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Jacob placed me on the hotel bed before he started to undress. After he met with his fans he had decided to skip the rest of the after party tonight and take me straight to the hotel room we had waiting. Words were not needed to be said nor were they wanted that moment, there was a memory that needed to be made.

"Mommy dat dog is so tiny, how does it got all dat hair?" Aro came over to my house the week Jake had left, bringing along with him his Pomeranian who was just as stylish as Aro himself. Other than a play friend for Eli, Aro had brought with him what he declared was my "Washington wardrobe." I tried to turn down his aid at first claiming that Washington probably didn't have the right weather for anything he designed but he just shot me down quickly telling me if Washington in August was a challenge for him then he shouldn't be a designer.

Aro started showing me clothing that surprisingly didn't look too fancy or uncomfortable. He had even made several pairs of shorts that had wider holes in the bottom so that I could get them around my external fixator. Most of what Aro made for me however were dresses; something that I expected given the fact that he generally only makes formal gowns.

"Now it's time for the fun part." He cooed to me in his thick accent.

"The part where you tell me you've designed the comfiest sweat pants in the world for me to wear?" He grabbed his heart as if my suggestion had given him a heart attack.

"Never! Sweatpants are absolutely disgusting and not at all meant to be worn by a model like you. What I meant is that it's time for me to take your measurements so I can finish up a couple of special pieces I'm making for you."

"I hate this part." I groaned but Aro just rolled his eyes at me.

"Close your eyes and go to your happy place then darling, it'll only take a moment."

"So fucking beautiful…" He broke the silence as he murmured to himself. After he had hastily taken off everything except his scarlet boxers he slowly made his way towards me.

When Jacob reached me, he met my lips with a gentle kiss letting our tongues play together while his hands snuck down and lifted off my shirt. His mouth moved down my body, planting a kiss on each bra covered mound before he removed that as well.

I helped him remove my pants, making sure that I intentionally ground my hips against him.

"You vixen." He didn't know how right he was that moment; as soon as my clothing had been discarded I took charge, turning us so I was in control.

My mouth found his violently as we battled for dominance. I pulled away reluctantly, moving my attention down his body. I met his neck first, leaving a passionate mark at the base of his collar bone before continuing lower.

"I can't wait any longer, fuck." That was all the warning I got before Jacob flipped the two of us over.

"I don't know if I can be gentle Bella." The lust in his eyes had temporarily faded away, replaced with a look of concern.

"I don't want it gentle Jacob." That was all I needed to say.

"Angela! Aaangellla!"

Aro had left with his pooch a couple of hours ago with promises to bring me even more clothes soon. After he had left I'd thrown on one of Jacob's shirts before snuggling into my bed. That is where I was when Eli came barreling into the room followed soon after by Angela.

"Angelaaa! Angela!" Eli shouted for probably the 10th time in the past minute.

"Elijah, calm down. What is it?" I was hardly paying attention until I heard the next words come out of his mouth.

"Is mommy dead?" That definitely caught my attention as well as Angela's.

"What? Of course not."

"Then why is she just lying like dat?" At this point I rolled over so I was facing my little man. I could see the concern in his bright green eyes but I was lost for words so I let Angela answer.

"Your mama is just a little sad Superman, she's missing your daddy." Eli thought about what Angela said for a second before he climbed onto my bed, he then crawled up to me so he was leaning over my face.

"I miss Daddy too but I don't pretend to be dead. Dat's silly." He told me while pushing my hair around. I realized at that moment that I could continue to mope around or I could put on a happy face on play with my son. I'm really quite glad I chose the latter.


"I don't want it gentle Jacob." Bella purred out, her brown eyes half closed. I didn't hold back any longer in fact it seemed like I was doing so many things at once.

I took her mouth with mine, dominating the kiss from the start as one of my hands went to her breast and the other to her hair. She moaned into my mouth letting me know she was more than ready for me and God was she ready for me.

With one thrust of my hips I was transported to heaven.

"I swear to God Sam, one more fucking time and I'm going to go against everything my father ever taught me and kick her ass." Sam groaned, clearly not agreeing with my threatened tactics.

"Jake, generally speaking, it's not a good idea to attack the people you're on tour with. The media would be all over it."

Sam had a point but then again maybe he would change his mind if it was him getting practically molested all the time. I swear to God if we were on the same bus worse probably would've happened to me by now. Next time I tour I swear there will be no female artists performing. In fact I'd rather have to share a bus with a dozen fucking alpha males with tempers worse than mine then have to deal with Jessica.

"Jake." Sam says my name to pull me out of my thoughts before pointing to the clock.
"It's time for you to skype buddy." I jumped up, more excited than a kid on Christmas day and headed to the back of the bus where my bunk was.

Today apparently Eli had won the right to talk to me first and was bouncing around in the chair Angela had put him in.

"Dad!" He shouted causing me to chuckle.

"Hey Superman, how was your day."

"It was good, I saw a doggy and I played with him lots and den Angie and I maded some cookies and den Mommy was playin' dead and I told her she was being silly…" Eli caught my attention with the last statement so I waited until he had finished talking about his day to ask him about it.

"What do you mean mommy was playing dead Eli?"

"She was just layin' derr and I thought she was dead but den I found out she was just sad."

That right there killed me inside; Bella was sad, I was sad and it was all my fucking fault. Eli said goodbye after that before going to search for Bella, but shit I didn't even know if I wanted to talk to her now.

I had to leave at four in the morning. Bella looked so peaceful curled up on her side, her skin glowing in contrast with the black t-shirt of mine she was wearing. I didn't want to disturb her until the last minute possible so I kissed her forehead before sneaking off to take a shower.

A big part of me didn't want to leave for the tour but with each wave of doubt and regret I felt I repeated a mantra in my head.

"You signed up for this life Jake. Remember you're living your wildest dream; remember you'll be home soon enough."

She was awake when I reentered the room, her brown eyes lazily half opened.

"Do you have everything?" I nodded, making my way over to the bed.

"I'm gonna miss you so fucking much Bells." I told her before hungrily latching my lips onto hers. When we separated her eyes fully opened, all remnants of sleep apparently gone from her system.

"I'm going to miss you too Jay but remember, you'll see me soon enough." I forced myself to smile and nod, just as five minutes later I forced myself to leave the hotel room alone. My mantra was the only thing that kept me from running back into that hotel room.

"You signed up for this life Jake. Remember you're living your wildest dream; remember you'll be home soon enough."

Bella sauntered up to her laptop looking sexy as fuck in low riding sweat pants and a black sports bra. The extensions she had gotten shortly after the accident were thrown into a lazy bun and she had a batman sticker on her cheek. Like I said, she looked sexy as fuck and I couldn't help but grin like an idiot.

"Hey beautiful." She smiled back at me before sitting down in the chair Eli had been in before.

"Hey Jake, what have you been up to?" If this was any other girl I would've made some shit up about how great of a day I had but this was my girl, and I knew she deserved honesty.

"I've been considering the pros and cons of hitting Jessie the next time she tries to grind on me. You?"

"I've been making up for a bad parenting moment." She told me before pausing.

"I miss you Jay. I miss you more than I thought was possible." I tried to keep a strong face on as she told me that; Bella has never been a fan of talking about emotions so when she tells you she feels something you take that shit to heart.

"I miss you too Bells." I told her, all the time repeating my mantra in my head.

"You signed up for this life Jake. Remember you're living your wildest dream; remember you'll be home soon enough… You signed up for this life Jake. Remember you're living your wildest dream; remember you'll be home soon enough"

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