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"Now Kitty, darling," Pietro grinned as he arranged the ropes that tied Kitty to her chair just so. "I want to be able to see some real emotion. I want to be able to believe that you actually are in danger. Can you do that?"

"Sure," Kitty grinned.

"Brilliant," Pietro beamed. He gave a little wriggle on the spot. "Ooh, you look so cute like that."

"Oh Pietro, stop it," Kitty giggled.

"I can't help it," Pietro said, "You're so cute I could kiss you."

"But you won't," Lance growled into Pietro's ear.

"Well, I've got to kiss someone now," Pietro smirked as he eyed Kitty, "I've got that warm fuzzy feeling inside."

"Kiss Toby," Lance said, shoving Pietro into the slender teen."

"Funny," Pietro said dryly as he pushed himself off Toby. "Alright Kitty-cat. Whenever you're ready."

Scott yawned as he shuffled down the corridor. He hoped that the rest of the X-Men would turn up from that patrol soon so he could get changed and just get to sleep.

"PIETRO LET ME OUT! YOU JERK! I KNOW YOU'RE STILL OUT THERE! Okay you're probably not BUT STILL! LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT! PIETROO-OH!"Jean yelped as Scott opened Kitty's locked door. She fell heavily against him, the door she had been thumping loudly having vanished.

"Jean?" Scott asked, "are you okay?"

"No!" Jean yelled. "Do I look okay Scott!?! DO I!?! I was locked in a room by Pietro Maximoff for his amusement! OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY!"

"Okay, okay, jeeze," Scot said, "I was only trying to be civil."

"I'm sorry Scott," Jean gave a weak smile, "I was just feeling a little angry. I'm okay now. Have the rest of the X-Men arrived back from the patrol?"

"I'm not sure," Scott answered. "Evan and Kurt are back. They were by the stairs last time I saw them. I haven't seen Rogue since we started out and Kitty seems to have vanished off the face of the earth."

"LIKE, HELP!" came Kitty's voice, loud and clear.

"Kitty?" Jean frowned.

"Oh god," Scott gasped, "she's in trouble! Jean, can you call the others?"

"Sure," Jean nodded. She pressed her fingers to her temples. "She's in the Rec room. The others are on their way. Let's go."

"Kitty where are you?" Kurt yelled as he ported into the Rec room. He battled at one of the large white sheets that were hung everywhere.

"Kurt is that you?"

"Kitty? I can't see you! There are sheets everywhere!"

"Jesus Christ!"

"Scott!" Jean scolded.

"Sorry, but what the hell happened here?"

"Damn!" Evan said, "what's with all the sheets?"

"Kitty, are you okay?"

"Yes Professor! I'm fine. Can you just help me please? I'm stuck!"

"Stuck?" Xavier frowned. "You mean you can't phase through whatever it is you're stuck in?"

"Damn," Pietro hissed from the Brotherhood's high vantage point, "didn't think of that. They're going to catch on."

"Pietro?" Toby whispered.


"You're squeezing my arm rather tight. It's kinda hurting."

Pietro glanced down in surprise to where Toby's arm lay between his strong fingers. He immediately let go, giving a dismissive, "sorry."

"Bit of sexual tension coming out there aye Pietro?" Lance grinned.

"Jealous of your lack thereof?" Pietro smirked.

"I - hey!" Lance snapped.

"Shhh!" the rest of the Brotherhood hissed.

"X-Men, I want you to group together!" Professor Xavier said.

"Perfect," Pietro rubbed his hands together and cackled softly to himself. "Go my pretties. Into the trap. Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"Okay, he's lost it," Toby said, rolling his eyes and moving away from Pietro in one fluid movement.

Down below the X-Men grouped together, casting cautious glances about them. The 100s of white sheets that had been hung up on lines that crissed and crossed the entire room fluttered eerily. The breeze was from a fan Todd had set up in the very far corner of the room.

"You know," Scott began, "this is kinda creepy."

"No kidding," Evan muttered. "I'm getting goosebumps just looking around this room."

"Kitty? Are you okay? Where are the Brotherhood?" Professor Xavier yelled into the fabric filled room.

"Yes I'm fine!" Kitty called back, "and I have like, no idea where they are! Just help me!"

"Okay Kitty, we're coming!" Jean called. "Come on guys. Let's go."

"Excellent," Todd grinned, "they're moving into position, just one more sheet....."

"Ready Toby?" Lance asked, passing the ebony-haired mutant a handful of smoke and cherry bombs.

"Way ahead of ya Lance," Toby grinned, snatching the bombs out of his hands and dropping them into his satchel bag. He vaulted over the banister and landed softly on the floor in a crouched position. The rest of the Brotherhood watched as Toby stalked, cat-like, along the side of a sheet. The shadows of the grouped X-Men could be seen moving slowly on the other side of the sheet. Carefully Toby pulled out 5 smoke bombs, and held them poised between slender fingers. On the other side of the sheet the shadows paused. Quick as a flash Toby lit the bombs with a finger and tossed them under the sheet.

"What the?"

"Oww! I stood on one!"

"One what?" Evan wailed, "I can't see anything anymore! There's smoke fucking everywhere!"


"Sorry Professor."

"Scott? Where are you? There's smoke in my eyes!"

"Jean? It's okay! Just stay still and I'll - wooah!"

There was a crash and muffled cursing as the sheet Scott had walked into wrapped itself tighter around his body.

"Show time," Pietro grinned as Toby gave them the thumbs up. "Let's get ready to roll!"

"Eeeeeek!" Jean screamed as a cherry bomb exploded at her feet. She leapt backwards, tripping over the struggling Scott and landing on her butt with a thump.

"Everyone remain calm!" Xavier called. "Ahhh.......where is everyone?"

"Okay, someone just touched my butt," Evan's voice floated through the multi-coloured smoke.

"Eww really?" Kurt's voice came back, "I thought it was one of the couches!"

"Someone shot me!"

"Hey! That's my B.B Gun!"

"Really Scott?" Todd knelt down beside the X-Man, who was now completely unable to move. "I didn't know! Here, take it back. Oh, you don't want it back. Okay."

"You know I want it back Toad! I just can't.........reach it that's all."

"Here, have some cheese whizz," Todd grinned, squirting some into the older teen's mouth and hopping away.

"More bubbles!" Pietro said, hopping from one foot to the other.

"I'm going as fast as I can," Freddy said.

"Not fast enough. Come on! Move it snail bait."

"Pietro you can be such an - "



"Extremely fantastic guy?"


"Amazing guy!"

"NO! Arsehole!"

"Flatterer," Pietro smirked. "Now hurry up."


"Sa-weet!" Pietro grinned. He wiggled his eyebrows, "twister time!"

"I'm outta here!" Kurt yelped as Lance threw yet another cherry bomb at the fuzzy mutant. He teleported a short distance away. He turned to find his bearings and came face to face with Toby.



"Hell-ooo," Toby grinned, wiggling his fingers in greeting.He tossed Kurt a fizzing cherry bomb. "Catch."

"Huh?" Kurt caught the bomb, not clicking on to what it actually was.


"Yeeeooowwch! Why you little," Kurt growled, stalking towards Toby, his fur blackened. "I'm going to - ahh! Hothothothothothot!"

Toby peeked out from under his arm, gazing through the raging blaze that had flared up as an instinctive defence mechanism. Through the flames Toby saw Kurt waving his hand and blowing on it hard. The singed fur smell that had been lingering in the air had increased.

"That hurt," Kurt whined, sticking his hand in his mouth.

Toby never had time to answer because it was at that moment that Pietro entered the scene. Bubbles flew everywhere are the speed demon scattered them. Higher and higher, they mounted everywhere, creating colossal walls amongst the sheets, and collecting on bookshelves.

Professor Xavier was struggling with his wheelchair when Pietro appeared out of a shower of bubbles.

"Hey P.X," Pietro grinned, his hands behind his back.

"Hello Pietro," Xavier said warily.

"I have a question. Well, more than one. Does baldness run in the family or were you a special case? Do you shine your head very morning? Can I ride in your wheelchair?"

"Ahhh, I don't think so Pietro," Xavier raised an eyebrow.

"God, you're boring!" Pietro groaned, "who would've thought dad could be right about something!"

"Just who exactly is your father? And what's behind your back?"

"Merlin." Pietro answered, "and your new hair! Enjoy!"

Before Professor Xavier could move Pietro whipped out 2 cans of cheese whizz and in 1 second flat had created a thick head of hair, fashioned into devil horns.

"Bravisimo eh?" Pietro crooned, kissing his own fingertips in true Italian style. "Well, we've had fun Professor but we gotta run. It's getting late and it's a school night." He grinned. "You might want to cover your new hairdo with something. It sometimes attracts insects. The price of beauty huh? Ciao."

And with that Pietro and the rest of the Brotherhood were gone, leaving behind a mass of coloured smoke, bubbles and torn or hanging sheets. Jean moaned from where she lay on the floor. All that could be seen of Scott was his head, sticking out of a white cocoon.

"A little help?" He asked, his voice sounding pitifully loud in the silence that had fallen.

"Waaaa-hoooo!" Toby whooped, punching the air with a fist. "That, was, so much fun!"

"Told ya it would be," Pietro grinned.

Todd yawned, stretching out his arms. "Tiring work though. I'm going to sleep well tonight."

"Me too," Freddy stifled a yawn of his own as he climbed into the back of Lance's jeep.

"Lance! You coming? Hurry it up already!" Pietro called, beeping the horn.

"Pietro!" Toby hissed, "don't be so insensitive. He's saying good bye to Kitty."

"Thanks for helping out," Lance smiled. "We couldn't've done it without you."

"Oh like, jeeze Lance, you're just saying that," Kitty blushed.

"Kitty, can I............can I kiss you goodnight?"

Kitty giggled, laying a hand on the side of her face as if to cool the blush that was spreading. "Like, sure."

"Eeeewww!" Todd poked his tongue out, "get a room!"

"Aww, they're so cute," Toby grinned.

"Go Lance go!" Freddy hooted.

"Wooh-wooh!" Pietro howled, hitting the horn repeatedly.

"Shut up!"Lance yelled half-heartedly, waving them down. He turned back to Kitty, rubbing the back of his neck. "So....I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Sure," Kitty smiled, blushing again.

"Bye Kitty-cat!" Pietro called out of the jeep window as they drove away," my turn for a kiss next time huh? Oww! Lance! What was that for!?!"

Kitty smiled softly and walked back into the X-Mansion's grounds, towards the chaos the Brotherhood had left behind.

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