By: L. Monster

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

I've written a few Gravi one shots over the past month and even though I don't have a Beta and there's probably quite a few mistakes in my writing, I simply couldn't help myself. This is a two chapters fic, hope the second isn't disappointing although it is quite a bit longer than the first. Again, I'm not a very good writer but I've a knack for humour, I hope at least that shows.


"It's- it's not what you think!"

"Like hell it's not!"

"Yu-Yuukii! Get back here!"

The door to Yuki's study shut right in front of the singer's nose, missing his face by a mere couple inches. The pink haired boy pounded hard on the door for a couple of minutes but it remained shut.

"At least give me back my laptop!" yelled the singer in one last desperate attempt to get the writer's attention back. Suddenly heavy steps were heard from inside the study and the door opened revealing a pale-faced Yuki Eiri. He looked livid.

Shuichi instinctively covered his head with his forearms and turned slightly to his side.

"You are not getting it back, not until you go to fucking therapy and I hear back from the shrink that you've been heavily medicated!" hissed the novelist, cigarette dangling from his lips, half of which was pure ash that scattered as he spoke.

"Yuki! I can't believe you're making such a big deal out of this! You of all people!" the singer spoke half concerned half amused. "Everyone masturbates you know! Even you! I know because I've gone through your search history before!"

The novelist raised a fist menacingly as his shoulders shook out of control, eyes closed, cigarette almost bitten in two…

"I masturbate to PORN! Not to fucking - not to - THAT!" With that, he returned into the darkness of his study shutting the door behind him as noisily as he could manage.

Shuichi sat down on the spot crossing his legs in front of him. He thought hard for a couple of seconds.

Meanwhile inside the studio, all lights off, Yuki Eiri sat in his chair with his elbows resting on the desk.

Of all possible things, he had never expected his genki lover to like that kind of things. Not in a sexual way anyways. Sexual… holy shit, the thought suddenly downed in on him. He was sharing his house, his life with someone who was into … that. The thought was just sick, so overwhelmingly disturbing, so fucking mental. And he thought he was the perverted one of the two. Holy fucking shit.

No, he wouldn't have it. He just had to find the logic behind it all… after all, he did have some kind of feelings for the damn brat. Wasn't it his job as a lover to understand his mate's faults and help him through them?

Pff, no way. He was right to be mad, hell, he was right to be disturbed! Was he not? Was this normal after all? Could it be that he had been so engrossed in his work that he had missed the memo? Was it suddenly plain normal sexual behaviour to be turned on by… that? Was he old fashioned now? The thought terrorised him. He picked up the phone and dialled a number by heart.

After a couple of rings a voice was heard on the other side of the line.

"Sensei? It's me. I have a- question."

After an uncomfortable conversation full of pauses and audible nods (un's), the writer hung up the phone and stared at the pink laptop in front of him.

"Fine." the novelist whispered, as he hit on the 'play' button, hoping to dear life a naked man (or woman!) would appear at some point.


To be continued… stay tuned!