Length: About 10 pages.
Sasuke is in chains and Sakura can do as she wishes.
This is a smutfic and there will be smut. The faint of heart should leave now.
I'm not entirely satisfied with the ending, so there may be an epilogue. However, that is a very small "may." As it stands, this story is now, officially, finished.

Sakura shifted in the chair, curling her fingers around the armrests awkwardly. She didn't want to do this mission report. It hadn't even really felt like a mission anyway. She'd go without the pay if it meant she didn't have to tell Tsunade how she got Sasuke to speak. It was highly probable that Tsunade already knew, with that damned wink. Her nails dug into the wood of the armrest, green eyes jumping around the room, trying her very best to avoid her teacher's light brown eyes.

"So Uchiha spoke, huh?" the Hokage asked, raising a brow with a smug little smile on her face. This would take a lot of paperwork, a probation, an entire mess of things, if she wanted to keep Sasuke from being executed—and she would, because she hadn't sent all those ninja after him, spent all that time trying to get him home, simply to kill him off. That would be a waste of time and money, and she didn't want to have wasted all that money when she could have spent it on sake or gambling. "Great. What did he say?"

A pink blush rose to Sakura's cheeks, remembering that confession in the middle of making love to him. The sweet words he'd said to her while she cuddled against his chest… Sakura shook her head, trying to clear those thoughts from her head. She opened her mouth, relaying the information Sasuke had admitted. She watched as Tsuande wrote it down in her sloppy penmanship. "Tsuande-senpai," Sakura spoke up, that dim blush darkening to a pretty scarlet color. "How long are we going to keep him in the basement?"

Tsunade looked up, hazel examining her student. It was strange to see how much she'd grown in the past few years. From a teenager with a broken heart to a woman who broke hearts. A woman who could break you with her pinky finger. The change was certainly entertaining. A small smile graced the features of the Hokage, and she tilted her head. "What else do you suggest we do with him?" she asked.

Sakura flushed, shrugging her shoulders and ignoring the strength of her blush. "Never mind, senpai," she muttered, fingers pulling away from the armrest to play with her shorts.

Tsunade laughed. "You can take him," she said, signing the kanji for her name at the bottom of the paper she had. "But if you do, Kakashi, Naruto, and Sai are to be with you." A smirk. "I'll pay you for it like a mission." She knew she didn't have to—Sakura was offering, but the others weren't, though she was sure one of them would jump and scream like a banshee for the chance. Besides, Sasuke was still technically a dangerous missing nin, though obviously he had been found. "Dismissed."

"Thank you, Tsuande-senpai!" Sakura announced, her voice light and happy. Those chains had bothered Sasuke much more than they'd bothered her; it was nice to know he'd get to stretch those clamped up limbs. She stood up, stretching her back. It was a weight off her shoulders when Tsunade hadn't asked for details. She couldn't imagine the horror of having to explain what she'd done to Sasuke—it was cruel and unusual but oh so satisfying.

Her entire face flamed red, and she lowered her head in a bow to hide it.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura sang cheerily, twirling a set of keys around her fingers. A sly little grin found its way to her lips. Maybe she should tease him a bit longer—this was possibly the last time she'd have him chained up like this, and she did like it. There was something wonderful about having him tied up. Maybe it was that he couldn't fight back, that no matter what he did, his words couldn't be backed with actions—he was completely, entirely at her mercy. She loved it.

Still, he'd been sitting on the hard ground for a while now.

The keys jingled in her hands, twirling in the air.

Sasuke quirked a brow. He was completely and fully aware of the game she'd tried. He hoped she wouldn't try it again. He didn't think he could take only having one hand free. He could try to escape again, but where would he go? Of course he could go back to Taka, but where would the point be? He didn't even really want to escape anymore. He didn't know what he wanted anymore, just that for now he was content as he was.

Sakura smiled, plopping herself down in front of him. The keys hit against themselves, the sound nothing more than a false promise. Sasuke scowled. The grin on Sakura's face stayed put. She looked so utterly happy, he couldn't keep the scowl on his face for long. Happiness was, apparently, catching. It had always been so from her. He could always hide his expressions—it was second nature, like breathing—but…he couldn't bring himself to hide them when last night, she'd had that soft smile on her face and a look about her as if all her dreams had come true.

Sex had never affected him like this. He wasn't an emotional man; he would never be an emotional man. Her glow made him weak, and for once, he actually didn't mind. However, last night, the expression on her face… Pure euphoria, more so then when her eyes squeezed together and teeth bit down on her lip, more so than when her breath quickened and her brows knit together. The look on her face could have undone him thirty times over.

"I have a present for you," the pink-haired woman announced, grabbing hold of one of the keys on the key-ring.

The rest fell together with that irritating musical jingle. She swung the key in front of his face, leaning forward. Those milky white breasts dangled before him, and he swore if he weren't tied up, if they weren't encased in that teasing zipped-up shirt of hers, he'd have her withering under him. One of the chains opened with an almost deafening sound, handcuff slamming against the concrete wall. His hand fell free; his wrists were rough where he'd fought against the restraints so many times over. His eyes tore from the sweet skin of her breasts to the beauty of her face. She was smiling, unlocking the other one.

Sasuke pulled both his hands towards himself, rubbing at his raw wrists. His arms were sore; all he wanted to do was rest them down and never use them again. But he had his hands back. He could have his revenge. He could make Sakura wither and cry underneath him until she couldn't physically take it. A smirk pulled the corners of his lips up.

He shot forward, so quick that Sakura couldn't react. She fell underneath him, looking at him with those wide, almost childish green eyes that could make anyone melt. She almost looked scared. Good, she should be. He leaned down, tongue just barely reaching out of his mouth to lick at the smooth skin of her neck. She tasted wonderful; words could not describe. The squeak she let out, the way her fingers curled into his shoulder blades. He smirked against her skin, licking up the tight skin of her chin. She tasted of cherry blossoms and strawberries.

"Sasuke," she whispered. The length of her short nails dug further into the skin of his back. It was odd, to have him over her. From the dark lust in his eyes, it was obvious who was in charge. She should have known he'd take his revenge. She couldn't expect him to be tied up for more than two months, denied his sexual fulfilment, and come out of it without some kind of revenge plan.

The way she said his name—smooth like velvet, sweet like cherries, full of so much lust. He chuckled against her skin, nibbling at her chin. She was so easily aroused; it was almost cute. His teeth scratched along her neck, making Sakura arch to give him better access. He couldn't decide whether to be rough and torture her, or to make love to her like she deserved. He wanted both. He wanted her to cry his name out, beg him for more; he wanted to hear her breathless whimpers and feel her hands running though his hair as she whispered his name.

His arms wobbled, the only things keeping him upright over her body, and he fell onto her, squashing her beneath him. Onyx eyes blinked, trying to process what had just happened. A bubble of laughter escaped Sakura as she wrapped her arms around him, giggling against his shoulder. "Nice try," she teased, hugging him. It was nice to have him in her arms, just to hug him. A while ago, he would have flinched at the touch, run away from her. Now, he willingly called for her touch, and just as willingly touched her. "You should take a warm shower."

Sasuke grunted, trying to balance himself out above her. He knew he was crushing her, but he didn't exactly trust his arms—or his legs for that matter, though he'd used them plenty of times to go to the bathroom.

His struggle made Sakura giggle. Dark eyes glared down at her, only making her giggle more fiercely. His glare usually chilled her, made her shiver in the depths of her mind. His glare was usually sent from the darkest parts of his mind, the place with no hope or love—just death and revenge. She didn't know when it had stopped scaring her, only that it didn't anymore. It was strange, seeing him glare at her, only to make her laugh, and then seeing something like a smile take over his lips. She was sure if it were anyone but her, he would have made them see exactly what Uchiha Sasuke could do.

Instead, with her, he gave her that knee-wobbling half-smile with a roll of his eyes.

Sakura giggled again, flipping them so that she was sitting on his chest. He grunted at the sudden movement. He was really out of practice if he hadn't seen that coming. Her nose wrinkled, even as she smiled. "I can't believe I let you touch me," she announced, making a face. "You smell worse than sewage."

"They don't exactly let me take a shower," he pointed out, rolling his eyes.

She shrugged, standing up from his chest with a grin. It was wonderful to have the old Sasuke back—the one who would tease her behind closed doors and worry about her. Plus, this one had a lot of new additions—like jealousy and hot, hot sex. She put her hand out; Sasuke stared at her for a moment. Did she really think he needed help getting up? He narrowed his eyes at her, straightening himself up. It didn't work out so well. A scowl creased his features, even as he put his hand in Sakura's and allowed her to help him.

Sakura rolled her eyes. Old habits die hard. "Good thing I'm a nicer warden," she said, helping him get up on his feet.

She'd forgotten how much taller than her he was. It was an ugly wake up call. She's stopped growing when she was sixteen; Sasuke, on the other hand, kept shooting up. If she had to guess, she'd say he was upwards six feet. Apparently, it'd been one hell of a growth spurt.

"Warden?" he asked, a chuckle in his voice.

Sakura nodded, leading him up the stairs. She hopped the light wouldn't bother him too much; it had been dim for the past few months. "I'm your warden, the boys are your jailers, but you're free to move wherever you wish to so long as we're around," she explained. "But first you need to take a shower. You smell like dirt and sex."

Sasuke scowled. If his arms weren't so numb, he would have crossed them. "Wonder why," he snorted.

Ino twitched, wide blue eyes staring unblinkingly at her pink-haired friend. "What do you mean, he's back?!" she shouted. She ran her hand through her blonde locks. Her eye kept twitching; Sakura was pretty sure she'd broken her. Now that Sasuke was allowed in public—so long as the team surrounded him at all times—she didn't see the point in hiding from her best friend that he was back. Besides, her reaction was to die for.

"He came back!" Naruto shouted. His smile was wide enough to crack his face open. His voice was deafening. If it weren't for the fact that she was so utterly blissed out, she would have hit him. He was trying to make Sasuke look like a hero; Sakura knew it wasn't on purpose. It was just how he was. He wouldn't say that he'd had to drag Sasuke back kicking and screaming all the way, unless he was trying to prove how strong he was. At the moment, he wasn't, and he was making it sound as if Sasuke had come back from his own volition. "He came back and he told us everything so he's on probation now!"

Sakura didn't even want to think about how damn stubborn Sasuke had been—not that she hadn't, on some degree, enjoyed every minute of it. The simple idea made her frustrated.

"He just…came back?!" Ino cried out, switching her attention back and forth between the people in Sakura's house. "Where is he then!?" The sound of water rushing on answered her question. "Why is he in your house!?" She'd seen the mess Sasuke had made of Sakura's emotions when he left. Sakura wasn't ready for that again. Ino didn't want that to happen to her.

"Because we're his keepers for the time being," Kakashi answered. He didn't bother to look up from his little orange book. Pervert.

Ino twitched again. "Couldn't they have gotten someone else?!"

"And not see him as much?" Sakura shook her head. Tsuande wasn't even going to let him out until she asked. She wasn't about to let someone else watch over Sasuke when his old team could do it. He'd be more comfortable around Team Seven anyway. That, and she just wanted to be near him. It had been wonderful to have him to herself, but she missed the bickering between Naruto and Sasuke. It'd be nice to just have a team reunion without any deadly fighting.

Sai examined his teammates' expressions. They all seemed to be happy that their Sasuke had come back, though he hadn't done so as willingly as Naruto made it to be. Emotions were strange. He might just give up on understanding them.

Sakura knocked on the bathroom door. She could just go in—she'd seen everything he had to offer—but that'd raise a lot of questions from her teammates; questions she was sure neither her nor Sasuke actually wanted to answer. She'd managed to force Naruto and Kakahsi into buying clothes for Sasuke. His others—basically just a pair of pants—were stained beyond belief. The thought made her cheeks flare bright pink. "We got you new clothes!" she called over the spray of the shower.

The water turned off, the door opening just slightly. Sakura's eyes trailed up to meet his dark eyes. "Thanks," he grunted, albeit awkwardly, as he took the clothes from her. It was amazing how quickly he got dressed, coming out in less than a minute with a smirk on his face. The cocky little bastard hadn't put on the shirt.

Sakura smiled. Those pants really did do him some favors. Wow his legs looked amazing. Sasuke in shorts was her new favorite Sasuke. Next to naked Sasuke, but that goes without saying. "Come on, Naruto wants to go eat some ramen with us," she announced, starting to walk away. The rough skin of Sasuke's calloused hand on her wrist stopped her. She turned around, quirking a brow at him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

He tugged her into the bathroom, a cruel smirk on his face. It forced shivers down Sakura's spine, even as he slammed her against the wall.

She knew it was coming; she'd expected it. She hadn't expected him to be so rough.

His lips latched onto her neck. He loved her neck. The smooth skin was addictive. It sported so many dull scars, scars almost impossible to see, impossible to detect. But he knew they were there. He'd caused some of them. He knew exactly which ones, too. He hadn't thought of them much before, but now that he'd been faced with this smooth column of skin, he knew exactly which places he'd marred. He wanted to make up for all of them, show her exactly how sorry he was, though he'd never actively say so.

At the moment, however, he had other things to pay attention to. He could make love to her whenever, but he wanted his revenge.

His tongue licked up the length of her neck, teeth dragging. Her whimper was delicious. She was trying to keep quite. Sasuke smirked against her skin. He was well aware of the people in her living room waiting for them. They'd just have to keep on waiting. He could torture her like this—forcing her to keep quite while he made her beg. He didn't have anything to tie her up with—for now, anyway; he was sure he could find something if he tried hard enough—but he was imaginative enough to find new ways to toy with her.

It was wonderful to have his hands back. He was almost useless without his hands; now that he had them back, he never intended to misuse them. In fact, he'd give them greater purpose. He pulled away from her neck, gazing at her face. Her eyes her half closed already, though he'd yet to bring a blush to her face. How could she blush at a kiss and not when he was biting her neck? She was a mystery to him.

His fingers crept under the cloth of her shirt, fingertips just barely scraping against the soft skin of her stomach. Every part of her was wonderful. He could feel the shiver roll down her body as his hands, still wet from the shower, gripped her breast through her bra. Her mouth opened a bit, a whisper of his name escaping her lips. He loved the way she said his name, the sweet sound of her breathless whimper.

He thumbed her nipple through the cloth of her bra, leaning back down to scrape his teeth along her collarbone. "Sakura."

The sound of his voice, so rough and dark—Sakura groaned. One of her hands reached out to grab onto his hair, to control where he went. He could think of a few places where his mouth would do better work. His hair was smoother now that it wasn't covered in grease; it was wet and soft and wonderful, falling down to his neck instead of standing up spikily. She just wanted to keep her hands through it, work his mouth downward.

Before she could push him down, Sasuke's free hand was moving hers from his hair. He shook his head, looking up at her with those dark eyes the color of ebony. The look in them made her shift her stance slightly, trying desperately to ignore the feel of his hand through her bra, trying to ease the pressure building between her legs. The sight of his eyes really was not helping. She should have been prepared for his teasing—she knew they were coming. She hoped he'd have more mercy on her than she'd had on him.

A coarse hand held gathered both of hers, pinning her to the wall. She knew what was coming. She'd have to fight him for use of her hands, if she even wanted them back. Truth be told, the idea of being just as helpless as he'd been, of being entirely at his mercy… Sakura groaned slightly, trying to push herself closer to him, though he was actively keeping his distance.


Sasuke chuckled. He leaned forward, pressing her closer to the wall. He wanted to hear her beg. One of his hands squeezed her wrists against the wall, the other flicking at her erect nipple. "That was naughty, Sakura," he murmured, a smirk on his face. He was throwing her words back at her, and he wanted her to know just how much he enjoyed it.

She scowled, teeth grinding together. For a moment, she thought about telling him that there were people outside waiting for them. She didn't; she was too curious as to what he would do. She shifted, pressing her thighs together.

Sasuke's smirk widened just a fraction as he leaned down, pressing a slow kiss to her lips. She wasn't content with his sweet kiss; it was almost funny how quickly she changed it to a mash of lips and teeth, a struggle between his tongue and hers. She thought she could overpower him? Good luck to her, then.

He stepped forward, pressing his body to hers. He could feel every little contour of her body, the way her breathing hitched just slightly as he spread her legs to stand between them. One of her breasts pressed into his hand, the other flush against his chest. She was wearing far too many clothes for his liking.

Sasuke freed his hand from under her shirt, reaching to unzip it. It fell open, hanging loosely on Sakura's shoulders. The air in the bathroom was cool; the shower water could only be turned to cold, and the icy droplets had frozen the air around them. It rose goose bumps on Sakura's skin as he exposed her stomach to the bathroom's temperature. He was still single handed right now and he wasn't going to make a fool of himself by attempting to take off her bra. He was horny, not stupid. It was easier and faster to just push her bra up anyway.

Sakura whimpered as the cold air caressed her breasts. She tried pushing herself closer to Sasuke, and luckily he was feeling merciful. Or perhaps he had a darker torture in mind. Kami, she hoped not.

His mouth wrapped around one of those perfectly pert nipples, tongue rolling it around in his mouth. The sound she made was musical, the struggle against his hand adorable. Her entirety was addictive, and Sasuke was more than willing to fall to it. His teeth toyed with her breast; he watched her squirm, fighting against his hand. He never realized how much bigger than her he was. It stirred something inside him. He wanted to protect her—wanted to see how much it would take to break her.

He was sure he'd broken her already, broken anyone who'd risked their lives to get him back to Konoha. He knew what it would take.

He tugged on her nipple, smirking as she moaned. She sounded so innocent. It was far from what she was. Her hands struggled more in his grip; he wondered what she would do with them if she had control. Grab his hair and tug, scratch his back. He shifted, the throb in his pants significantly more noticeable.

His mouth switched to the other breast, leaving a sheen of saliva over her chest. His free hand traveled the white expanse of her stomach, drifting just lightly over her skin. She shivered, a moan escaping the depths of her throat. Sasuke sucked in his bottom lip, staring at that angelic expression on her face. He much preferred being in charge over having her look down at him with that mischievous little smirk of hers—not that he didn't love being dominated. Still, he preferred this little seraphic expression of desperation and pleasure to the smirk of pure devilry.

He smirked, fingers just dancing on the edge of her shorts. "Sakura," he whispered, and the way he broke her name into syllables made her tremble. He snuck his hand into her pants, fingers toying with the hem of her underwear. She wiggled, legs shifting slightly apart in anticipation. His fingers brushed against the damp cotton of her panties. Sasuke tsked. "Such a naughty girl."

Sakura whined, hips pressing themselves into his fingers. She struggled against his hand again. Sasuke bit down slightly on her nipple. A mix of pleasure and pain rolled down her spine, straight to the apex of her thighs. She whimpered, throwing her head back. "Sasuke," she complained, even as his fingers pressed deeper into the wet material of her underwear. His fingers slipped under her panties, slipping just between the lips of her vagina. Her brows furrowed. All she wanted to do was pull him closer, bury herself in his shoulder. He was being such a damn tease. She could almost kill him for it.

His fingers rolled around that bud of nerves and Sakura cried out. Sasuke pulled away from her breast, a smirk on his face. "There are people outside," he reminded.

She was going to kill him.

Still, she nodded, fighting against his grip on her hands. She was completely at his mercy.

His fingers rubbed at her clit. Her face twisted into that beautiful, angelic expression again. Everything he did was sending shivers of pleasure through her entire body. He wasn't being as rough as she'd thought he'd be and, at the moment, it was just perfect. As frustrated as she was with his teasing, she loved the feelings he gave her.

The warm, wet feeling of his mouth engulfed her breast again, forcing a whimper from her lips. She had to remind herself that she was not his first; he knew how to pleasure a woman. And wow he was good at it. She'd be jealous if she hadn't been so shocked.

His fingers kept their ministrations on her clitoris; Sakura clenched her teeth to keep herself from screaming out because he was right—there were people outside and she knew at least two of them would break down the door if they heard something they thought was bad. She could even begin to imagine the embarrassment. She whined, the tension in her stomach building. Sasuke worked magic with his fingers, their rough pads rubbing just right. She couldn't hold on much longer, not with him nibbling on her breast like that—

Sakura had to swallow her shout, eyes closing tightly. Her teeth bit into her bottom lip, her brows knitting together as she tried to understand how he could bring her so much pleasure.

Sasuke let go of her breast with a low pop, licking his lips as if he could swallow the taste of her skin. He never thought he'd love something so sweet. It was interesting, watching her struggle to quite herself. She may not be tied up, but she was in some form of torture. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk, pulling his fingers from her pants. They were drenched in her, her smell drifting to his nose. His eyes met hers, pitch black to glimmering green. His smirk widened as he brought his fingers to his mouth, wrapping his lips around them. She tasted wonderful, almost bitter. Everything about her was addictive.

He was going to become obsessed. If he wasn't already, that was.

Even the blush on her face, the darkening of her eyes, was addictive. He sucked her juices from his fingers, swallowing happily. He could feast from her and never be hungry again. He smirked, reaching down to undo the belt from his pants. He didn't understand why they'd spent so much money on civilian clothes that would probably never be used again, but right at the moment, he was glad they'd done so. Now he could use his belt to properly tie her up. Even holding her wrists, there was the chance she'd use that monster strength he'd only heard of.

The belt moved slickly from its loops. Sakura's eyes widened as he pulled her hands down, towards the belt. It didn't take long for him to successfully tie her hands together. He didn't even give her time to complain about it. His smirk spoke for everything. Sakura wasn't sure to let him play his game or stop him—she wanted to find out what he had planned, but she was a little lightheaded from her last orgasm. Not to mention there were people outside waiting for them.


He cocked a brow, leading her to the sink by a hold on his belt. "Sakura?" he asked, though it was more of a statement. He was daring her to play his game. He smirked, pulling her to sit up on the sink. Those dark eyes of his were leading her on, testing her.

Fine. She would play.

Sakura bit her lip as Sasuke took a step between her legs, both of his hands coming to rest on her hips. He'd missed his hands. Her specific brand of torture had only made it worse. He was glad his arms and legs had decided to obey him after that nice shower, else he'd go insane.

He smirked, leaning in to press a kiss to her lips. He was sure she could taste herself on his tongue. The little moan she made had him pressing himself to her body. His erection could be felt through her pants; he smirked, pressing himself closer, relieving just a fraction of the horrid throbbing there. She squirmed under him, arms fighting against the restraint of his belt. He smirked. She wouldn't be getting out anytime soon—her arms were as useless has his had been.

Coarse fingers slipped beneath her pants, dragging them downward before throwing them off in a corner to be forgotten. He could see the evidence of her arousal drenching through the white cotton of her panties. They were soaked right through, her recent orgasm having seen to that. His fingers reached up, stroking her pussy teasingly, watching her mouth go wide. She was sensitive. As well she should be. He was being nicer than she'd been by letting her come, but he'd keep making her do so until it hurt. Pleasure and pain were just friends with different names.

He pulled her underwear off too, tongue lolling from his mouth to lick his lips. Dark eyes gazed up at the face of a fallen angel, red in pleasure and embarrassment. He'd make her choke on his name. His fingers reached to her again, skin against skin. She was slick and wet, all his doing. His. She was his. He'd make damn sure everyone knew that.

Sasuke ducked his head, latching onto that precious bud that begged for attention. She tasted wonderful. Sakura whined, teeth digging into her lip to keep quite. His mouth was on her vagina, his tongue curling around her clit, sucking like a babe on a breast. And she was so damn sensitive. Every single one of his movements were magnified tenfold. Her vision darkened out; she was sure she'd passed out from the pleasure. She wanted to grab onto his hair and pull him closer—drag him away—something—anything. The feeling was too intense. She didn't know whether to stop it or keep it going.

His fingers pressed into her and her muscles clenched around him in shock. His tongue rolled the nub of nerves in his mouth, teeth pulling lightly against it as he curled his fingers inside her. He'd never done this to any woman—when he had sex, it was about his pleasure, his needs. He never bothered to pleasure a woman because it was not essential to his pleasure. But the way Sakura squealed, her squeaks of ecstasy, the whines she made…

Everything about her was addictive. It was a drug and he'd happily gotten hooked. Even the bittersweet taste of her juices drove him mad. He pulled his fingers away, looking up at the angel whose head had fallen back, and who was struggling against his belt and trying desperately to undo it with her fingers. He smirked, turning his face down again. His tongue replaced his fingers, becoming drenched in the bitter taste of her. He could get lost down here, between her legs; he could forget himself and everything else so long as he could hear those breathless whimpers of hers, the muffled whispers of his name, so long as he could taste her. His fingers replaced his mouth on her clit, rolling circles as her hips tried to keep pace. She couldn't, and soon she was lost, tossing her head back and squeezing her eyes, choking his name out in the most beautiful voice. Her essence almost drowned him, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

She was a drug.

Sasuke looked up at her, dragging his tongue over the lips of her pussy, eagerly cleaning her up. She was trembling, barely able to keep herself seated upright on the sink. He smirked, pulling himself away. The strain in his pants was killing him. Without the belt, the pants and his underwear were quick work to take off. He didn't bother kicking them away, letting them pool at his ankles before taking a step closer to her, nestling his head into the crook of her neck.


The name was almost a prayer against her skin. Sakura struggled against the belt, albeit half-heartedly. She was lost in post-orgasmic bliss, too sensitive to the world still. Every single one of her nerves was on a wire, too live and too sensitive. Sasuke rolled his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt. Sakura's inner walls clenched; her head lolled back, a breathless little gasp escaping her. She couldn't manage much else. She was so damn sensitive and he just kept going. This was his form of torture.

He was a fucking master at it.

Sakura moaned, trying to tug her hands apart. Her head fell on his shoulder. He was horrible. He was wonderful.

His hips thrust in again. Her inner walls were so damn tight, shuddering around his cock. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling away from her neck. Her lips were swollen, bruised, from her biting down on them. They called to him. Who was he to disobey? His lips latched onto hers, slow and sweet. Whispering love to her lips as he made love to her body.

He was an addict.

Sakura winced as Sasuke unbound her wrists. The hard leather of the belt had not been kind. "That hurt," she said, rubbing her wrists to sooth the slight sting. It wasn't as if she hadn't felt worse. The belt had been erotic in a way she hadn't known before. Of course, Sasuke was her first… The first she'd actually had sex with anyway; she'd done other things. She wasn't as innocent as her looks led people to believe.

Sasuke rose a brow, moving his own scarred wrists into view. They'd been worn thin with the chains; oftentimes he found he was bleeding onto the restraints. "Really now?"

She rolled her eyes, moving to pull her bra back into place and zip her shirt. "Torture's not supposed to be good," she pointed out. Green eyes scanned the room. She'd have to get dressed soon—they'd already taken forever and a day. She was sure Ino and Kakashi knew what was happening; they weren't as dense as Naruto and Sai. The idea brought a blush to her cheeks. "Where'd you put my underwear?"

A chuckle escaped him; he raised a hand, her underwear dangling from his fingers.

Sakura's blush deepened. "Thanks," she murmured, tugging them on before stepping into her pants. She stood there for a second, now fully dressed, green eyes staring at Sasuke. The expression on his face was soft, his eyes amused, lips tilted up in a small smile. His hair was astray, damn from his shower. He looked beautiful. She took a step forward, a smile on her face. "I love you," she whispered.

He'd said it last night, after everything that'd happened. He'd said it in a very Sasuke way. He wasn't good with emotions, but he'd said it. It'd meant the world to her. Now she wasn't very sure if she should say it. Maybe he'd just said it in the heat of the moment, for a release.

Still, Sasuke's tiny smile never left his face. He didn't say a word. He just leaned forward and pecked her lips, thumb rubbing over her cheek. That was enough for her.