not that I would complain about what it would be, I just curious. I stopped forcing him to show it just after he said that he wanted it to be special and perfect for us.

The furniture is pastel colored. The crib, the changing table, the drawers, the toy box, everything and since Willow and I would spend a lot of our time there, he even provided it with a refrigerator and some machine called pastry warmer so I'll never run out fresh stock of cheese buns.

I often forget that it's the nursery, not a clearing in the woods, since it's bring the same sense of freedom, comfort & happiness to me. It's even making me feel safe and loved, something that the woods definitely cannot offer. So yeah… just like Peeta wanted it to be, it is special and perfect in every single way.